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In most cases, when the business is sold off, it usually incorporates a new owner and management, and its operation is simultaneous. However, if the business does not deliver quality performance as expected, the company owner can partner with another business.

Therefore, before you decide to merge with another business company, you must consider a client list template. This is a list of potential clients who support your business regularly. This article will keep you updated about the client list template.

What Is a Customer List?

A customer list is the information list of potential clients who regularly do business with you.

What Is a Customer List Template?

A customer list template is a fillable or editable document that holds all the crucial information concerning your clients. You can utilize it to record details of multiple customers or even a single customer.

Client List Templates & Examples

Professional contact list template #01

Professional contact list template #02

Professional contact list template #03

Professional contact list template #04

Professional contact list template #05

Professional contact list template #06

Professional contact list template #07

Customer List with Multiple

Men’s Club Member Information List


    Essential Elements of a Professional Contact List

    When creating a professional contact list, there are a few crucial elements you must consider, such as:

    Conducting a local business listing research based on your services and products

    Apart from having a well-detailed customer list, you can also reach out to organizations and companies that need your services and products. Try and develop an excellent customer base and build an incredible business relationship with these companies. This will enable your business to grow and expand rapidly.

    To make this achievable, ensure you examine local business listings to familiarize yourself with the company names within your locality. After that, establish a varying letter of introduction, which you will send to these companies to inform them more about your businesses and what you offer.

    Create an efficient, professional website accompanied by your business social media account

    Website and social media accounts are essential for any business, regardless of size. Nowadays, multiple people depend on social media and internet platforms to research their needs. Featuring an active social media account and an eye-catching website is likely to widen your entire market and assist you spread information concerning your business to numerous individuals. Suppose you do not incorporate sufficient skills to build your website or come up with your social media platform, hire a web designer to create one for you.

    Make two spreadsheets separately to write down crucial information about your clients

    Utilize one spreadsheet for storing the entire information of your current clients. And use the second spreadsheet to keep your previous clients and potential customer information. Besides, ensure that these lists are updated and reviewed often to add or alter data.

    Activity Client List Template

    Activity Client List Template

    Client Call Log List Template

    Client Call List Template

    Potential Client List Template

    Potential Client List Template

    Inspection Company Client List

    Inspection Company Client List Template

    Customer Record List

    Capital Telecom Client List

    Client List Template Worksheet

    Client List Template Sheet

    Client List Template (PDF)

    Client List Template PDF

    Client List in Excel

    A client database Excel template is a detailed spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel that may include details about your customers, their purchases, and the revenue you have earned from them. While it is not limited to these functions alone, it allows for easy searching and input of different sums and amounts, which can then be easily interacted with.

    Client List Template Excel

    Client Contact List Template

    A client contact list template is essentially what is says on the tin: it helps you to keep a record of all your customers, their phone numbers and email addresses, the companies they’re from, or any other relevant information. This way, when you need to get in touch with a customer, you can simply look them up on this list.

    Client Contact List Template

    Client Contact List Template (DOC)

    Client Contact List Template DOC

    Blank Client Contact List Template

    Important Client Contact List Template

    Blank Printable Client Contact List

    Client Contact List Template Printable

    Professional Client Contact List (Sample)

    Professional Client Contact List Sample

    Basic Client Contact List

    Basic Client Contact List

    Client Contact List Template in WORD

    Client Contact List Template WORD

    Client Reference List Template

    Client Reference List Template

    Client Price List Template

    Client Price List Template

    Client Account List

    Client Account List Template

    Client To Do List

    Client To Do List Template

    Client Email List Template

    Client Email List Template

    Tips for Structuring a client List

    If you want your business to grow significantly, you must build a customer list. Making new customers is not easy as creating new friendships. Furthermore, the friendship requires you only to start a simple conversation and let things flow.

    On the other hand, there are multiple aspects you must consider when it comes to business relationships. Using a friendly methodology in business is not sufficient. This means you must also commence filling the client list template. Here are several tips for building your client list:

    Avoid treating your customers like business, but people

    Ensure you treat your customers like people. It might not be easy to deal with your customers patiently and at the same time ensure that the business is successful. Besides, respect your client and show your customers that you are always concerned about their well-being. You will also get the courtesy you deserve when you implement this perfectly. Therefore, being honest and personable will assist you in treating your clients as people. When you connect with your clients well, they will likely become your regular customers and include them on your customer list template.

    Ensure you reward your loyal customers

    You might achieve your primary business goal by maximizing the excel customer list template. But, it would help if you also focused on making your clients happy. Remember, your business services and products can be outstanding, but they might start considering option B if you fail to appreciate your customer loyalty.

    Whenever your customers pay, you should never act like you are not concerned. Instead, please encourage them to continue purchasing more goods from your company. Offer them special deals, such as promotions and discounts. This will also remind your clients why they considered your business first.

