20 Printable Cookbook Templates (Recipe Books & Cards)

20 Printable Cookbook Templates (Recipe Books & Cards)

When you want to cook you need a good recipe. The best place to find those top recipes is in a cookbook. However, some people are not that well organized and have their grandmother’s, mother’s, etc., recipes in a box.

Putting those recipes together in an organized manner requires a good cookbook template. These templates help you place each recipe where they need to be and sub-divide them into different categories so they are easier to locate.

When you want to organize your recipes better, continue to read our article. It provides the information you need in order to complete your goal.

What is a cookbook?

A cookbook is a book like any other book. Instead of having fictional stories or chapters on scientific issues, the cookbook has chapters filled with different recipes. These recipes cover a variety of food and need to be organized so that they are easier to find.

As you leaf through the cookbook, you also get some great ideas for dishes to make. That way you do can avoid cooking the same thing night after night. What else is good about cookbooks is that you get step-by-step instructions as well as all the amounts and ingredients you will need to create a wonderful meal.

Cookbook Templates

Cookbook Template #01

Cookbook Template #02

Cookbook Template #03

Cookbook Template #04

Cookbook Template #05

cookbook template #06

cookbook template #07

cookbook template #08

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cookbook template #19

cookbook template #20

    Who should use a cookbook template?

    There are many people who would fall under this category and the list may be longer than you think. Here are a few of those who should use a cookbook template:

    • Single men who need help in the kitchen
    • Single fathers who need help preparing the evening meal or lunches.
    • Someone wanting to organize their recipe collection
    • Someone who needs a good gift to give a young bride
    • A person who wants to create a family heirloom
    • A person who wants charities to make money through selling the cookbooks
    • A cook who wants to publish their own recipes
    • A writer who wants to make a little money through publishing different recipes

    Essential elements of a cookbook template

    It is possible to throw a bunch of recipes onto your computer screen and print the pages off. But those do not make for great cookbooks. You need the following to organize your work and let people know important details about your work.

    Here are those essential details you should consider including in your cookbook project:

    • Title page
    • Copyright page
    • Dedication page (not mandatory)
    • Table of contents that is organized
    • An introduction
    • Abbreviation page for measurements and other words you will abbreviate throughout the book
    • Chapters that organize similar meals under one heading
    • An index to help you and your readers find all the recipes, etc.

    Recipe template vs. Cookbook template

    A recipe template simply helps you organize all the details that go into making the dish you are creating. It covers the ingredients, the instructions, and may include a picture of the dish when it is done correctly these templates also include prep and cooking time as well as how many people it will serve and any special instructions.

    On the other hand, the cookbook recipe combines all those individual recipe templates into one location that is well organized and easy to use. Recipes do not get lost once they are placed in this template. They could get lost if you leave them unbound on individual pages.

    How to make your own cookbook template

    This is not as hard as you may think. It will take a little discipline as you are not using a traditional publisher who supplies an editor to help you. There are many websites that help you organize your thoughts, recipes and guide you throughout the process.

    When you go to these websites, you will need to follow their format and procedures in order to take the book from an idea to reality. Here are those steps:

    • Getting started- you select the bookbinding format which can be hardcover or spiral bound
    • Add your recipes & photos- the web designer the website provides helps you with this step and has all the instructions you need to follow. Don’t forget to save what you have uploaded
    • Customize the look or the content- add special personal notes, add a dedication or a personal photo. You have a lot of freedom here to design the book you want
    • Publish- when you are satisfied and all your recipes are included, hit the publish button. Some of these self-publishers require you to purchase a book or more so make sure to order your copy or copies.


    Does word have a cookbook template?

    Yes, this program does offer cookbook templates but the options you have may be limited. Or save yourself the trouble and simply download one of the ones we offer on this page.

    Can you use other people’s recipes in a cookbook?

    This depends and relies on current copyright laws

    Final Thoughts

    There are a lot of people who need help in the cooking department. Your recipes and special instructions may be just what they need to improve their meals and make them healthier for their families.

    It may be worth sharing your talent with those who could use the boost in developing their cooking talents.