Official Cuddle Buddy Application Form

Official Cuddle Buddy Application Form

Most people like to cuddle and be cuddled; however, many do not have significant others that like to cuddle or do not have anyone close to them that they would feel comfortable with. There are lots of theories about cuddling and why we like to cuddle. Perhaps you recall your parents cuddling you as a child while watching TV or whenever you were feeling a bit down. You miss the warmth of another person and the comfort it provides.

There are burgeoning cuddle services offered in some cities across the US, and the service is growing as more and more people learn about the service and experience the process. In this post, we will explore what a cuddler is, some of the restrictions, and what services they provide and do not provide.

Who Is a Cuddler?

A very important definition that must be covered at the outset is that a cuddler is a person who is ready to cuddle in a 100% platonic way. There is no sexual activity involved. Cuddling can be used to help people who require touch therapy and stress reduction techniques. It is very important that both partners have the same objectives to provide mutual support to each other.

A registered professional cuddler does not discriminate. Service is provided regardless of sex, age, lifestyle, or race during working hours. Clients have a variety of needs. Some are lonely, others need a tactile relationship, and other people need emotional support to help them deal with traumatic events of some kind.

Professional cuddlers may spend hours with clients. Activities may involve listening to music, watching a movie, discussing various subjects, holding hands, and hugging. There are many amateur cuddlers of all ages and beliefs who engage in cuddling activities. However, to be a professional, you must have a deep understanding and specific skills to provide quality service.

What Is a Cuddle Buddy Application Form?

A cuddle buddy application form is a document that prospective cuddlers fill out and submit to the local National Cuddle Buddy Association centers. The NCBA can be found on college campuses as well as online. The document is easy to fill in with your personal information, including your address and your signature. There are online versions in PDF format of the form available on the NCBA website.

Cuddle Buddy Application Form (PDF Template)

Cuddle Buddy Application Form 20211108

Download: PDF

    Why Become a Professional Cuddler?

    People are driven to a variety of professions that reward them in various ways. Professional cuddlers are no different. Some of the reasons why you might become a professional cuddler are:

    • The ability to help others with depression, anxiety, stress and boost self-esteem
    • Earning a living
    • Provide a pleasurable experience for the cuddler as well as the client
    • Joining a professional organization
    • Learning new skills
    • Making a positive impact on someone’s life

    While it can be very rewarding to help others with depression, anxiety, and other issues, cuddlers need to have a level of mental toughness that keeps them grounded and unaffected by the people they are helping. This is not meant to give the impression that cuddlers should not care about their clients well being. Rather a professional cuddler should be able to identify the fine line between becoming personally involved with the client’s issues and being able to provide support to the client to help them.

    How to Fill Out an Official Cuddle Buddy Application Form

    The official cuddle buddy application form is divided into several sections, including:

    • Personal Information
    • Accepted Pet/Nick Names
    • Cuddle Outfit Preferred
    • Cuddle Position Preferred
    • Cuddle Importance Ratings
    • Signature

    Personal Information – includes details such as full name, date of birth, height, weight, contact information- email and phone, and street address.

    Accepted Pet/Nick Names – during cuddling activities, you may prefer to be called by your nickname or some special name. Indicate the name or names in this section, or you can indicate not applicable if there is no nickname.

    Cuddle Outfit Preferred – the outfit that your partner and yourself wear during sessions can be indicated if you have a preference. The right type of clothes can significantly improve the comfort and the feeling of well-being for both participants.

    Cuddle Position Preferred – can range from hand-holding to hugging or spooning.

    Cuddle Importance Ratings – for the positions preferred, indicate the level of importance from most important to least important.

    Signature – complete the form by adding your signature to the form and dating it. There is also a section for official use that indicates when the form was submitted and whether it was accepted or rejected.


    There are a number of frequently asked questions that many people have about both the profession and the services that are provided.

    Are hugs and cuddles the same?

    Clients look for a variety of services depending on their needs. Many just want to watch a movie or listen to music with another person. Holding hands, cuddling, or spooning is also popular. While a hug is not the same as a cuddle, they both can provide comfort and support to a person in need of emotional support.

    How much does a cuddle buddy cost?

    Professional cuddlers charge between $40 to $80 an hour for their services. There may also be perks. For example, you may get to watch a movie together, including the popcorn and drinks provided by the client. Listening to great music is another perk many enjoy.

    Are there professional cuddlers?

    Many people from all walks of life offer their services as cuddlers. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs get together and treat each other, providing cuddling. Professional cuddlers are registered with a national or local cuddling association and charge standard fees for their services.

    Is it illegal to pay for cuddling?

    Currently, it is not illegal to offer to cuddle or pay for cuddling services. The industry is still new and unregulated, although professional cuddlers are encouraged to register with the local association. Other industries such as massage therapists are regulated and must follow strict guidelines or risk both legal consequences as well as potentially losing their massage license. If you are a registered massage therapist who also offers cuddling services, it is best to separate the two businesses to avoid confusion and jeopardizing your registered massage business activities.

    How do I find a cuddle partner?

    It can be as simple as talking to a good friend and asking for a hug or spending time with them watching a movie or listening to music. However, many people may feel uncomfortable with this approach and prefer someone who has some training and provides the service on a professional level.

    Search online for cuddling services, check references and online reviews. Interview the provider. Make sure you are comfortable with the services that are to be provided.

    It is important to establish boundaries at the outset. Define what is needed and what is not needed. Make sure that both parties understand this is to be a nonsexual encounter. Professional cuddlers may request the client fill out a detailed questionnaire to help them understand their needs and also explain what actions or activities fall outside the boundaries of cuddling.

    What is a cuddle appointment?

    A cuddle appointment can vary a great deal. Spending time together listening to music, watching a movie together, or receiving a hug over lunch, or spending the night cuddling in a platonic way is considered part of the services offered by the professional cuddler. Appointments can fall into any of these categories and cost as much as $80 an hour.

    Key Points

    One of the major points to remember is that cuddling is nonsexual and platonic. It is aimed at helping the person deal with anxiety and tension, providing the person with a relaxing activity that helps them without turning it into a sexual encounter.

    Cuddling can help many people who do not have someone in their lives that likes to cuddle. Professional cuddlers can fill the gap, providing emotional support, reducing anxiety and enjoyment for the client.

    Cuddling is not illegal and is not an officially registered industry. It is relatively new and has not matured to a business that is regulated, for example, massage therapists. Massage therapy is regulated, and the industry encourages massage therapists who also offer to cuddle to offer these services as a separate business and avoid conflicts between the two.