20 Free Family Feud Templates (Word, PDF & PowerPoint)

Family feud is a favorite game show in the UK and US. According to statistics, this game is the third most famous show in all-time excellent TV shows. If you are a fan of this game, you probably understand its popular catchy phrases, usually followed by a buzzer sound.

Contestants in this show give unanticipated answers, making the show extremely amusing and informative. Therefore, consider using a family feud template if you are among the families that enjoy this particular game, especially in the evening when you are all home. This detailed post will make you more updated about the family feud template.

What is Family Feud?

A family feud is an exemplary television game show incorporating two teams or families competing against each other by giving popular answers to survey queries to win awards.

What Is a Family Feud Template?

A family feud template is an excellent television game show guide featuring two teams that game against each other.

Family Feud Templates & Examples

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    How to play Family Feud?

    To start the game, a member from every team proceeds to the podium to compete on the first question generated. A contestant who provides the answer must have been the first to press the buzzer. If the team member gives the first survey answer, the family gets an opportunity to take control over that specific question. If not, the opposing contestant will get a chance to answer the query slightly higher to gain team control. Furthermore, the family that manages to control the game must generate answers one after another.

    Each family is not supposed to hold any discussions with their members during this time. If a particular family gives an answer that does not fall under the given board, the family gets a strike. However, if it gives correct answers before reaching strike three, they emerge winners for the first round. Similarly, if they obtain three strikes, the other family or team takes over, and they only have a single chance to provide the remaining answers to win the round. To give an efficient answer, they can consult among the team members. When they fail to generate the correct answer, the first team acquires all the points.

    You must know that your family feud game template must feature four rounds for every game. On the other hand, if there is sufficient time, the players can go on for more rounds. These rounds are also called sudden death or lightning rounds. Family feud includes a few other parts you must include in your game, such as:

    Point value

    The point value depends on people’s answers to the survey queries. Bear in mind that only standard responses are usually featured on the board. Due to this reason, it is not easy to get points adding up to a hundred. According to the show’s current format, the second and first rounds get a one-point value. The third round acquires double point values, and the fourth round, triple point values.

    Fast money round

    When you finish all rounds, a family with numerous points gets an opportunity to participate in the fast money round. It entails two members of the winning team gaming against each other. One among the two goes backstage while the other remains with the host.

    Remember, the first participant has 20 seconds to respond to the five questions, and every score is determined by the figure of individuals who provided a similar answer. Once the participant accomplishes, the scores are displayed alongside the total. The next player is offered the same question and is given 25 seconds to generate answers. If he offers answers provided by the first participant, they are likely to hear the buzz. This means the second player needs to come up with other answers apart from those given. Both members should feature sum scores over 200 or equal to 200 to earn a grand award.

    How to Have a Family Feud Game Night at Home (Step- by- Step)

    Before a family feud game night at the comfort of your home, there are a few things you need to consider to prepare for it efficiently. This is usually accompanied by several instructions necessary to run this game successfully. Below are details of preparing a family feud game alongside instructions on how to run this specific game.

    Set up and prep for family feud game

    Most individuals usually set up chairs or couches confronting each other, with the host at the front featuring family feud game questions and scorecards. Furthermore, family feuds set up roles down to a personal preference. You only need to ensure you have enough space, which will enable every team to face one another while sitting in a straight line and distinct from the game’s host.

    Apart from the set-up space for gaming. There are a few materials necessary for playing this game at home, they include:

    • A host- This game requires a host to read queries and answers. Choose a remarkable reader who can manage both teams to ensure the game runs smoothly. Besides, your host should be able to follow the given instructions correctly.
    • Family feud answers and questions list- Before you start gaming, you must gather a list of answers and questions. If you find it hard to formulate your questions and answers, you can use the ones established.
    • A buzzer- Each team requires a single buzzer. Fortunately, this buzzer can be found online. This means a member from each team can download a buzzer app freely on their devices. On the other hand, you can also use a wooden spoon, a pot or musical instrument, or a squeaking toy.
    • Scorecard- This will enable you to add all points, and when a team gets 300 points, it becomes a winner. You can utilize a digital scorecard or tally points on the notepad or the portable whiteboard to make things simple. When using a notepad or whiteboard, draw the line in the middle of your page. In every column at the top, state the team’s name and write down points of each team correctly as you continue playing.
    • Two teams- To play this game successfully, you require two teams featuring the same figure of players. Therefore, if your family is even-numbered, you must have a host and a core host to reveal appropriate answers during the game or to assist in recording scores.

    Game instructions

    The host best utilizes family feud game instruction. The host usually explains and reads steps for all contestants. Suppose these instructions keep each team member-focused, ensure you print these instructions out and divide them to each team: Here is an overview of steps that will guide you have a family feud game night at home:

    Step 1

    Create two teams. Each team should feature the same number of contestants. Make sure that every team comes up with a team captain.

