22 Blood Type Diet Charts and Tables

Blood Type Diet Charts

Almost everyone is fighting to lose weight by all means. However, they do not know the right procedure to achieve their goals effectively. Eating healthier foods will help you win the battle of losing weight. Furthermore, a naturopath dietitian, Peter D’ Adamo, guarantees you a “Eat right 4 your type” book. This book provides eating habits and plans designed to supplement your blood type.

A healthy lifestyle needs you to have successful eating plans. In most cases, it is an individual obligation, and you have to put in sufficient effort for things to work out within your timeline. However, before you commence a new diet plan, ensure you consult with your registered dietitian or healthcare provider, more so if you have health complications.

What Is a Blood Type Diet Chart?

A blood type diet chart is an eating system that categorizes foods as harmful, neutral, and beneficial. This hart bases on an individual blood group, among other factors, to acquire optimal health.

Peter D’ Adamo initiated this diet plan.

This blood type diet chart was developed because people consume lectins, a protein not compatible with their blood group. And it can cause blood cell clumping called agglutination, which results in health complications, such as cancer, kidney disease, or heart disease. But these claims are not supported by scientific evidence.

What You Cannot Eat

Not all foods are advantageous to varying blood types without much ado, and processed foods are highly discouraged for every blood type. However, no foods are entirely prohibited on the blood type diet.

Blood Type Diet Chart

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A positive blood type diet

Blood Type Based Diet Chart

Blood Type Diet – Type O

Blood Type Diet

O Positive Blood Type Diet

Type B Blood Diet

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Type O Blood Positive Diet

Type O Blood Type Diet

Type O Diet

Type AB

    Body Type Diet Charts (What You Can Eat)

    You must understand that body type diet charts usually focus on certain foods and develop plans for varying blood types. In addition, the blood type diet promotes and focuses on consuming whole foods and reducing the intake of processed food.

    Type A Diet

    Blood type A people, also referred to as cultivators by D’ Adamo, need to follow a vegetarian and dairy-free diet with a maximum consumption of seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits. D’ Adamo states that individuals with this type of blood are at risk of contracting diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Therefore, these individuals need an organic and vegetarian diet with calming exercises, like tai chi and yoga.

    Type B Diet

    D ‘ Adamo suggests that people with type B blood or nomads should do balance exercises and physical exercise plus a perfect diet plan. Their diet should include dairy, eggs, fish, poultry, meat, legumes, beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits. On the other hand, they should avoid seeds and nuts.

    According to D’ Adamo, individuals with this blood group feature tolerant digestive and immune systems. Besides, type B blood is adaptable, unlike other blood types. People with type B blood are predisposed to autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and chroming fatigue.

    Type O Diet

    Type O blood people require animal protein and physical exercise, and they should avoid grains and dairy products because they are likely to cause complications. According to statistics collected by D’ Adamo, cabbage, corn, kidney beans, lentils, and gluten lead to weight gain in individuals with this type of blood.

    Furthermore, people with this blood type are susceptible to arthritis, hay fever, asthma, among other allergies. Blood type O people, also referred to as hunters by D’ Adamo, should ensure they stick to a grain-free and dairy-free diet, which should be high in meat with a reasonable amount of seeds, nuts, eggs, and vegetables.

    Type AB Diet

    D’ Adamo states that individuals with type AB blood are biologically complex compared to other blood types. However, these people grow healthy with a combination of diets for both type A and B, but the amount of meat they consume must be limited.

    Similarly, this blood type records lower cases of allergies, but diseases, such as anemia and cancer are common. D’ Adamo refers to people with blood type AB as enigmas because they can eat any food for blood types B and A. However, a vegan diet is excellent for this type of blood.

    Making Things Easier with the Blood Type Diet Chart

    Choose the book for D’ Adamo, “eat right 4 your type,” because it is the proper diet for you. However, you require a few tools to make things easier for you. You can achieve this via helpful charts. This chart simplifies your things by showcasing which foods suit you and which ones you should avoid. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to develop your menu plan for the shopping list, which entails everything you require the entire week.

    Therefore, ensure that you seek recipes that include foods that best suit your blood type. Ideally, these foods are excellent in their natural state. However, eating them every day can be pretty boring. Try different recipes, and you will add a variety of foods to your diet. This will leave you more than satisfied and enable you to stick to your diet plan for a longer duration.

    Pros of the Blood Type Diet

    Each diet is likely to have its ups and downs. Therefore, below are a few pros of the blood type diet:

    • It is an excellent choice- You must know that every blood type usually features dietary restrictions set. In addition, the program is a low-calorie diet and incorporates unhealthy restrictions concerning your calorie intake. On the other hand, type AB and B blood are excellent choices since they offer you almost all nutrients outstanding for a well-balanced diet.
    • Stresses on whole foods- Bear in mind that all blood types emphasize settling on whole foods, not processed foods, promoting healthy living. Similarly, the blood type diet guarantees you a variety of compliant foods, which might stick easily.
    • Encourages workouts- According to statistics, regular exercise plus a healthy diet boost weight management and leads to weight loss. This means blood type usually encourages exercise. Remember, there is no evidence showcasing that the blood type diet is an efficient weight-loss strategy.

    Note: According to the blood type diet proponents, this program can assist you in burning fats more effectively. It maximizes your energy levels, boosts your immune system, and minimizes health complications like cancer and heart diseases. But there is no sufficient evidence to support these facts.

