12 Letters to Terminate Child Support (Templates and Examples)

When parents get divorced, the non-custodial parent is usually expected to financially support their child by making child support payments to the custodial parent. This agreement is usually laid down in a legal agreement approved by the court.

However, there are scenarios where the custodial parent decides to stop receiving these payments. In this case, they must initiate the termination process by sending a Letter to Terminate Child Support to the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement. Let’s review this document in detail.

What Is a Child Support Termination Letter?

A child support termination letter is a document prepared by a parent or legal guardian that would like to terminate their right to receive child support (or pay it). The letter is written to request that the family court that passed the child support order terminate it for a specified reason, such as that the child has reached legal age. Before sending this letter, you should confirm whether your state offers a form.

Essential Elements of Child Support Termination Letter

Essentially, a child support termination letter should give the court information about the child, the parents, the termination request, and the reason for the request. It usually contains these elements:

  • Current date (date request was made)
  • Name and address of the family court that passed the child support order
  • Name and address of the custodial parent
  • Name and address of the non-custodial parent, usually the one paying child support
  • Name and age of the child(ren) for whom child support payments are made
  • Formal request to terminate child support payments
  • Reason for request
  • Statement confirming you understand the repercussions of terminating child support
  • Supporting documents that explain your reason for the request
  • Your contact information
  • Your full name and signature

Letter to Terminate Child Support [Templates & Examples]


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Termination of Child Support Sample

    How to Write

    There are several reasons you might decide to terminate child support payments. As long as your reason is legally valid, you can move forward with the process by sending a Letter to Terminate Child Support to the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement. Here is how:

    • Step 1: Check whether your state or the court to which you are sending the request has a specific form that you must fill for the purpose of terminating child support. If they do, obtain it.
    • Step 2: Indicate the current date for when you prepared the request. Supply your full legal name as it appears on the original child support order, as well as your mailing address.
    • Step 3: Indicate the full name of the parent paying child support and the name and age of your child.
    • Step 4: Reference the original child support order and outline the case or order number. You should also give details about the payments, such as the amount and payment dates.
    • Step 5: State your request to terminate child support payments and give your reason.
    • Step 6: Attach documents that support your reasoning.
    • Step 7: Close the letter and affix your signature.

    Sample Letter to Terminate Child Support

    4 November 2031

    Hon. Mary Watkins

    Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement

    100 Main Street

    Austin, TX 78080

    Re: Child Support Termination

    Hon. Mary Watkins,

    This is in regard to the child support case PO890/2030 that was passed by your court on 23 January 2030. In this case, I requested a child support payment of $2,200 per month for my daughter Chelsea O’Hair from her mother, Erica Powers. I am writing to request that you terminate these payments.

    At the time of the case, I had lost my job and was unable to support my daughter on my own. I have recently gone back to work and can afford to meet all of her needs without the child support payments.

    I have spoken to my attorneys and fully understand the consequences of this request. Please cancel the initial child support order and notify Ms. Powers and me at your earliest convenience.


    Philip O’Hair

    Common Reasons to Stop Child Support Payments

    As mentioned, there are several reasons a parent might decide to terminate child support payments. The most common and legally accepted ones are:

    • The financial situation of the parent receiving payments has changed; for example, they have started a new job or gotten an inheritance.
    • The financial situation of the parent paying child support has changed; for instance, they have lost their job or are taking care of an ill family member.
    • The parents have decided to get back together.

    How to Stop Child Support Payments

    If you have a legal and valid reason for wanting to terminate child support payments, you can initiate the process by visiting your local family court, preferably the one that passed the child support order. The county clerk will give you the required paperwork that you must complete and file with the court. During this stage, a court-appointed representative of the judge will require you to defend your reasons for terminating child support payments. If you can, the judge will review and issue a termination order.

    Rules for the Termination of Child Support

    As with many matters involving children in the United States, there are rules when it comes to terminating child support payments. These include:

    1. Terminating Child Support for Missed Visitation

    While it might seem like a reasonable move, you cannot refuse to pay child support because your child or the custodial parent has failed to follow the visitation schedule. Child support and visitation rights are considered separately by the law and, instead of discontinuing payments, you should file a case with the court if the other party is not participating in scheduled visits.

    2. Emancipation

    In the event a child requests emancipation from a parent, the non-custodial parent could be relieved of child support obligations. However, whether or not emancipation is granted will depend on factors such as the child’s age and maturity level.

    3. Special Circumstances

    Sometimes, the court will consider modifying or terminating a parent’s child support obligations if their financial situation warrants special consideration. This includes when the parent loses their job or is having difficulty making payment. However, the parent must apply for a modification and wait for the court to approve it before stopping payments. Nonpayment carries serious consequences, including penalties or jail time.

    How Long Does It Take to Terminate Child Support?

    How long it takes for a court to terminate child support payments will depend on the nature and validity of your case. Family courts always act in the best interest of the child, so you are more likely to get a fast termination if you can prove that your decision will not harm your child.

    Final Thoughts

    Before writing a Letter to Terminate Child Support, you should remember that every state has its own laws regarding child support payments. Always review state laws or consult an attorney to find out what is required in your jurisdiction to complete the termination process.