17 Free Editable Tournament Bracket Templates (Word | Excel)

17 Free Editable Tournament Bracket Templates (Word | Excel)

Nothing can be fun and stressful simultaneously, like hosting tournaments. No matter how difficult it seems to be, you can exercise it as a hobby or even join hands with workmates or friends to plan varying tournaments. When it comes to the tournament, most people prefer using a tournament bracket template to organize tournament events since it makes the entire process easy.

In addition, you can utilize the tournament bracket template to keep a record of your player’s info, results, games schedules, and information. After that, ensure that you collaborate about these tournaments and share the template across the team or company. Read on to find out more about the tournament bracket template.

What is a Tournament Bracket?

A tournament structure is a structure that displays the associated games, categorization of players, and the knockout game series. Besides, it displays this crucial information using a visual format. This makes it easier for anyone to follow to its logical end.

What Is a Tournament Bracket Template?

A tournament template is a document used to keep records of the results of games, schedules of tournaments, and the players’ information using a visual format. Similarly, it allows you to collaborate on the given tournaments and distribute brackets across the team or company.

Tournament Bracket Templates & Examples

Tournament Bracket Template #01

Tournament Bracket Template #02

Tournament Bracket Template #03

Tournament Bracket Template #04

Tournament Bracket Template #05

Tournament Bracket Template #06

Tournament Bracket Template #07

Tournament Bracket Template #08

Tournament Bracket Template #09

2018 LTRC 9 10 Girls Softball Tournament

2018 SWAC Basketball Tournament

Girls Basketball Bracket

Magic Madness 2017

Sample Championship Bracket

Single Elimination Bracket for 6 Teams

Types of tournaments and draws

Updated 8th Grade Tournament Bracket

    How do Tournament Brackets work?

    First, you must understand that tournament brackets stand in for the games’ schedules and layout visually. It also permits enthusiasts interested in following specific games to develop a few arrows that might lead them from the beginning of the game or tournament to the finish line. As mentioned earlier, it also displays critical information, such as the match officials, venues, and schedules.

    Sports that May Require a Tournament Bracket Template

    Bear in mind that tournaments are in different forms as well as shades. Additionally, they also display unifying and different characteristics. Below are a few sports that might need a tournament bracket template:

    • 3-game guarantee tournament- This sport differs from a double-elimination tournament. Besides, the only primary difference is that the losing side is offered the leeway to continue competing in another game in a losing or different pool. Bear in mind that this applies mostly in competitive tournaments, especially in those that the sides seem to be undividable by four.
    • Round robin- Here, the teams participating in the sport usually compete against one another. The goal differences or the number of points between two teams determine the end of the tournament. As a result, it is primarily used by world-class championships.
    • Triple elimination tournament- The Triple elimination tournament is complex and needs a relatively intricate tournament bracket to display the matches. There is no doubt that this sport includes losing matches in three continuous steps of stages.
    • Double elimination tournament- In this kind of sport, if the team or side loses two matches, it is eliminated from the tournament. When a side loses for the first time, it still has a chance to remain in the tournament, but if it loses two matches, it has no option but to back off. Therefore, this sport uses the template to cover the entire stages of the tournament.
    • Single elimination tournament- This tournament is different from the tournaments mentioned above because if a side loses, it has to quit the game. Furthermore, it is convenient and simple to plan. Remember, this sport has a chart that displays all the stages the tournament has to undergo from the start to the end.

    Purpose of Using the Tournament Bracket Templates

    Here are a few reasons for using the tournament bracket templates:

    For future reference use

    Issues are part of life, and you are likely to experience them in tournaments. Only then will you realize the importance of a tournament bracket tournament. In many cases, tournament bracket templates are usually used for future reference, more so when issues arise regarding the previous tournament. This means after using the template. You should ensure it is stored properly for future use

    It facilitates how you host tournaments

    With this template, you will find it easy to host tournaments. This bracket allows officials and organizers to plan where and when the matches will be held in advance. On the other hand, this template helps you to avoid unnecessary confusion.

    Helps in solving disputes

    Tournaments are full of disputes. However, using these brackets, you can avoid such disputes because it gives you a heads up of when the match is likely to happen and the protagonists present in the match.

    It helps you to anticipate as well as prepare for the match

    Before the match, people usually want to prepare early for the matches. This is manageable through the use of the tournament brackets. With this template, you will know which matches you should prepare for in advance and which ones you should skip.

    It keeps track of how the match grossed

    Most people love this template because it records how the match progressed. Therefore, those interested in how the match proceeded will have an easy time following through from when the match starts to end.

    How to Make a Tournament Bracket Template (Microsoft Word)?

    Using the 2010 – 2013 Microsoft Word or latest version, you can confidently develop a tournament bracket template. You only need to ensure you draw the text boxes and connect lines. Suppose you find this difficult. You can opt to utilize organizational charts, which feature boxes. The software will then position size and automatically link up the lines. Here are steps that will guide you make a tournament template:

    • Identify the bracket’s tiers using the color schemes
    • Proceed and open the section of hierarchy, then select the Organization Chart. If you want to make a horizontal bracket, choose a horizontal organizational chart.
    • Delete the boxes apart from the one located on top. When you are through, commence creating the bracket depending on your requirements and needs.
    • If you want to add an extra bracket, proceed to the Add Shape drop-down menu and locate the design tab. Select the shape you need and position it as required. Add these brackets until they reach the required figure on the template.
    • After that, align your brackets and link them up with the lines. This will consume time, especially if you create your template from square one.
    • Choose the bracket and type commence typing the name of the teams. The text will resize automatically to fit the brackets you have developed during typing.
    • Finally, to alter the color, find the menu of changing colors situated on the design tab and select the color schemes and colors you want.

    How to Make a Tournament Bracket Template (Microsoft Excel)?

    Whenever you plan to make your elimination bracket form, ensure you go through the Microsoft template because it will assist you in drafting ideas. Remember, your tournament format and the sum number of the teams participating will determine the form your bracket is likely to take.

    If you want a simple form, choose a single-elimination tournament. Moreover, a horizontal pyramid layout is appropriate for a few teams resulting from a single division or league. Each round divides the figure of progressing teams in half. With this, you can easily figure out the number of rounds, which translates to rows in the Excel spreadsheet. Below are steps of making a tournament bracket template in Microsoft Excel:

    Step 1- Layout your first round

    Enter the teams’ names in a column labeled A. The row you choose to start from depends on the kind of information you want your tree diagram to feature above. Enter the information on your page header or in your spreadsheet cells. Besides, compact brackets feature a blank cell between every bracket spot. Ensure you keep an odd figure of blank cells to allow listing an advancing team, especially between the team names. If you lack the team names, utilize the cell outlines and fill colors in these specific cells.

    Step 2- Add round two

    In column B, enter the spot for the first-round winner. The second round of spots is created for every pair of teams in the first round. This happens in column B cell halfway between column A team names.

    Step 3- Develop a third round and champion spots

    For the third round, use column C and ensure you use the same concept. List the finalists in cells C12 and C4. Then cell C8 features your tournament winner.

    Final verdict

    With the comprehensive post above, you are now well equipped when it comes to the handling of tournaments. If you use the above-given guide, you will likely succeed preparing a perfect tournament bracket template.