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Suppose you have a computer or mobile phone; you probably understand the essentialness of the contact list template. Furthermore, it is a convenient method of storing all the information of your associates, including colleagues, friends, and family. It is crucial to have a contact list on your mobile phone or machine because these contacts are part of your daily life due to advanced technology.

Apart from storing your contact list digitally, you must also have a hard copy of your contacts. This will be of great help if your hard drive crashes or your device battery runs out of charge. In addition, a contact list hard copy will come to your rescue when you lose your phone, and you need to reach out to someone urgently. Therefore, ensure that you design your hard copy to make your contact information relevant and complete.

A phone list template is crucial for travelers since it can easily offer assistance and information when an emergency arises. This article will update you on a contact list template without much ado.

What is a Contact List?

A contact list refers to a place where you list your contacts. It is more of an address book. And it features its settings, templates as well as campaigns. You can store your contact list digitally or design a hard copy that might save you in cases of emergency. Besides, it is a convenient method of keeping track of professional and personal contact information.

What Is a Contact List Template?

A contact list template is an overall contact sheet that you can utilize to store the contact information of your acquaintances, such as colleagues, friends, and family.

Contact List Templates & Examples

Contact List Template #01

Contact List Template #02

Contact List Template #03

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Address Book

Club Committee Information

Contact list template


Emergency Contact List

    Customer Contact List Templates

    Customer Contact List Template #13

    Customer Contact List Template #14

    Customer Contact List Template #15

    Audit Clients’ List


    Customer Contacts List


    Customer Contact List Template for Word 29 01 22

    Customer Contact List Template for Excel 07

    Customer Contact List Template for Excel 13

    Customer Contact List Template for Excel 16


      Types of Contact List Templates

      There are numerous types of contact lists in the industry. Fortunately, all these lists feature similar basic information but vary on the purpose of a contact list. However, your preference depends on your needs. Below are types of contact list templates:

      • Employee contact list template- This is a vital tool for business companies. It is a must that an organization keeps all its employees’ contacts, including mobile numbers, home, address, and name. Do not forget to include an office email address, work number, job title, and personal email address. The information you have on this type of list should be of help during emergency scenarios. Make sure you add numbers and names of emergency personals.
      • Emergency contact list- Keeping this type of contact list template is vital in an emergency. This type of information includes specific individuals, their names, contact number, and address. Apart from basic information, you must also include contact information concerning closest relations. This template must also feature the contacts of your family members, personal mobile phone numbers and workplace information, number of children and contacts, family doctor, hospital, and school. These contacts are essential in cases of emergency.
      • Customer contact list template- This type of contact list template features essential business information for retail stores and outlets. It includes the purchaser’s contact details, quantities, items, and the buyer’s names. Most individuals use it to introduce new schemes and products. Suppose you give special discounts; you can always use the details provided on the contact list.
      • Basic contact list template- You must understand that this type of contact list is easy to maintain because it entails basic information. This information includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and names and offers you space for special notes.

      There are other types of contact lists you can find on Google. They include:

      • Project contact list template
      • Professional contact list template
      • Neighbour contact list template
      • Cyber security contact list template
      • Business contact list template

      Essential Elements of a Contact List Template

      As mentioned earlier, a great contact list template must include essential information of acquaintances, including suppliers, professional connections, friends, and family. All these improve the value of the contact list template. Most individuals usually realize that a contact list is a significant backup source when their primary storage becomes unavailable. Professionals are recommended to carry a hard copy of their contact list whenever they are on the move for emergency purposes.

      On the other hand, you can download templates and customize them depending on your demands and needs. You can choose to have a template for business contacts or friends and family members. Bear in mind that you can share your contact list across numerous platforms. Moreover, use your contact list to send emails or text messages to many contacts.

      With a contact list template, you can easily access your contact information. Similarly, this list makes the management of contact information more organized and professional. Furthermore, it enables you to create information on the data bank concerning your contacts. You are likely to recognize the importance of a contact list template when you involve large data.

      The contact list might also include varying data points, such as:

      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email address
      • Phone number
      • Company name
      • Website URL
      • Position
      • Address
      • City
      • State
      • Zip

      Thus, you should create each data point on a new column.

      How to Create a Contact List Template in Microsoft Excel (Step-by-Step)?

      Excel is among the most accessible programs you can utilize to arrange your contact lists information perfectly. In addition, this program makes the list data easy to understand and relevant. Many people use Excel Program because it offers them a layout, which includes columns.

      Likewise, the excel program features definite and clear rows for varying categories., including telephone numbers, addresses, and names. It also gives you an option to organize your data alphabetically or by size.

      If you need an alternative copy, proceed and download the contact list template and commence it from there. Beginners with limited computer experience require much patience. Below is an overview of steps that will guide you create a contact list template in Microsoft excel.

