18 Editable Fundraiser Flyer Templates & Examples

Bringing together people for a noble cause requires strategic planning and promotion. However, with the rising cost of click ads, you may have to use low-cost, high-impact marketing tools. Charitable organizations use fundraiser flyers to juggle the cost of promoting the fundraiser and amass more money for the cause. Flyers require persuasive language and attractive visuals. We delve into making an attention-grabbing fundraising flyer to ensure your fundraising event is a winner. Let’s get into it.

What is a Fundraiser Flyer?

A fundraiser flyer is a custom paper document containing essential information about an upcoming fundraiser and aims to spread awareness about it. The flyers vary in size, color, and design, albeit the chief intention is to promote the event.

Fundraiser flyers contain information on the venue, time, location, and, most important, fundraiser cause. Charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, individuals, and schools use fundraiser flyers to reach a larger audience.

Note: You can also use virtual flyers to market your event online. Virtual leaflets can also double up as the centerpiece to Facebook event ads and email marketing of the fundraiser.

What is a Fundraiser Flyer Template?

A fundraiser flyer template is a pre-designed editable and fillable document in flyer format. You customize the template using editing tools to input pictures, venue, dates, and other essentials of a fundraiser flyer.

You can source the template from various online template providers. Most templates use editing software such as InDesign, Adobe AI, Photoshop, MS Word etc.

Tip: Set the printer to border-less or the scale to 100 when printing flyers. Different settings may change the ratio of the print data.

Fundraiser Flyers Templates & Examples

Fundraiser Flyers Template #01

Fundraiser Flyers Template #02

Fundraiser Flyers Template #03

Fundraiser Flyers Template #04

Fundraiser Flyers Template #05

A great cause and some great food


Car wash fundraiser flyer


Coordinating a Donation Drive


Donations for Music lessons

Sample Fundraising Flyer

School & Community Fundraising

School Fundraiser

SCHOOL Fundraising event


Ultimate No Brainer Fundraiser

    Essential Elements of a Fundraiser Flyer Template

    Not all fundraiser flyer templates are similar. Despite the varying contents, each template should have the essentials to guarantee effective communication to your audience. At the minimum, a well-designed template contains:

    • Campaign headline
    • Organization logo
    • Purpose of the event
    • Date, time, and location of the event
    • How to participate
    • Suggested donation
    • Prize pools
    • Contact details

    How to Make a Fundraiser Flyer

    To make a flyer is surprisingly easy. Here are a few steps to designing one yourself using Adobe InDesign:

    1. Create a blank sheet

    Go to File, New, and select the Print option. Set the top, bottom left, and right margins to 1.5 cm, then select only A4 preset. Adjust the bleeds to 0.3 cm and click Create.

    2. Customize the sheet

    Open the Layers panel and create three separate layers: Background, Copy, and Images Layer. Lock them, then select the Background layer.

    Proceed to Layout, select Guides, and add columns and rows you want in your flyer. Open the Color Swatches from the Window panel and set cream brown and yellow color swatches.

    3. Add Images

    Select the Background layer and use the rectangle tool to form a rectangle touching the bleed marks. Ensure the fill color is a cream swatch. Draw two more separate rectangles on the area you don’t want the image to occupy while setting the swatch to brown. Lock the background layer and click the Images layer.

    Use the Rectangle F tool to create a rectangle where you want your image. Navigate to the folder the image is located using File> Place. Set the image size to 40%.

    4. Add text

    The procedure is almost similar to adding images. Ensure you lock the Images layer and activate the Copy layer. Use the text tool to create a text box on appropriate locations on your sheet. Complete the flyer by including the essential details in writing.

    Tip: Less is better. Use limited wording to avoid cluttering the flyer. However, use a profoundly compelling image with an attractive hue.

    Use other Infographics to complete your flyer. You can use roadmaps and high-contrast images to strike a chord with the reader.

    5. Save your flyer

    Save the flyer once done. You will then go-to File>Export >PDF>Save. Choose the resolution you want on the Compression or Resolution option. Click Export.

    Promoting Your Event Using a Fundraising Flyer

    A flyer is a critical component of the marketing toolkit. Below are essential aspects to ensure a flourishing campaign using flyers:

    • Prioritize your information. Put the necessary information in large font and block print and the least important in the smallest font.
    • Use high contrast design. Attractive colors on a minimalistic background create a visual effect passersby can’t overlook.
    • Add compelling facts. Sometimes statement-making facts appeal more than even graphic designs.
    • Use angular text styles instead of regular linear text. Give your flyers an edgy feel.

    Distributing the Fundraising Flyers

    Printing the flyers is the initial step. There are hotspots in your local area to distribute the flyers to engage more people. Some locations you can spread the flyers include:

    • Near supermarkets and convenience stores
    • Bulletin and notice boards in the school
    • At the school town hall
    • Windscreens of cars at the parking lot
    • Mailboxes of apartment buildings

    You can consistently deliver the flyers in person. You will directly engage your recipients and even receive your first pledges.

    Other Options to Market Your Fundraising Event

    Apart from flyers, other ways to engage the public about your fundraising event include:

    • Email marketing. Use a series of emails with catchy phrases and evocative branding to reach a larger audience. Emails have exceptional ROI in marketing.
    • Social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage and spread awareness about your event. Ensure you constantly engage people with snippets of your event.
    • Word of mouth. Word of mouth is still a potent communication tool. When telling your friends about the event, tell them the value of the event and the giveaways present.
    • Posters. The merit of flyers is they can double up as posters when you are on a budget. Post them around the supermarket and town hall to attract a larger crowd.

    Final Thoughts

    With the rising cost of digital marketing, flyers do an equally good job of promoting your fundraising event. Every fundraising organizer knows the key to a successful event is strategic promotion. Create flyers that evoke the benevolent nature of humanity. Use eye-catching visuals and other infographics to appeal to a larger audience and make your fundraising event successful.

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