    Cons of the Blood Type Diet

    As much as the blood type diet comes along with multiple benefits, it also has a few drawbacks, such as:

    • It does not have backed-up evidence- These health claims are not fully supported. Scientists lack evidence to prove blood type diet facts based on the recent research conducted.
    • It is restrictive- Blood Types O and A are restrictive. And people who implement this type of blood diet can fail to take enough intake of multiple minerals and vitamins, which are crucial for health.
    • Requires unsubstantiated supplements- According to blood type diet proponents utilizing dietary supplements can assist individuals following the diet plan to achieve their nutritional goals. However, they are not reasonable substitutes for a healthy balanced meal plan.
    • It is not based on scientific proof- specific blood types diets are not based on science. Therefore, if you follow this diet, you will benefit from or experience zero changes, according to the study conducted in 2014 and published in the journal Ploys One.
    • Not efficient- It lacks evidence to support that it is an efficient weight-loss strategy

    The Exercise

    You must support your diet with exercise, which makes a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle. You must know that eat right 4 your type feature recommendations when exercising. If you are a type-A individual, opt for exercising and focus on relaxation, like tai chi and yoga. Type O blood requires intense exercise, like running. Additionally, type Ab and B individuals should take a balanced approach with sufficient exercise. Ensure you come up with an exercise plan that matches your schedule. Exercising is the best way of starting your morning.

    According to the Research

    There is no evidence to support a specific eating pattern, more so for people with varying blood types. There is no genuine A positive blood type diet or O positive blood type diet. Likewise, anecdotal evidence shows that this diet works well for multiple individuals. Bear in mind that a blood type diet restricts the amount of processed food you consume. As much as the diet can be restrictive, it can be much healthier than a standard type of food numerous Americans consume. This plan encourages eating healthy foods, unlike junk foods, to lose weight. When using this plan, ensure you follow it restrictively. Besides, you will not meet foods such as potato chips, candy, fried chicken, and pizza on the allowed foods of this plan. This will make you lose weight significantly.

    Does “Eat Right 4 Your Type” Plan Work?

    Yes, “Eat Right 4 Your Type” works excellently if your tastes line up well with your blood type list of foods. The blood type diet chart features numerous favorite foods; can assist you in finding a remarkable plan. Furthermore, you might want to follow the plan during the first week strictly, but you can sometimes enjoy treats at gatherings or parties. But you might end up not enjoying what you used to consume before following your blood-type foods. Ensure that you opt for blood-type foods that are compatible with your lifestyle. In addition, any given diet can work if you stay committed to achieving your goals. Ensure you use charts, which will assist you in planning your blood type diet.

    Is the Blood Type Diet a Healthy Choice?

    Blood type diet is not based on science but theory; hence its efficiency is not proven under clinical settings. Furthermore, the plan emphasizes unprocessed, natural, and whole foods, which is healthier than meal replacement plans or pre-packaged meal plans. The agriculture department of the US 2020 to 2025 dietary guidelines from Americans offers appropriate recommendations for a balanced diet. Below are nutrient defense foods, which form an excellent part of a healthy diet:

    • Oils entail those found in foods, such as seafood, avocado oil, and olive oil
    • Dairy products like cheese, reduced-fat milk, and yogurt
    • Seeds and nuts, such as sunflower seeds, almonds, and walnuts
    • Legumes and beans (peas, lentils, and beans)
    • Lean animal protein (eggs, turkey breast, fish, chicken breast)
    • Grains, such as oats, brown rice, and quinoa
    • Fruits, more so whole fruits like melon, berries, and apples
    • Vegetables of all kinds and leafy, dark greens, like green beans, Swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, and kale.

    On the other hand, this particular plan may or may fail to meet the definition of USDA’S healthy meal plan. However, this depends on your blood type.

    • As proven by USDA, the type O diet does not consist of grains and dairy, making it an essential part of healthy living and diet. If you plan yourself well, you can find these nutrients in grains and dairy from vegetables.
    • Type B guarantees you a varied diet, apart from deeds and nuts. It meets a lot of requirements of the USDA healthy eating plan.
    • A blood type A diet forbids dairy and meat full of proteins, but you can find them in other foods if you plan carefully.
    • Type AB diet allows you to consume various foods for adequate nutrition.


    Are bananas good for blood type A?

    Bananas are not recommended for type A people. Therefore, type A individuals can consume weekly apples, strawberries, beets, avocados, cucumbers, and asparagus.

    What blood type is the healthiest?

    Blood type O+ because it is the most frequently occurring blood group. Besides the universal red cell donor feature type O negative blood.

    What is the fastest way to lose weight for blood type A?

    Blood type A people should consume soy, vegetables, seafood, olive oil, and pineapple to lose weight and avoid eating wheat, kidney beans, corns, and dairy.

    Can blood type A eat eggs?

    Type A people are recommended to avoid eggs and dairy eggs because they are limited to animal proteins. If it is a must consume, then it is appropriate under your breakfast meal.

    What blood type has the most allergies?

    Blood type B individuals are at a high risk of contracting allergies. On the other hand, Blood types O and A feature the same level of allergies while AB is more protected.

    Which blood group is allergic to milk?

    Type O is allergic to milk because it reacts to nightshades, gluten grains, eggs, and dairy.

    Which blood type has asthma?

    Blood type O is prominent in patients having asthma and AR.

    Does blood type affect the skin?

    You must know that blood type O and AB affects the skin with acne vulgaris.


    Following the comprehensive post above, you now understand that a blood type diet usually comes with numerous benefits. However, it is recommended that you follow a health regimen that combines regular exercise and sensible calorie restriction to lose weight efficiently. Before trying a diet plan, consult with your registered dietitian or doctor.