    Step 2

    Call the team captain of each team to come forward with their buzzer.

    Step 3

    The host reads the first question

    Step 4

    Here, there is a struggle between the two team captains. Furthermore, the team captain who manages to hit the buzzer first is given five seconds to provide a correct answer on the family feud question and answer list. Suppose the captain for the first team fails to answer the question correctly. The captain for the other team is allowed to guess.

    Step 5

    Whichever team the captain provides the correct answer gets the opportunity to play another game round. If they are not willing, they can give a chance to the opposing team.

    Step 6

    The team playing this round has an opportunity to guess the query’s remaining top answers. The team members get an opportunity to answer one after the other until they get three incorrect answers or get all right answers. If the team gets three strikes during the round, each wrong answer is a single strike. Similarly, if the team scores correct answers, the host awards them the appropriate points.

    Step 7

    If the team accomplishes using its three strikes, the second team gets a chance to offer top answers to the question. If all goes well, they will acquire all the points for their opponent from that round and win it off. But if the team fails to get the correct answers, the first team will be lucky to maintain its points from that round.

    Step 8

    This section marks the end of your first round of gaming. The host sums up all the points and puts them down on the scoreboard. To commence another round of gaming, members from each team go to the front to answer the next queries. When the game commences, steps 3 to 7 are usually repeated.

    Step 9

    If one of the competing teams scores 300 points, the game ends.

    How to Create a Family Feud Template?

    Creating a family feud template is never a difficult task. In addition, you can always make it at the comfort of your home. Below are several simple steps to guide you in making a family feud template:

    Step 1- Collect survey information or data

    This can be much more achievable if you based on a bigger group to conduct your survey, like a class of students or office employees. Ensure you formulate basic questions to get an incredible number of the same responses. Similarly, you can opt for online surveys if you are not getting similar answers. Get online and find common survey questions together with answers. Develop your master answer sheet. Furthermore, the host must see the top five responses for each question you feature in your game.

    Step 2- Create the game

    Start by creating your answer board. You can utilize the chalkboard to state the five primary answers to your questions. Remember to indicate the number of responses the questions gained. Ensure that these answers are covered. Besides, create several rounds on the chalkboard to make the game speedier. Likewise, you can opt to utilize family feud PowerPoint performance when gaming.

    Come up with makers for every strike, and as mentioned earlier, each family features three strikes. The total strike for both families should be 6. They can be in paper form, bean bags, or colored light bulbs.

    You also require a timer to set a limit for each query asked. And each team must have its buzzer, which enlightens the host that a team participant has already figured out the answer. It is not easy to install a buzzer. Therefore, think of a cheaper alternative, such as utilizing a plastic bag with a few beans.

    Last but not least, choose teams and make sure that each team incorporates five participants. Make one among the player a host to be revealing correct answers and keep time.

    Step 3- Enjoy playing your game

    After setting up the game, it is now time to play it. A player from every team generates an advanced ranking answer. A participant with a popular response decides if their team proceeds for other responses and gain control over its opposing team.

    After making a decision, the first round of gaming commences. The team player gives answers by consulting the team members. Suppose the answers are correct; the host indicates them in terms of points on the chalkboard.

    When a team generates an incorrect answer, it gets a strike. Once a team acquires three strikes, the opportunity is given to another team to try and give the right responses. Here, the team can consult and come up with correct answers. They become winners for the first round if they get the correct answers. And acquire all points.

    After that, you proceed to award points. This is determined by the number of responses their question received. Suppose five individuals answer specific questions. The team will be awarded 5 points. A team with numerous points emerges the winner.


    How do you play Family Feud online with friends?

    You can play family feud online with friends via zoom. You only need to invite your family and friends to a zoom meeting and share your game screen playing online.

    How do you play Family Feud at home?

    Below are ways of how to play family feuds at home:
    · Read questions and allow each team’s leader to provide their responses
    · The leader offering the highest score decides whether their team will pass off the game or continue playing
    · Members from the team playing must guess answers without any consultation. If they get wrong answers, they get a strike.
    · Points are given based on the number of individuals who chose the given answer
    · Suppose the team playing gets three strikes. Its opposing team can grab its survey chance and points by generating the correct answers.
    · After playing for a required number of rounds, the team incorporating the most points wins the game.

    What are some good Family Feud questions?

    Best places for someone to study
    · Kitchen Study hall
    · Coffee shop
    · Library
    · Bedroom

    State popular TV show for comedy
    · Futurama 15
    · The Simpsons 17
    · Modern family 23
    · Seinfeld 26

    Name a few things you do in the morning
    · Take out garbage
    · Prepare and take kids to school
    · Make your hair
    · Prepare coffee

    Final Thoughts

    Based on the comprehensive post above, you are now familiar with playing family feud homes at home. This game entails two teams playing against each other. The team with many points emerges the winner. Follow the guide above to make the best out of this game. Most people love it because it makes them jog their minds.

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