Club Application Templates

A club application, also referred to as membership application is a document one fills as they seek to enroll for membership in an organization or club. The details to fill out in the form will vary on the type of club and will include personal information such as your name, address, occupation, gender, age, etc. After filing your club application form, the admission committee will go through your application to check if you meet the basic requirements before approving the application.

Filling Out Your Club Application Form

Before your application to join any club is approved, you must submit the club application form with the relevant details. The admission committee will use the information in your form to either grant or reject the application. Thus it’s essential to fill out the club application form correctly. When filing the form, consider the following:

  • Adhere to the set instruction. Read the guidelines provided, and adhere to them. If you’re not clear on how to fill the form, ask the person in charge of the process. For example, you may be required to fill the form in uppercase.
  • Provide factual information. If you don’t want your club application letter to be rejected, provide accurate information when answering the questions.
  • Ensure the form is tidy and readable. If possible, you can use a pencil to fill out the application form since you can erase any mistakes. After filling out the application form, go through it severally to check if it has any errors.
  • Seek help. If any section of the application form seems confusing or you’re unable to understand the need information, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification from the officer in charge of the process.
  • Take your time. Avoid filling out the application form in a hurry. This will limit errors.

Club Application Template

Youth Club Membership Registration

Please fill out all the sections

Name :_________( first name) ____________ (second name)

Email: _________________________________

Phone number: ________ (area code) ___________ (phone number)

Address____________________ (street address)

____________________________ (street address line 2)

____________________________ (city/state/province)

Date of birth___________________ (dd/mm/yyyy)

How did you know about us?

  • Friend/colleague
  • News article
  • Google
  • Blog post

Why do you want to join our youth group (Max 50wrds?)


Membership rules

  • I confirm I have read and understood the club rules

Membership rules

  • The club is open to everyone above the age of 18 years
  • A member shall not use the name of the club in any fraudulent activity
  • Each member must pay a monthly fee of $ 50

Club privacy policy

  • I have read, understood and I accept to adhere to the club privacy policy.

NB: You will be contacted once the admission committee reviews and approves your application.

Thank you for showing interest in joining us.

Club Application (Samples & Templates)

Club Membership Application Letter

Club Membership Application Letter

Membership Application Cover Letter

Membership Application Cover Letter

Membership Application Request Letter

Membership Application Request Letter

    How to write an application letter to join a club

    • Indicate why you want to join the club
    • Share information on what you know about the club
    • Show you meet the minimum requirements for joining the club
    • State how you plan to assist the club in achieving its goals
    • Appreciate the recipient for reading your letter
    • Embrace a polite tome throughout your letter
    • Share your contact details
    • End politely
    • Edit and proofread the letter
    • You club application letter should be brief and precise

    Types of Club Application

    Sports club application

    When you want to join a sports club, you must fill out the application forms for consideration. A sports club is a type of club that majors on a specific sporting activity or game such as football, tennis, baseball, hockey, etc. When applying to join a sports club, you’ll be required to provide essential details such as your name, phone number, email, and why you want to join the club, among other relevant information. You may fill the application forms online on the club website, or you may visit their offices to submit paper application forms.

    Youth club application

    A youth club is an organization that brings young people together for a variety of reasons; they may meet and participate in religious activities, games, community service, cultural activities, occupational therapy, etc. when you want to join a youth group’ you’ll be required to fill out the application forms. In the application forms, you’ll provide personal information such as your names, contact details, and reason for joining the club.

    Photography club application

    A photography club is a group that brings together professional photographers where they can share their skills and knowledge to grow and improve their art. The main aim of this club isn’t to make a profit but to help photographers realize their goals in the profession. When joining the photography club, you’ll need to fill out an application form with the relevant personal information.

    Fitness club application

    A fitness club, also known as a health spa, fitness center, or health club is a place that brings together like-minded individuals for the purpose of physical exercise. When joining the fitness club, you’ll fill a form that will require you to provide specific information such as your name, billing address, occupation, etc.

    Non-profit club application

    A non-profit club is a group of individuals who come together for a common purpose; this could be to help in environmental conservation, assist drug-addicted youths, initiating community projects. Etc. The main aim of the non-profit clubs is to empower other individuals and not to make commercial gains. When submitting your application forms to join the club, ensure you’ve provided the required information. Besides, you must have a passion for accomplishing the clubs objectives.