Request for Approval Letter: Format & Samples

A request for approval letter is a formal letter written to the person in charge, asking him or her to approve a request that was made earlier. When it comes to the format and all the requirements of the letter, some people might experience some problems, that is why it is advisable to use a sample request letter for approval to enable you to indicate everything that is needed in the letter, and this might increase your chances of approval.

Guide, format, and approval request letter samples:

There are steps you have to follow to be able to draft a nice request for approval. We lay them bare and provide some brief explanations to them in the proceeding segment of our discussions:
  • Select the preferred mode of contact. You have to start by selecting your preferred way (ex. letter, message, phone call, email, etc.) of contacting your supervisor or line manager. Your preferred method has mainly to be in line with the means of communication he/she prefers using.
  • Address the recipient appropriately. As you set out, you have to address the recipient adequately. Use kind and respectful terms like ‘Sir,’ ‘Madam,’ ‘Mr.,’ and so on. That is to show some respect and to establish a reasonable connection between you and the reader. It also increases your chances of receiving your wish.
  • State what you need. Now get to the core of the letter. Here, you have to state what you exactly want. Remember, wishes come in various shades and forms. You must narrow down to the specific request you would like to put across explicitly. Use precise words to hack away any confusion.
  • Justify why you need it. To be able to stand a better chance of having your way, you should justify precisely why you need what you are asking for. Give reasons and support your claim with relevant facts and data.
  • Explain the significance of their intervention. Having justified why you badly need the opportunity; you should now explain the importance of their response. Tell them basically why they ought to intervene and how their lack of intervention might impact on your success and opportunity overall.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for their intervention. It is not enough to explain why he/she should intervene in your situation. It also pays to go a step ahead and demonstrate to them just how eager you are to receive their intervention. You may dangle some goodies or even prove to them that they too stand to gain in some way should the project sail through.
  • Round up your message. As with any other writing, round up your letter by basically summarizing the main contents. At this stage, you might also want to provide the ultimatums within which the recipient has to respond. That is to give them the preparation they need to respond to your request promptly.
  • Close the letter. Close the message with “sincerely, your full name, and a few contact options (ex. phone number, 2nd phone number, email address, mailing address, etc.).” so it’ll be easy for the reader to contact you in any suitable way.

Letter Format

Request for approval letter format:

(You name)





(Name of the recipient)

(Address) – (State and ZIP Code)

(Subject: Should summarize the intent of the letter and be in bold.)

Dear (the name of your recipient)

I am writing this letter to request for approval for (mention you’re the approval that you need.)

In this paragraph, explain in detail what your approval is and also explain why this approval is essential to you, be it a work project approval or a thesis sample approval.

Now appreciate him or her for his/her time and express the intention of expecting a response. Include your telephone number and a few more contact options so that it can be easier for them to contact you.


(Your Name)


(Phone #1)

(Phone #2)

(Email Address)

Request Letter for Approval of Payment

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Request for Approval Letter of Payment

We ordered goods worth _ (specify the amount) a fortnight ago. As per the contract we entered with the supplier, we were to remit the dues within a __ (state the duration). I draft this letter to you to authorize the release of the funds.

Attached to the letter is the invoice from the manufacturer and the bank account details wherein the money is to be remitted.

Kindly get to me via _ (telephone contacts) if there could be the need for any clarification.

I am waiting,


Signature (hard copy letter)

(Phone #1)

(Phone #2)

(Email Address)

Request Letter for Approval of Construction


Kirk Dearman,

Project Manager,

Deerfield Academy,

7 Boyden Ln,


MA 01342, United States


James O’Connor,

Head of Construction Department,

Deerfield City Commission,

8 Conway St,

South Deerfield,

MA 01373, United States

Dear Sir,

RE: Request for Approval Letter of Construction

I draft this letter to seek your approval to go ahead with constructing a chapel at Deerfield Academy. The work is to take roughly six weeks commencing from May 4th, 2020.

We have taken every step to abide by the rules and regulations that govern such tasks. Among these are putting on the necessary protective gear, cordoning the construction site, labeling the project clearly, and so on.

We urge you to get to us promptly as the proposed date for commencement is just around the corner. Kindly reach me, the project manager on 954-480-4263.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Joey Tribbiani

Project Manager



JoeyTribbiani at docformats dot com

Request for Approval Example

Request for Approval Example

Ammendment Change Request Letter for Approval

Ammendment Change Request Letter for Approval

Suspension Request Approval Letter

Suspension Request Approval Letter

Request for Overtime Approval

This is a formal letter written by an employee to his or her boss to request permission to be allowed to work overtime, this letter can also be written to request your overtime hours to be reduced, this will help the employee to air his or her views in a more understandable and professional manner to his boss.

Request for Overtime Approval

Sample Letter for Budget Request

A formal letter written to a company that will be funding your business or event, with the intention of making them understand and approve your budget, the entire budget of the event or business is included in the letter. This letter will enable your donors or sponsors to know how much your budget costs and the kind of business or event they are to fund.

Sample Letter for Budget Request

Request for Approval Template

Request for Approval Template

Request to Attend Approval Letter Sample

Request to Attend Approval Letter Sample

Request for Approval in change of Organizational Structure

Request for Approval in Change of Organizational Structure

Purchasing Approval Request For Purchasing Goods

Purchasing Approval Request For Purchasing Goods

Request for Approval Letter Sample

Request for Approval Letter Sample

Things to keep in mind

  • The letter should be formally written because it is an official letter.
  • Be specific; your request should be straight to the point; this will enable the person in charge to feel comfortable when approving your project.
  • Explain what that approval is for and why you need that approval.
  • End the letter in a cordial manner and show that you are expecting a response.