      Step 1: Create the tables

      Choose cells in your table and click them as you drag. Suppose you want to organize using five columns as well as 45 rows. It would help if you began from the top cell to the bottom to develop the required figure. Make sure you insert headers into the table by clicking on the insert tab situated at the top. After that, click the table under the table’s group. You will see a notification box with choices open. Then choose my table that has a header by clicking an OK button.

      This will then develop columns, which you will likely sort. They feature convenient arrow buttons indicating when to sort them out. After that, type your header’s title, such as email and addresses. Click on the table, and your table tool ribbon will automatically open. It incorporates a design tab with tools for styling. Find table styles and click on more. It will open the chart with multiple options for table styles.

      After that, ensure you point to a color sample to see the impact. If it impresses you, choose the thumbnail you love, which will modify your table’s color and design. Click on one of your favorite cells, type the details and press your tab button on the keyboard. This will take the selection to the next cell. Ensure you save your project before to avoid losing important information when the computer experiences issues.

      Step 2: Search online templates

      Download a template attached to the post and customize it according to your needs and demands. Click on the table to update your table’s format, style, and layout. For example, to make your cells’ data more legible, use the deselect or select options in your table style options group. This is on the design tab situated under the table tools ribbon. Proceed and click on the cell, type contact information and dial the tab key to the next cell. And remember to save your work

      Tips for Making a Business Contact List Template

      The lifeline of a business organization depends on its contact life. Thus, the organization must maintain this list, which will make the business grow significantly. It is not challenging to keep track of your company’s contact list since there are numerous ways to make this possible. You will realize the importance of a contact list during an emergency.

      However, small business personals never see this as a priority until they experience an emergency. Therefore, it is always good to ensure that your contact list features an emergency list. When an emergency occurs, you will be able to solve it within a short duration. Here are a few tips for making a business contact list template:

      Add extra contacts

      It is good that you add extra contacts to your list because you never know what the future holds. You can experience minor emergencies, which might need assistance from outside. Such emergencies include locksmiths, roadside assistance, automobile repairs, and taxi services.

      Entail the utility companies

      It is fun to own utilities because they are helpful in real-life situations since emergencies, such as busted pipes, electrical issues, and gas leaks can occur. Hence featuring these utility contact numbers can be of great help since they help minimize damages.

      Add contacts of basic emergency service

      You must familiarize yourself with the contact 911 because it will help you when you require emergency assistance. This number will help you connect to ambulance services, hospital facilities, fire departments, and police. Similarly, there are more contacts you might want to include in the emergency contact list, like those of your security company, animal control, as well as poison control. Most of these emergency contacts are online, and you only need to Google them.

      State all contact details and names of your employees

      Your employees’ contacts are crucial because they determine who to reach in emergency cases. If the employee is involved in an emergency, the relatives’ contact will be helpful. Ensure that your contact list includes medical information. This will help your workers and individual around them deal with the emergency.

      Include your business information

      Offer your company’s contact list details, such as phone number, location, address, and business name. These details should be on top of your list. Furthermore, this information is essential in cases of emergency.


      How do I create a client list in Word?

      Below are several steps that will guide you through creating a client list in Word:

      Go to file, click new to create a new document
      Go to mailing, choose recipients, then establish a new list
      Type recipient information in the new address list in every column
      For every modern record, you must select add new
      To add more columns, customize columns, choose to add, type the name of the field and click OK
      When you are through adding clients, click OK
      Provide your file with a name and save

      What is a project contact list?

      A project contact list is a document used to track the primary people handling a project. It has contact information of the people working on the project, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and names. This list is usually prepared at the beginning of the project.

      How do I email contact details?

      To email contact details, right-click on the contacts you want to forward your details, click forward, and find the contact as the outlook contact. Then your email contact detail will be sent in a format that is readable even by other email programs.

      What should an emergency contact list include?

      An emergency contact list must include:

      Special conditions and medications
      Health insurance
      Animal hospital and pet veterinarian
      Poison control center
      Utility and electric companies
      Additional emergency contacts
      Work contact
      Next of keen
      Local contact
      School contacts
      Family doctor

      What’s the difference between next of kin and emergency contact?

      Suppose you lose a loved one, the next of kin must be the first person to be notified unless the emergency contact features another person who should be informed. Furthermore, the next of kin must make essential decisions and assume specific responsibilities concerning the deceased estate and personal affairs. The next of kin must be the closest living relative.

      Final thought

      Contacting each other is essential in life. It can be for personal or professional reasons. This explains why you need a contact list because it is the most accessible method to reach people and keep communication burning. Ensure you create or download your contact list template, collect accurate information and fill the blank spaces. This will help you to stay in touch with important people in life.

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