Open House Sign in Sheets & Templates

Access to information is vital to succeeding in the highly competitive real estate market. But how do you go about gathering useful information, for example, the names and contact information of your prospective clients? This can be very challenging, and this is why you need to start using the open house sign-in sheet. While you might easily overlook the significance of this document, it does play a vital role as it’s these same customers who check the property that eventually turns into buyers.

However, many people are often very hesitant to give their personal information. Therefore, you need to make them feel comfortable enough to offer you these details. Only once you have such information, you’ll be in a better position to build your rapport with potential clients. Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about an open house sign-in sheet.

What Is an Open House?

The question of what an open house is one that many people is one asked by many people. The term open house simply means a house that persons looking for a house to buy can check out. When the prospective buyer views this house, they get a better idea of how they would feel if they lived in it. Realizing this feeling is vital as there’s only so much a potential buyer can know by checking out pictures. This is because viewing the house in person allows them to feel, touch and smell the house. As a result, they’ll be able to understand better what about the house they love and detest.

For the seller, selling a house by showing it to different prospective buyers is often time-consuming and hectic. This goes against their wish to quickly sell the house at the asking price and not lowering its price due to prolonged stay on the market. An open house provides a seller the perfect opportunity to alleviate such a situation by ensuring the house has been priced correctly and its demand is high.

What Is an Open House Sign-in Sheet?

While being a simple document, the open house sign-in sheet plays a vital role in finding a potential buyer. Using this document is helpful if you’re a homeowner as it protects your interests. The real estate agent uses it to ease any concerns that the potential buyers might have and share their contact details. This promotes the creation of a connection between prospective clients and real estate agents.

With that said, many clients are often very hesitant about sharing their details, and in today’s world, this makes sense. But thanks to the open house sign-in sheet, this is an issue you get to sidestep and get useful information to help you quickly sell the house.

Open House Sign in Sheets and Templates

Conducting an Open House

There are a couple of steps followed when conducting an open house, and here’s an overview;

Ensure The House Is Clean And Spotless

Cleanliness tells a lot of a house and is usually one of the first things that a potential lead will notice right after walking into the property. Therefore, you need to ensure that the open house is spotless. Otherwise, the potential lead might assume that you aren’t doing your job well as a seller and that the property hasn’t been well-taken care of; hence it might have other underlying issues.

Knowing this, you must always ensure that your house is clean at all times, regardless of whether it’s being sold by a broker or for sale by the owner (FSBO). Only by doing this will you get maximum value from the sale of the property.

Be Polite To The Prospective Buyers

You want your potential leads to be comfortable and free while checking out the open house. There’s no better way of making this is possible than by polite to your clients and not nagging them on why they should make the purchase. You also should allow your clients to freely go to every room without being on their back all the time to give them the feeling of being actual owners of the house.

Always have a brochure to give the customers that highlights all the details and add your business card.

Area of Contact

It’s also essential that you have an area of contact, and the kitchen is an excellent choice. While in this location, the potential lead can ask any question they might have regarding the house. You should take this as a good sign because it shows they’re interested in it. Therefore, you shouldn’t make your buyers feel hesitant about asking questions, and there can be no dumb questions.

It’s also advisable to have foods and snacks such as soda, finger snacks, or chips. You’ll be surprised at how this can go a long way in appealing the potential buyers to feel free to do business with you. These snacks don’t have to be expensive, but they’ll do a great job of making them feel more at ease and comfortable around you.

Sheet

You might be tempted to having your prospective buyers sign the open house sign-in sheets right after entering your open house. However, you shouldn’t do this as this looks like a hassle to the potential lead. Instead, leave only the individuals that are genuinely interested in the house fill in their contact details. This also means they’ll be glad to hear from you should you contact them later on.

The Purpose of an Open House Sign In Sheet

You need to make an open house sign-in sheet for different purposes other than the obvious, and that’s getting your client’s contact information. Here are other possible benefits of using this document;

  • Using the details in the open house sign-in sheet as a marketing tool. As a real estate agent selling other houses similar to the one with the recent open house, you can use the collected details to contact the customers and ask if they’re willing to check out other available properties.
  • It increases the likelihood of getting new customers or making a sale so long as you use the contact details collected in the open house sign-in sheets in following up on the leads. Even when there’s no sale, this document still allows the agent the chance to start and create a positive relationship that may be of help at a future date.
  • If your open house sign-in sheet is in-depth, then it allows you the opportunity to get more details about your clients from the additional information they fill in. In fact, the contact information alone will offer you a lot of useful details, such as the client’s preferred type of neighborhood and where they live currently.
  • Contacting the possible customers on your open house sign-in sheet allows the opportunity to make an excellent impression using your expertise and experience on matters associated with real estate. After all, clients always want to work with someone who boasts great experience and can use this opportunity to show you got what they’re searching.
  • The open house sign-in sheet allows you to collect data to scrutinize later and interpret the demographic interested in the type of properties. Using these details, you improve your efficiency as a real estate agent.

How to Use the Open House Sign In Sheet to Follow Up

Once you’re done collecting the information about your potential leads, the next step is finding out how these details should be used. Here’s an overview of the things to do when making these follow-ups;

Arrange Your Contact List And Fill in All The Details In The CRM Software

This helps you keep track of every potential lead contact information with ease. In addition, some CRM software feature preset groups that remind you to continue following up on your possible clients.

Get In Touch With Your Leads Via Email After The Open House

Make sure to share your appreciation to your leads for taking their time to check out your open house. In addition, you can send them an email to further detail how you’d be able to help them better understand their home-buying desires. Feel free to personalize your message if you had a personal encounter with the client at the time of the open house.

Contact The Potential Leads Via Phone Call

When you contact your potential leads via email but aren’t getting any feedback after a couple of days, then go ahead and call them. This simple action might make these clients more open to the prospect of working with you. Likewise, it allows you to know whether the client still needs additional time. In such cases, go ahead and create a list of incubating leads, and after that, add them to it so that you can follow it up at a later date.

Final Thoughts

The open house sign-in sheet helps the real estate agent or actual owner collect useful and basic details about the persons attending the open house. If you’re thinking of using the open sign-in sheet, this guide has explained everything you need to know about it. With this insight, you better understand why having it is necessary when selling a house.

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