16 Free Password List Templates (Word, Excel, PDF)

Many people understand the importance of using robust passwords and how it is crucial to update them often. It is appropriate to have unique passwords for your various websites, but what is the ideal way to keep your passwords and update them? Choose to use a password list template because it is a convenient way to recall your passwords. Most people use it because it allows them to list their entire accounts and passwords.

Furthermore, you must keep this list secure. When you achieve this effectively, no one will have access to your accounts without permission. On the other hand, most employees do not develop secure office accounts passwords. Due to this, the IT department has the task of securing the entire accounts in the office. They download a printable log, which makes work easier, especially when keeping the employees’ passwords.

Therefore, if you need a password list template, download or create one through a basic program. This will help you when one of your employees loses the password since you will confirm from the list. Using a single account for your entire accounts is never advisable since when one is hacked, you can easily lose the rest. As a result, it is advisable to use varying passwords for each account and make sure you serve them on the password template list.

What is a Password List?

A password list is a form or a sheet that features login/sign-up details for your online sites, store, app, or email.

What Is a Password List Template?

A password list template is a document that helps you keep track of your username and password for your accounts. It helps you to keep your personal and professional information safe. Most people use this template to void losing their password.

Password List Templates & Examples

Password List Template #01

Password List Template #02

Password List Template #03

Password List Template #04

Password List Template #05

Password List Template #06

Password List Template #07

Password List Template #08

Password List Template #09

Password List Template #10

Password List Template #11

Password Cheat Sheet

Password Keeper

PIN & Password Record Sheet

User Names & Passwords

Website Password List

    Why Use a Password List Template?

    You might love using the password list template, but you are not pretty sure of its importance. However, this should not make you raise the alarm. You must understand that a password list keeps track of your usernames as well as passwords. Nowadays, it is crucial to sign-up for varying accounts on different websites. After that, ensure that all your professional or personal information is secure.

    The security of your accounts is important to prevent cybercriminals from acquiring your passwords and accessing all your accounts. This can be quite dangerous, more so if you have highly sensitive information. Thus, with a password list template, you can easily find your login information at any time and anywhere. Similarly, you will not reset your password more frequently. But still, a lot of people reset their passwords frequently because of losing their passwords.

    It helps you to organize your entire information and keeps your account safe from hackers. Besides, some years back, people only had two mail account for home use and work. Currently, there are numerous accounts because professional servers and social media sites have developed significantly. And all these accounts feature new and different accounts.

    Passwords are usually complicated to master, and they are never easy to guess. That is where the password list template comes in to save you because sometimes your mind can be too occupied to remember correctly. Therefore, do not avoid complex passwords. Instead, store them in the password list template; this will also help you avoid predictable passwords, which might be insecure. When you keep track of your password, you will rarely lose accounts as well as crucial information.

    This template is convenient for professional and personal use because it stores all your login details organized and secure. It also allows you to keep a list of the computer in a primary file protected by the password, making them safe. Bear in mind that this template is easy to use as well as create. You only need to input your information and keep the list secure.

    Types of Password List Templates

    There is a variety of different password list templates that you can either create or even download. Suppose you need a place to store your details, you can choose to use a basic template, but if you want a template for personal use, you can develop a colorful and fun template. Bear in mind that whatever type of password list template you would love to use. The detail you input is essential. Below is a list of popular types of password list templates you can choose to use either in your office or home:

    • Website password list
    • Password log spreadsheet template
    • Website account password log
    • Password list spreadsheet template
    • Password tracker spreadsheet template
    • PIN and password record spreadsheet template
    • Online password spreadsheet template

    Tips to Keep Your Passwords Secure

    Login details such as passwords are usually essential because they verify your identity. Therefore, ensure that you have the correct password and username. This will verify that the account is yours and allow you to proceed with your work. Here is an overview of several tips to keep your password secure:

    • Verify the strength of your password regularly by using password checker online tools. If it is strong enough, proceed and use it, and if the recovery option is available. Make sure you enable it. Additionally, your password must be strong and complex.
    • Ideally, to secure the passwords of your accounts, keep them yourself. Avoid sharing with anyone, especially if the information they harbor is sensitive. Please do not share the password via email. And before storing your file, ensure it is encrypted. In case of suspicious acts, change your password.
    • Ensure that your password list is confusing. This means when someone else acquires this list, it will be meaningless.
    • Suppose you use a paper file, ensure it is safe. Please do not leave it careless for anyone to access. Store it in a safe and permanent place.
    • Apart from using the printable password log, you can also use a digital file and store it on your device.
    • It must feature a range of varying characters. Use numbers, symbols, and words randomly. Besides, you do not need to master it. Ensure you write the password on your password list template.
    • Avoid using the same password on different accounts. Remember, if someone comes across your password, they can easily access your information. Thus, have different accounts with different passwords.


    What are the top 10 common passwords?

    Passwords are almost everywhere due to advancements in technology. However, there are 10 common passwords. These includes:

    • 1234567890
    • 111111
    • 12345678
    • 1q2w3e
    • 12345
    • Password
    • qwerty
    • 123456789
    • 123456
    • qwerty123

    What is the best password list?

    The best password list includes:

    • 1234567 (Unchanged)
    • Password (Unchanged)
    • 123456 (Unchanged)
    • letmein ( New)
    • 123456789 (New)
    • 12345 (Down 2)
    • Qwerty (Up 2)
    • 12345678 (Up 1)

    What is the safest password?

    To achieve the safest password, ensure you use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid using commonly used passwords, such as 123456789 or 111111. Ensure your password has around eight characters.


    The security of your account password comes first. As a result, choose a printable password list convenient to meet your entire storage requirements and password management. With the password list template, you will never worry about forgetting or losing your important information. Furthermore, it is a secure way of keeping your password. Hence no one can access your sensitive information.