18 Free Car Show Flyer Templates & Designs

18 Free Car Show Flyer Templates & Designs

Car shows bring pomp and life to car collectors and car enthusiasts who aim to explore what’s underneath the revving machines. What better way to market your car show than using a car show flyer? Flyers are the industry-standard marketing tools that target a vast audience and make your car show a success. We delve into the best practices for creating an attention-grabbing flyer and provide practical tips to market your car show.

What Is a Car Show Flyer?

A car show flyer is a document containing essential information about an upcoming car show. Motor show planners use car shows to convey the purpose of the car show and to market their cars or sponsors. There are flyers for international, vintage, luxury, racing, among other car shows.

Car Show Flyer Templates & Examples

Car Show Flyer #01

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Central LakeArea ChamberofCommerce

East Barnet Car & Truck

    Why Use a Car Show Flyer?

    A car show flyer’s chief utility is to market the car show and attract a large audience on the event date. Foldable flyers can double up as keepsakes for a successful car show and attract a larger crowd for the subsequent event.

    Event flyers are hard to ignore, and they are an effective tool to impart an up-close and personal feel to new car products your company intends to launch or promote.

    However, it would help if you put in the hours to design an evocative flyer as a marketing tool. Employ visual representations that will grab the reader’s attention and use headlines to ensure you have a large audience at your show.

    How to Make a Car Show Flyer Template

    A car show flyer is an effective marketing tool. However, how you design it determines whether your car show will attract a large audience or turn into one of those shows that resemble an abandoned carnival. A unique design that screams your brand is the ultimate goal to draw car enthusiasts. We break down the steps to making an evocative car show flyer that will stack the masses in your favor.

    Step 1) Get the engine running

    Before you even choose the size and theme of your flyer, you need to get some basic information right. Ask yourself what are you trying to promote? What cars will be on display? What budget is available? What are the dates and the venue? Once you get the essential information, develop a clear goal for the car show.

    Step 2) Design a template

    You can choose a pre-designed template or use a blank flyer template on Microsoft Word. Resize the flyer to fit either foldable or portrait format for both options. Choose a catchy title and utilize your creativity to use different fonts and text styles. However, do not use an ineligible font. “The 13th Annual Car Michael Show” is better than “The Chicago Car Show.”

    Enlist the details of the event using different color codes. State the venue, date, and any notable guests attending. Ensure the guest you mention is an enigma in the car world to attract more people.

    Note: Readers skim through event flyers, mainly focusing on the top and bottom lines. Fill in essential information such as venue and date in the first lines of your brochure.

    Provide the contact information for one or two of the car show organizers. Keep the details short to avoid crowding the flyer.

    Step 3) Customize the template

    Infusing the theme into your flyer would be wise if you have a distinctive theme from your past car shows. Choose a blending background with a car image that the audience will adore. Use the online tools to customize your template or Microsoft Word clip art feature. There is no limit to how creative you can be while designing a flyer. However, avoid creating a mess of colors. Use only two to three hues for your booklet.

    Step 4) Print your flyer

    Save your flier as a high-resolution file. Choose quality paper and place the sheets in your printer. Set the printer to borderless or 100% scale and print your flyer. Share the flyer in car park lots and other ongoing car shows.

    Attention-grabbing flyers should not cost you exorbitant designer fees. The steps above will help you design flyers that wow your audience.

    Other Ways for Marketing Your Car Show

    Apart from flyers, other ways you can market your car show include:

    • Collect email addresses of car enthusiasts and send them the car show details.
    • Enlist your car show on a listing website. You can pay to ensure they display your presentation at the top of the website.
    • Create an ad on social media. Few people have access to print media, but there is widespread access to social media. Create an engaging ad for your car show.
    • Ask other shows to market your show. You can market theirs in return.
    • Hire car journalists and photographs to run pieces about your car show. People endear to a car show with a written article or a video compilation.
    • Ask local stakeholders to support your car show. Local grocery stores, car wash shops, food shops, and schools interact with many people. Tap into the prospective market by asking the local community to market your show.

    How to Plan a Car Show

    A car show’s success relies on location, budget, and marketing. First, you will need to choose a location with ample parking space and close to your auto shop. Depending on the budget and expected audience, you may need to hire a stadium or host the event in your auto shop’s backyard.

    Determine your budget and adjust it to suit the attendees’ ticket sales and car insurance. Make accurate estimations to cater to the event’s activities in your budget. Remember to factor in state taxes and fees for the show.

    Get the logistics right. If you are outsourcing caterers and entertainment providers, it is a noble idea to consult and settle on the fees and scope of services. A good sound system and some great food may be just what you need to attract a large crowd on the event date.

    Choose your timing ideally. Schedule your car show during summer when people are on vacation and are looking for ways to unwind. Don’t choose a date that coincides with another local car show date. If your car show is a three-day event or more, ensure you provide engaging activities for the whole duration.

    Offer freebies and rewards for the car show. Select qualified individuals to judge the different categories of cars present and award the best. Also, offer freebies to the general audience to turn the prospects into clients.

    Final Thoughts

    Car shows are a time to reminisce the hot rods of the 80s and immerse ourselves in technology-centric newer models. As a car show organizer, making your event a success requires effective print and social media use. Create unique flyers with attention-grabbing themes to attract a large audience to your car show and make it a success. You may not get it at first, but it is smooth sailing once you iron out the kinks.