20 Editable Brochure Templates & Examples (Word | PDF)

20 Editable Brochure Templates & Examples (Word | PDF)

Do brochures still have a place among marketing tools in a digitally-driven world? The answer is yes. Brochures ensure you balance your marketing strategy between digital and print mechanisms. The digital world is flooded with flashy headlines that aim to improve market share, but brochures continue to attract more clients. Still don’t believe? Statistics from Bentley University show that 80% of people consider visiting businesses they learn about in brochures. However, to attract clients and customers, you need a well-designed brochure. Let’s explore how brochures improve your market reach.

What Is a Brochure?

A brochure is a foldable paper document highlighting a company’s products or services. Companies primarily use brochures to attract new customers and, in rare cases, to inform existing clients of product or service changes. However, brochures have many use cases in different sectors.

What Is a Brochure Template?

A brochure template is a customizable document you fill with the information you intend to disseminate. You add your business’s contact info, products, services, contact and other essentials in the brochure.

Brochure Templates & Examples

Brochure Template #01

Brochure Template #02

Brochure Template #03

Brochure Template #04

Brochure Template #05

Brochure Template #06

Brochure Template #07

Brochure Template #08

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Brochure Template #18

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Hotel & Spa

    Essential Elements of a Brochure Template

    In addition to attention-grabbing headlines and flashy colors, a professionally pre-designed brochure contains essential elements that make it a useful marketing tool. Some essential elements of the brochure template are:

    • Company name and logo. A brochure is your company’s introductory document. A good template has a visible company name logo with a slightly differing hue from other brochure sections.
    • Attention-grabbing headlines. What’s the first thing your brochure reader sees? A professionally designed template dedicates a tiny portion for attention-grabbing details. Usually, the headline is a company slogan or the product’s hallmark quality.
    • Information section. Once your brochure engages readers, they need to know more about you. The information section is where you fill in all the content of your company’s product and services and any relevant information to increase your market visibility.
    • Highlighted contact section. Your business’s location, phone number, email address, and physical address go on here.
    • Call to action. After your potential client reads the brochure, what do you want them to do. When choosing a template, ensure it has a call to action section that will tell the reader what to do.

    How to Create a Brochure

    Some businesses hire professional designers, while others opt to craft a brochure themselves. The common aspect of both parties is that they find brochures easy to design, and so will you. It is smooth sailing once you have the essentials in place and employ the following steps.

    You have multiple options to create a brochure; start from scratch using Microsoft tools, templates, and web-based platforms. We will delve into readily available tools such as Microsoft Word.

    Identify target audience

    A brochure is meant to influence markets in your favor and generate higher profit margins. However, specific products and services have specific target audiences. Once you know your audience, you can customize unique brochures.

    Choose a Word template

    Open a new Microsoft Word file. In the Online Template section, search brochure. Choose the style you want, either bi-fold, trifold, z shaped, or c shaped, among others.

    Check to ensure the template has all the essentials. The advantage of Word templates is adding new sections as you create your brochure.

    Select text style

    Click on any sample text in the template and type to see the text style. Switch between different styles, find one that works for you, and run with it. Use a legible text style with moderate font size, preferably 12 pt.

    Fill in the core content

    In the relevant sections, fill in the information you want to share. The information can include company products, services, and benefits. Attach clear images to cement your info. The template usually has sample images. Right-click and select change image, then choose the image you want from your files. Resize the image if it’s larger than the template.

    Change the color

    Go to the Design tab and select Colors. From the drop-down menu, apply unique colors to the various template sections. You can also change the background color for the Design tab.

    Tip: Use your company colors or product colors as the background and theme colors. However, apply a contrasting color to the main message of the brochure.

    Save the brochure

    Counter-check the brochure to ensure and correct any erroneous entries. Save the template and print it using a color printer.

    Creating a brochure is that simple. If you are satisfied with the template, you can save it and use it for your next brochure design.

    Importance of Brochures for Marketing

    • Well-designed brochures are hard to ignore hence increasing market visibility.
    • A flashy brochure creates a unique brand identity which makes your business the go-to solution to a customer’s needs.
    • A hand-delivered brochure ensures you reach your target audience. Print marketing tools are hard to ignore.
    • With a brochure, you have multiple distribution channels that stack the market to your business’s backyard.


    What is the format of the brochure?

    Brochures have unique designs, and there is no specific format. However, the general format is; the company logo followed by products and services, contact number, and a call to action.

    Can you make a brochure on PowerPoint?

    Yes, you can. However, PowerPoint creates effective slide presentations than brochures.

    What is a brochure for students?

    A brochure for students is simply a brochure whose fore content is student-based, such as an upcoming project or raising funds for a noble school cause.

    How do you make a tourist brochure?

    The procedure above is universal. However, substitute business images with unique species, activities, and scenes. Also, include benefits and bonuses tourists will enjoy to attract prospects.

    Final Thoughts

    Brochures are timeless marketing tools that increase market visibility with little cost. Professionally designed brochures impeccably convey your business’s products and services. Design evocative brochures that will attract new clients and maintain existing ones.