Transfer Request Letter Examples and Templates

These requests are made all the time, and generally, they are always made with valid reasons supporting the request. Those reasons can vary from being bullied to wanting new challenges or simply because you need to move to a new city.

The key to a successful transfer lies in how you write yours. It must be done in the right manner or your request may not be taken seriously or honored. How you write your transfer request will say a lot about you as well.

In order to write a good transfer request, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to be taken seriously when you submit your request.

What Is a Transfer Request Letter?

This letter is an official document that states your request in a formal manner. The reasons for writing one of these letters is that you may want to change to a new department, join a new division, or you need to move for family or personal reasons.

While the reasons are important, you need to state those reasons in a very concise, logical, and rational manner. In other words, it should be very business-like.

The main purpose of a transfer letter request?

The main purpose of these letters is to show that you like working for the company and that for a variety of reasons you would like to make a move to another area of the company and continue your employment with them.

These letters should be sent to your supervisor or the human resources department if your place of employment has one. Plus, these letters do not have to be very long as they should only include important details of your request and why you want to transfer out of your current location.

Transfer Letter vs. Internal Application

The best way to describe the difference between the two types of letters is to say that the former one is a personal request and asking the company for a favor. The latter letter is a formal application for a job opening that is coming up or is about to open up within the firm.

When you write an internal application, you are stating that you are qualified for the position and would like to be considered for selection. The transfer request has different reasons motivating the request and is not always looking for a new, higher position within the firm.

The transfer requests accommodation for personal reasons while the internal application is a qualification-based interest in the new position. Also, the transfer request will not face competing requests for the same move.

With the internal application, you will be competing against co-workers for the same position.

How to Write a Transfer Request Letter (Step-by-Step)

Writing a good transfer request letter takes several steps. If you know how to write in letter sin business format already, then these steps should be very easy for you to follow.

1. Start with personal contact information

Your name, address, e-mail, and department phone number should be listed in separate rows followed by the date you are writing the letter

2. Add the recipient’s personal information

This does not need their phone number but it should have their name, address, department, and title.

3. Use the formal salutation

Use the word ‘Dear’ followed by the person’s name so that they know they are the ones who were to receive the letter.

4. The body of the letter

The first sentence should make the request followed by the reason or reasons why you want to transfer. Also, include any evidence to support those reasons. Be polite in asking for any help from your supervisor.

Don’t forget to mention the destination you want to be transferred to

5. End the letter

Write a nice conclusion thanking your supervisor, etc., for considering your request and for any help they can provide. Don’t forget to compliment your current co-workers.

6. Proofread your letter

Correct any mistakes that may have occurred and make sure the letter is coherent.

7. Add a resume

This is simply to remind your supervisor of your qualifications and show them you would be a good fit for the new position or department.

Sample Transfer Request Letter

Mr. Tom Jones

245 Rose Avenue

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210


email @ web dot com

June 16th, 2021

Mr. G. Campbell

Human resources manager

Sony Records

#5 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles Ca., 91200

Dear Mr. Campbell,

I am writing to request a transfer from my current position of manager of talent to the same position in our New York office of Sony Records. My mother is ill and I need to be closer to her so that I can take care of her medical needs.

While I request this transfer, I should mention that I have enjoyed my time in this department and liked working with my colleagues. I feel that my experience and what I have learned working in this location will serve me and the company well in the New York Office.

Thank you for considering my request and any help you can provide to facilitate this transfer. I like working for Sony and want to continue my career with them. I have included my resume to show I am a good fit for that location. Please contact me for any additional information you may need.


Mr. T. Jones

Transfer Request Letter Examples and Templates


1. Can an employer refuse a transfer request?

Yes, they can and the company also has the right to let you go because of your request. If they do not do the latter, you may find it difficult to be promoted or considered for promotion.

2. What are good reasons for a job transfer?

These reasons include a major life change, like getting married, family medical emergency, etc.; looking for new challenges; needing to move; want better job security; improve work/life balance

3. How to Ask for an Office Transfer?

The first step is to talk to your immediate supervisor or human resources department. Let them know what is going on. Then they may tell you that you need to submit a formal transfer request letter to make the request official

Final Thoughts

Everyone has their reasons why they want to change employment positions or geographical locations. The key to making the change is to submit a formal and well-supported transfer request letter.

When you write the letter correctly, you stand a better chance for approval. However, there are many valid reasons why the company may turn your request down. Be hopeful but also be prepared to have the request denied.

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