20+ Free Contact Information Templates and Examples

The old-fashioned way to store those contacts was in an address book. The drawback to this method was that the book could easily get lost, misplaced, or taken. Then someone came up with the idea of storing all your contact information electronically.

That was a convenient option as you could carry your contact list with you without taking up needed space by carrying your address book. However, laptops, cellphones, tablets can crash, be erased, stolen, and so on.

With that scenario in mind, you should never forget about the old-fashioned method of storing contacts. If you keep it in a safe place, you will always have a record of your friends’ and other important contact information.

What is a contact information template?

A contact information template is a detailed record of all your important contact information. It holds, names, phone numbers, addresses, both e-mail and snail mail, and can be accessed fairly easily.

While many electronic devices have a contact template already installed and you just fill it out, having a hard copy as a back up system is a smart idea. These templates are easy to access and you just have to flip a few pages till you get to the information you want.

These hard copies are easy to store in a safe place and they should keep all the important contact information of the person you want to talk to. They come in different designs so you can customize how your contact information records look.

Contact Information Templates

The main purpose of a contact list template

The first main purpose of a contact information template is to record those names, numbers and addresses of people, organizations and companies you want to remain in contact with or do business with.

The second main purpose of these little records is to make sure you have a back up in case your electronic devices fail you. There are different types of contact information and you should separate business from pleasure, keeping one for friends and family and another for important business contacts.

Never put all your eggs in one basket, just in case something happens that you did not expect.

Types of contact list templates

Depending on your lifestyle, there are different contact information templates types that allow you to stay organized and keep different aspects of your life separate from each other. Here are a few of those types that help you organize your life a little better:

  • Basic- there is no separation with this type of contact template. Everyone you know or want to be able to contact, whether business or pleasure, has their basic information listed in this option.
  • Friends & family- this is the personal type where you keep a list of loved ones, close friends and acquaintances’ phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, and other personal information
  • Customer- if you own a small or large business, this is always a good list to have on hand. It lets you find customer phone numbers quickly and allows you to send them special deals for being loyal patrons of your business
  • Emergency- in emergencies, people are not always thinking rationally. That means you should have an emergency contact list posted by phone or in a very accessible and easy-to-spot location. Police, fire, doctor are just the beginning numbers on this list, and you can add in special people to contact in case of emergency
  • Employee- if you are a business owner or a supervisor, you need to contact employees, especially when they do not show up for work that day. Having this list is essential as you can call in employees when needed, send emergency messages to them, and so on.

How to make a contact list in ms excel

This is not a hard task as the program provides all the columns you need in order to store all the contact information you have about another person, family member or company. A little patience is required as you fill in the blanks and save the data.

Create the table

This is a matter of deciding how many columns and rows you want for the table. The number of each depends on the information you have. To create the table, click the insert button, move over to the table option and click it.

The drop-down menu will help you select those columns and rows. All you have to do is move your mouse. Once you have the number you need click okay.

Fill in the information

Once you have the table ready, fill in your header with the column titles. Then move down the rows as you fill in each person’s or company’s contact information. Save a column for misc. Information, notes, or for data to be added at a later date.

After that is done, click save or save as you go just in case you lose power unexpectedly.

Tips for making a contact list

  • Be accurate and specific- any missing information make sit harder for you or others to make contact with the people on your lists
  • Organize employee lists- you can do this by department, job title, or alphabetically. Being organized make sit easier to find specific people you want to contact
  • List first and last names- some people have the same first name so to avoid any confusion, include their last names
  • Be thorough- on your emergency list or business list make sure to include the numbers of the utility companies that provide those needed services.
  • Have a misc. Contact list- the name son this one would be car repair shops, taxi companies, aaa, locksmiths and other minor businesses you may need the services of at some point in time.

Final thoughts

Having a good contact list is important but not as important as having a hard copy as a backup. If you lose the one, you will always have the other handy to reference. Then keep the backup in a safe spot that can be accessed without too much trouble. Sometimes minutes count.

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