Types of Request for Approval Letter

There are many kinds of requests for an approval letter. We highlight and explain a couple of them hereunder:

Request for Approval Letter of Project. This is the letter that you draft and send out to the relevant authorities to ask them to give you the green light to pursue a given project. It stipulates the project at hand and the dates wherein the project has to be carried out. Other than that, it also:

  • Demonstrates the benefits of the project
  • Seeks approval from the relevant authorities
  • Explains how important the recipient is to the project
  • Reveals the budget against which the project is to run
  • Gives the duration of the entire project

Request for Approval Letter of Proposal. Proposals are plans or suggestions that are typically put forward for others to consider and act upon. Since proposals are not final, they nonetheless require a go-ahead before the same may be drafted, planned, and implemented. A letter to that effect has to demonstrate these pieces of information:

  • The nature of the proposal
  • Its budget and other financial constraints
  • The potential benefits it ordinarily brings along
  • How suited it is to the community
  • The scope and the framework of the proposal

Request for Approval Letter of Purchase. Some purchases are too vast and sensitive to be made just like that. You have to make a formal requisition to be able to access them. This letter is mainly furnished to the heads of departments and line managers. It spells out the following terms:

  • The exact product to be purchased
  • The actual cost of the product
  • Its technical specifications, if applicable
  • The place or dealer from which it is to be bought
  • The applicable ultimatums, timelines, and dates

Request for Approval Letter of Expenses. Other than purchases, some expenses also have to be approved before the same may take effect. These are larger expenses that often take up excessively high costs of money to meet. A letter to this kind is mainly drafted and sent out to the procurement office. It spells out:

  • The precise nature of the expense involved
  • The actual amount of money that the expense entails or costs
  • A breakdown of how the expense was arrived at
  • How the money is to be remitted
  • Associated timelines and deadlines

Request for Approval Letter of Payment. Just like expenses have to be approved, so do some kinds of payments. A ‘request for approval letter of payment’ is often drafted and sent out to the person who wields the authority to incur expenditure. Such a letter will demonstrate why a given sum of money has to be paid out. It also shows:

  • The amounts involved
  • The exact good or service for which the money is demanded
  • How the payments are to be made
  • The deadlines or timelines within which the payments have to be remitted
  • Any penalties for defaults or late payments if applicable

Request for Approval Letter of Construction. Construction projects are ordinarily too large to be tackled just like that. Moreover, they are often governed and overseen by many regulatory regimes. Before the accomplishments of these constructions, letters to that effect have to be drafted. Such a letter spells out:

  • The nature of the construction work
  • The scope and the entire duration of the construction work
  • The actual cost of the work
  • The phases into which the project is broken
  • Where the work is to take place


How do you politely ask for approval?

Follow these steps to politely ask for approval:

• Choose your contact method
• Address the recipient professionally
• Start with what you need
• Explain why you need it
• Tell them why they should care
• Show your enthusiasm for their response
• Conclude your message

Should you send a follow-up email for a request letter?

YES, you should! This is a way of seeing to it that the recipient indeed received your letter and is actually working on it. Moreover, it also finds out whether there is indeed the need to furnish any clarifications that might also have a hand on whether or not the approval may be issued.

How to write a request letter for approval to attend a workshop?

Paragraph one: You should address the reason for writing that letter; it should also describe that workshop and mention the program’s subject. Indicate the organization, company or an individual that is offering the program.
If there are any fees or expenses connected to this workshop then it should be mentioned in the letter and indicate whether you will pay it or need assistance from your company.

Paragraph two: If the program relates to your work then mention how attending that workshop is an advantage for that company, explain how participating in this program will benefit the company. If the program takes more of your time away from work, then you should clearly explain in the letter how work will be done while you are away.

Paragraph three: Show gratitude and mention that you are willing to discuss that program in detail with your boss, at their own convenient time.

Sample request letter for approval to attend seminar / workshop/ conference

Your name
State, Zip Code

Employer’s name
State, Zip Code

RE: Approval to attend (seminar/workshop/conference)

Dear (Name of your Employer),

This is a formal request for you to consider permitting me to take four working days from (mention the starting date and ending date) to attend a workshop for (the subject of the program or project). Mention the organization that is offering the workshop; the seminar costs $30 dollars which I can manage to pay.

Explain how attending this workshop will be of great benefit to the company and your carrier. Explain how your work in the company will be delegated in case the seminar takes a lot of your time out of work.

Thank them for considering your request and state that you are willing to discuss that program in detail with your boss or employer, also leave your telephone number.

Your signature
Your printed name
Your phone num 1
Your phone num 2
Your Email Address

Why request for approval letter is important?

A request for an approval letter is essential in so many ways. Here below, we delineate and explain some of the most common benefits that come along with the use of these request for approval letters:

Bolsters Understanding between Parties – For any project to be accomplished, many people are usually involved and are required to play their parts. This request for approval bolsters the understanding between the parties involved. In this way, it makes the parties work smoothly.
Hastens the Accomplishments of Tasks – With proper synergy between the parties involved in the execution of the project comes faster accomplishments of the tasks at hand. It is unlikely that the time might be lost in the process, and that also leads to reduced wastage of funds altogether.
Provides Proof for the Go-ahead – A project needs approval from various quarters before the same shall take effect. The letter provides the proof, which in turn clears the air as to whether the project is legitimate or not. Such evidence also goes a long way in instilling confidence in the developers.
Shows Respects – Engaging in a task before or without the approval of the various line managers is a sign of disrespect. That in itself also goes a long way in compromising the credibility of the project overall. Obtaining this approval is a sure way of earning some respect from the quarters concerned.
Dispels any Doubts – The approval also contains the details of the project with regards to scope and viability thereof. Thus, it works to dispel any doubt that the various parties might have as regards its significance and wellbeing. That again bolsters the confidence of the concerned parties.