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People and pets are going missing each day globally, and this can be a challenging time for their loved ones as they prepare to start their search. When your loved one goes missing, it might seem like the end of the world for you. But thanks to the missing poster template because it makes your search easier, hence you can quickly get your missing pet or person.

With the missing poster template, you need not worry about how you will start your search. Furthermore, the templates are completely customizable, and it calls upon you to modify them according to your demands. You must understand that there are multiple types of missing person templates for persons and pets, such as dogs and cats. Therefore, to get started, ensure that you choose a missing poster template that suits you best. In this article, you will learn more about the missing person template.

What Is a Missing Poster?

A missing poster is a printed sign distributed to the entire public to know and assist in the search of a missing person or persons. Furthermore, it incorporates contact details, which you should reach out if you find the missing individual, a short description of their appearance, and a photo of a missing person. Therefore, if your pet, friend, or relative has gone missing, you can confidently use this missing person poster.

Print multiple copies and share them with your neighbors, acquaintances, and friends to spread the information quickly. Similarly, you can download your missing person template and fill in essential details for the public to recognize the person missing. After that, you can share it online on social media.

What is a Missing Poster Template?

A missing poster template is a downloaded document, which provides you sections to fill in the details of a missing person for the public to recognize them. Furthermore, it allows you to share the poster online through social media.

Red Missing Person Poster Template

Red Missing Person Poster Template 09012022

Download: PDF

    Abducted Missing Person Poster Template

    abducted Missing Person Poster Template 09012022

    Download: PDF

      Missing Person Poster Template With Reward

      Missing Person Poster Template With Reward 09012022

      Download: PDF

        Red Missing Person Poster Template With Two Pictures

        Red Missing Person Poster Template With Two Pictures 09012022

        Download: PDF

          Essential Elements of a Missing Poster

          A missing poster usually features essential elements you must consider for your search mission to be successful. You must add some relevant information, such as the reward announcement for the first informant, family contact details, a photograph of a missing individual. Without much ado, below are some essential elements of a missing poster:

          Contact details

          Add the contact details on your missing poster template, such as the telephone number. This will make you receive feedbacks faster. Additionally, you can add another number or a 911 number to link up the caller with the correct enforcement agency searching for the missing individual or pet.


          Use words, such as a missing person, or have you come across this person. These words should be at the top of your poster to capture people’s attention. Besides, ensure you use bright colors on your poster.

          A reward announcement for the informant

          It is appropriate to mention a reward announcement for the first informant that will find the missing individual. This will make people more interested in the search, and you can end up finding your loved one faster than you would have imagined.

          Time and location

          Here, you need to mention the location as well as the time a person was last seen.

          Unique physical characteristic traits

          It would help if you mentioned the physical trait of the person or pet. These traits need to be recognizable at first sights, like glasses, tattoos, and scars. Suppose an individual has any health issue; make a short description of the issue in the template. It means that when they are found, they will need medical attention immediately before anything else.

          Hair and eyes color

          You should be able to tell the color of their hair and eyes to make your search easier.

          Age, height, and weight of the individual

          The age of the missing person is very crucial. Thus, you should ensure that you mention it on your poster. This tells if the person is significantly younger or older. Besides, you must also add the weight and height of the person to make people more informed about the missing person.

          Full name of the missing individual

          Your poster should feature the missing person’s full name and the nickname if they have one and use it regularly.

          A missing person photograph

          This is a primary element you should consider on your poster. Make sure you insert a full-face image. Bear in mind that the photo of a missing person must not be of a high definition. However, you should avoid photos with many other people and those that are blurry. If you miss this, people will not easily know who they are looking for.

          Types of Missing Posters

          Missing poster comes in various types. Luckily, you can initiate your poster by customizing the missing blank poster from a templates library. Here is an overview of several types of missing posters:

          Missing person flyer featuring two pictures

          You can use this kind of missing poster if you want a photo of a missing individual alongside a photo of clothes they were in when they were last seen.

          Missing person poster

          This poster allows you to insert a single poster and offers you room for more details about the missing individual for the public to recognize them easily.

          Abducted person poster

          The abducted person photo is printed out when you have a strong feeling that an individual was abducted. Moreover, you must provide the abductor’s description, facial composite, and CCTV photograph. Accompany this with the description of your missing person.

          Red missing person poster

          It allows you to print the poster featuring a red border to capture more attention from the passers-by.

          Multiple missing person poster

          This type of poster is used when two people are missing and people searching for them are sure of their disappearance connection, for example, two members of the same family missing.


          How to make an effective missing poster?

          To come up with an effective missing poster. There are five primary things you must consider to design it excellently. These includes:
          Ensure you laminate your poster to avoid moisture from entering and damaging your poster.
          Insert a clear and big picture of your person or pet and make sure it is at the center of your poster.
          Enhance your entire content for easy reading and understanding.
          Use clear fonts and bold letterings, such as MISSING PERSON OR CAT, and place them at the top of your poster.
          You must use vibrant and bright colors to capture the attention of the public.

          Where to put your missing poster?

          After making your posters, you must be wondering where you should place them. If that is your concern, worry less. Below are a few places you can put your missing person:
          Libraries, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and high traffic shops
          Community bulletin boards, telephone poles, intersections, roads. However, ensure you examine local regulations about signposting
          The lost and found local social media pages or other-oriented pages for pets
          SPCA, veterinarian offices, and local pet shelters

          How to create a missing pet or person poster?

          Most people usually think that creating a missing pet or person poster is tricky, but that is not the case. Below are several steps of creating this poster:
          Find, click a create design button and choose the poster layout to commence
          On the search bar, enter your keyword, which is missing. Then it will load the entire missing poster templates from your Fotor’s template library.
          After selecting your template, proceed to the design process to freely replace your placeholder images and text on your poster template with your content. You can change the backgrounds, colors, fonts, and other elements to create the impression you need.
          When you complete the design, you can save and download the missing poster in your format and size, then share it on social media.

          Final thoughts

          With the comprehensive post above, you now clearly understand the missing poster templates, starting from the types of posters and elements to make the poster effective. Thus, ensure that you follow the guide above to create an appealing poster for your missing pet or person. Ensure that you regularly examine where you placed your posters to confirm they are not missing or covered. After finding the person or pet, remove all the posters.

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