18 Printable Binder Cover Templates

Binder Cover Template

Turning your binder into a professional yet aesthetically pleasing document is no easy feat. Finding the perfect balance between a chic theme and business style for your binder covers requires expert guidance. Binders are professional organization systems; therefore, your binder cover should embody your exemplary orderliness. We delve into the best binder covers and trendy theme ideas to professionally build the cover.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, you must understand what a binder cover is before designing your own. Ready? Let’s go.

What Is a Binder Cover?

A binder cover is a colorful overlay on your binder that protects the binder’s content from liquid spills, wear and tear in the office or school. Think of binder covers as high-end branded book covers that aid in binder organization and protection.

Schools and companies commonly use binders to store large amounts of paperwork on the shelves. Binder covers add a distinctive touch to each binder, enhancing access to specific documents.

What Is A Binder Cover Template?

A binder cover template is a predesigned binder cover you print, trim to fit your binder and insert in the binder overlay. There are many styles for templates, from chic, floral, to Lily Pulitzer binder covers. You can choose one and personalize it with custom texts and colors to suit your business’s needs.

Tip: Set the printer to borderless when printing the templates. Also, use high-quality thick paper such as vellum paper to prevent the printer ink from blotting your cover.

There are various templates available for you to choose from and customize. The good thing with binder cover templates is you can infuse template ideas into one template for the best binder cover you can come up with. However, do not go overboard with too many styles and themes. Always ask expert designers for tips on themes that blend lest you design a kindergarten-type binder cover for your million-dollar presentation.

Binder Cover Templates & Examples

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    Do Binders Actually Play Any Role In Organization?

    You may ask, in the age of computerized record-keeping, do binders still hold a place? Ironically, yes. Binding systems are effective file management systems that are readily accessible on the go.

    The major merit of binders is creating your unique organizational system using different covers and colors for contrasting binders. Similar projects will employ the same color for the binder covers for easier grouping.

    When using binders, create a system that works for you and run with it. Remember to organize your binders in cabinets to avoid cluttering the workspace.

    Types of Binders

    Choosing the type of binder for your needs can be challenging. Some common types of Binders with each use case include:

    • Student binders that keep track of a student’s schoolwork. Academic reports, assignments, and notes go into a student binder.
    • Household binders store all household-related bills and family schedules.
    • Budget binder to maintain inventory of your finances. Utility bills, checking account statements, and receipts go into a budget binder.
    • Project binder to keep records of business projects and records. Assign each project to an individual binder.
    • Recipe binders store all the requirements and preparation methods for your yummy culinary treats.

    You can custom make a binder depending on the use case. Remember to use illustrative covers to cover your binders.

    How to Design a Binder Cover

    Who says don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, for a binder, project managers and the managerial cadre judge a binder by its cover. It is important to have a unique binder cover style representing your brand.

    Designing your binder cover shouldn’t be about checking and rechecking your budget and supplies. Crafting a binder cover heavily relies on your creativity which is fun to express. We breakdown the steps to make designing binder covers fun:

    Step 1) Choose a template

    Depending on the size of your binder, choose an appropriate size template. 1″, 1.5″, 2″, and 3″ are the most common template sizes. You can use the template from a web-based platform or open a blank slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. Delete the boxes to ensure you have a blank slate.

    Step 2) Edit your template

    Resize the template in PowerPoint if it does not match your binder size. Select “Page Setup” in the “Design” tab and set the page size.

    Still in the “Design” tab, select “Background Styles” and format the background. Ensure you set the picture fill to “Fill.” Insert the background image you want or from template ideas you find online. Ensure the background image will blend well with the text style you’ll choose.

    Tip: When picking color styles, use your company’s or school’s signature colors. Matching your binders with your institution colors enhances the brand identity, a unique selling point.

    Select “Insert” and then click to add a heading box in the slide. Select the box and change the outline to suit your desired color and alignment.

    Right-click in the box and select “Add Text” to add text to the slide. Type in the binder cover details using a legible and creative font. Do not stick to conventional fonts. You are designing a binder cover, not a eulogy!

    Step 3) Print your binder cover

    Select “Full Page Slides and “High Quality.” Proceed to print the binder cover using a high-quality printer. Slip the binder cover in the overlay of the binder for a polished binder look.

    If you are using online templates, the procedure is similar, except you’ll use the platform’s tools and fonts to create your binder and then print it. The price for printing binder covers depends on the sophistication and quality of binder cover paper.


    What size is a binder cover?

    A binder cover depends on the binder size. You’ll want to print a slightly oversize binder cover then trim it down to size. Binder sizes are about 10 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

    How many sheets do a 1.5 binder hold?

    A 1.5 binder holds 250 sheets of pages. The 1.5 is the diameter size for O ring binders. D ring binders hold up to 375 for the 1.5 binders.

    What size binder holds 300 pages?

    2″ binders hold 300 pages, including indexes. However, the same 2 inches for a D-ring binder can hold up to 500 sheets.

    Is the D-ring binder better?

    Yes, D-ring binders hold more than 25% of round ring binder sheets. D rings are more durable since the ring is offset to the back page’s cover.


    Professionally organizing your files doesn’t have to be bland. You can zhoosh up your binder using uniquely designed binder covers that embody your brand. A top-line cover merges the gap between orderliness and a polished look. Your binder cover should ring true of those characteristics.