18 Editable Concept Map Templates and Examples

Concept Map Template

The concept map template was initiated in 1984 by Novak and Gowin. And it is one of the best innovative and visual tools for organizing as well as learning information. It is also an organized tool that you can use to utilize a group of concepts meanings set in a particular framework of plans. This template is known worldwide since it has been in service for multiple decades.

Remember, the entire types of concept map templates are usually related to each other. Moreover, they have a relation to the primary thought or topic. For instance, the nursing concept map template has been utilized for 25 years to enhance the science of education, especially in society.

When the concept map template is initiated, the learner or student must undergo three processes:

  • A student or learner must source for other links and use connecting words to combine the developing knowledge.
  • The broader concept has priority at the top, while a more specific idea comes below it. Allowing the student or learn to link the two ideas using linking words will represent a particular meaning.
  • A learner or student must identify or establish concepts, which make part of the primary topic.

If you do not clearly understand this template, worry less because this article will give you in-depth information about the concept map template.

What is a Concept Map?

A concept map is an innovative tool that allows you to break down processes, themes, and concepts and arrange them into a hierarchical structure after drawing a connection between them.

What Is a Concept Map Template?

A concept map template is a document that helps you organize your information and ensure you structure it in a visually engaging way. Furthermore, it assists you in connecting your primary idea with related information as you try to come up with new ideas. It helps you in breaking down your concept into smaller categories.

Concept Map Templates & Examples

Benefits of Using a Concept Map Template

Whenever you have something new to study in your profession, ensure you use a concept map template to learn and get familiarized with your concept. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits of using a concept map template, they include:

  • It makes the learning process deeper hence making the information you find last longer.
  • It makes the learners or students gain sufficient knowledge and evaluate what they have gathered by themselves.
  • A concept map template helps learners integrate and connect new concepts and facts with those they are familiar with.
  • It encourages a clearer and better information of information, ideas, knowledge, and thoughts
  • It encourages more research to allow the learner to discover new concepts as well as facts and link them together
  • It assists the student to brainstorm on a specific topic and to develop fresh as well as new ideas
  • This template makes the evaluation process easy. By sharing knowledge, learners might be needed to create a concept map and evaluate if they understood what they had learned.
  • It helps you in visualizing the outcomes or results and easily understand the findings.
  • It showcases the concepts and ideas hierarchy with other components and other represented visuals, making you understand everything.
  • It allows you to interpret information and facts faster and easily. On the other hand, it makes anyone going through your data understand and interpret what you present easily.
  • It guides the learner on the entire process of making a presentation, which you might be given in the form of an assignment. This template will allow you to make your presentation easily because it is logical and organized.

The concept map template is advantageous whether you use it from scratch or function from a free concept map template.

Types of Concept Map Templates

Before you plan to use this tool in your learning process, you must learn more about different types of concept map templates and formats. This will assist you in determining what kind of template is best for your idea, question, or concept. Here is an in-depth discussion of the types of concept map templates:

System maps

To create this kind of map needs you to feature problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking. Besides, it is complex to develop because it entails all data you would ever think of and the relationships between them. You must understand that this type of concept map template is complete and well detailed.

Flowchart map

A flowchart map is easy to read because its data is orderly organized logically. You can consider this map to meet your concepts results.

Spider map

This works well when you position the critical concept at the middle and work more outwards as you add information, ideas, and the concept. Remember that this kind of map is easy to read, make and its entire data usually revolves around the central theme.

Hierarchical map

The hierarchical map usually follows a specific pattern. In addition, sequencing is done according to time or importance, more so when information or facts have occurred. The general data of this map is usually indicated at the top, and when it finds its way down, you end up having specific information.

Process of Making a Nursing Concept Map Template

Whether you are a nurse or care more about nurses, you must be familiar with making a nursing concept map template because it is the only way, which enables you to place all your essential information in a correct context. Nursing students and nurses are likely to benefit from a good map template, which acts as the visual representation of the data you are learning and the data you already know. Below is what it takes to develop an excellent map for use in your medical field or nursing.

The structure to use

When making a nursing concept map template, you need to worry less about what structure and type of map template you should use to make it efficient. Instead, aim for a specific patient. And proceed to how you will be handling the illness in terms of treatments. However, ensure that the structure you opt for is organized and easy for anyone to understand.

When to utilize it

Suppose you have a passion for the medical field. You must have realized that making a nursing concept template encourages problem-solving skills and critical thinking for practicing nurses and nursing students. Therefore, coming up with a map would promote a theoretical knowledge of nursing students, which they would have acquired from their lessons during classes and apply in real-life scenarios in a more organized manner.

Suppose you are a nurse; developing this map would enhance your approach, which is multidisciplinary. This allows the nurses to get a holistic view of their patients and observe the links between varying aspects of a particular illness or a specific patient.

Creating the map

To create a nursing map, you must first have a concept you will be working on. It does not matter the topic you choose, but it should be at the top or center of the map. This means you can move to a subtopic, which should be supporting your crucial topic. Thus, if you are a nursing student or a nurse, you will find such a map essential. Ensure you use this information to develop similar guidelines and steps to create your map. You only need to make sure that the data varies.

Thin and figure out about the limitation

As much as this tool is essential in the entire process of learning, it features limitations when utilized in a nursing setting or even field. One of the primary limitations is the presentation of the map with the writings. This information needs to be written well for people to understand your concept quickly. Bear in mind that in a first-paced environment, it can be pretty challenging. On the other hand, making a nurse concept map can consume a lot of time, which most nurses do not have because of their busy schedules.

Final Thoughts

Learners or students require a perfect understanding of questions or broader topics and entire problems in their chosen fields. Bear in mind that without better understanding, you will never experience excellent learning. This explains why the concept map might be necessary in such cases. You can only develop a visual representation of what you are studying by breaking down concepts and knowledge. This will guarantee you a better understanding of what you chose as your field. Besides, most people find this tool crucial because it promotes critical reasoning as well as thinking.

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