    Share knowledge with others

    Knowledge is the power to success; hence you should be more than willing to share whatever information you know about your business with others because you understand the worth of your business. Ensure you give your customers a taste of what you provide to capture your attention, and they will consider coming back for more.

    Ask for feedback

    When you request feedback from your clients, you will be able to tell your business weakness and strength. Asking your customers for feedback shows them how determined you are to improve and see your company grow. These feedbacks allow you to identify areas that have issues and need your attention for the business to do incredible. Similarly, you can ask your clients for testimonials, which you can utilize later for marketing campaigns. Requesting feedback will help you improve significantly by creating a robust reputation.

    Initiate a customer base for the business

    Before you tell what type of services your business offers, ensure you at least master a primary service. This also applies to your customers. Ensure you find potential customers who might require your services or products and target them. You can achieve this by initiating customer profiles to get informed more on the kind of customer your business is likely to benefit from. Thus, start small as you consider your target customers when starting any business. Furthermore, commence structuring a reputation for your initial clients.

    Enable your customers to access your network

    If you give your customers more support, they will reciprocate it in one way or another. They might share your customer’s product to complement your business. Offering them vouchers will enable them to appreciate you significantly. And they will spread crucial information concerning your business.

    Contact your customers

    You can reach your clients on the customer list template in many ways. Nowadays, you can contact customers via email due to the advanced technology. If you want to inform your customers about special offers and updates, email them. This will guarantee you an outstanding ROI. Immediately after signing up with your client, send them an email to welcome them.

    Creating and Using Your Customer List Template

    When you establish the customer base, begin building the customer list template. This will help you organize essential details concerning your customers and reach them easily to conduct market analysis. Your business will grow faster as you add names to this template.

    Selling the Customer List Database

    Before you opt to sell your customer list database, you must understand that even very minimal retail alterations in your business can make you lose multiple customers. Remember, selling a customer list database is not acceptable in all businesses. For example, if you offer another business your client list template, it will likely not earn positive results. It does not matter whether you rebrand the business or change the location. Your customers will move on.

    Selling the client list database usually happens when you plan to close your business, and you would love to pass your clients to another business. This means selling your client list template to your competitors or a new business starting in the same location. Suppose you are planning to sell yours. Ensure you inform your clients before the sale because some of them may not like you giving their details to other businesses. Therefore, it is better to ask for permission before selling your client list template to avoid issues.

    On the other hand, selling a customer database is beneficial to both purchasers and buyers. The seller gets the cash while the buyer gets a customer base using less effort. Remember, the buyer must care for his customers to maintain them.

    How to Build A Client List

    • The first step in building a client list is establishing your personal niche. Determine who will be interested in your services and what clients are most relevant to your base.
    • Next, you’ll want to work on your reputation. Speak to prior clients to who you have provided services and ask them for feedback as to how you can improve. You can request testimonials from satisfied clients who are comfortable providing one. As you build your list of clients, use a client list template to make a list that keeps track of them.
    • You will now want to slowly build your base. Begin by offering free trials of your service. While it can sound unappealing, giving prospective clients outstanding but limited service is usually the first step to them trusting your abilities and becoming a paying client.
    • When a client does sign up for your website, send them a welcome email to thank them and detail some of your services while providing an optional “unsubscribe” option in case they choose not to receive emails for you. Emails are great for client communication due to their high ROI, so don’t be afraid to use this tool.
    • Make sure to reward loyal clients as well by offering discounts and deals for repeat customers, as this will encourage them to keep returning for your excellent service. The way that you serve the clients that come to you is the most important part of building a client list. Treat your clients well, and remember that they are people and are not just a business to run.
    • Finally, provide opportunities for your clients to interact with the network you’ve built. Promote their products to your audience, offer guest blog writing opportunities, or share their articles and written content. If you help your clients, the chances are that they will want to help you, too.


    What is a customer information sheet?

    A customer information sheet is a form that most business companies utilize to gather information concerning their customers. This document is important because it offers companies valid details about their potential clients when necessary.

    How do you organize client lists?

    Below are four primary tips for organizing your client lists:
    · Identify the kind of information you would want to start tracking, such as appointment history, purchases, phone, email, address, and name.

    · Establish varying lists

    · Eliminate some unnecessary contacts

    · Select appropriate tools

    How do I create a customer contact list in Excel?

    Here are a few steps of creating a client contact list in Excel:
    · Open your Microsoft Excel and label three columns in the first row. The First column features the first name, the second column incorporates the last name, and the third column features your email address

    · In the rows below the columns, enter corresponding details for every contact

    · After entering all the information, navigate your file and save it

    · When it inquires save type, drop-down menu and choose CSV

    · Choose the location you would like to keep your file

    · Click on save and suppose a window comes asking if you would love to keep your workbook in that specific format; click yes

    Final Thoughts

    The comprehensive post above has made you familiar with a client list template. Therefore, you can use this particular template to offer your customers full information about new products, offers, and promotions. Most businesses using these templates have experienced significant growth in their businesses. Follow the guide above to make your customer list template.

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