Letter of Support for Immigration

A letter of support for immigration is a recommendation written on behalf of an immigration applicant. When well-drafted, it can be used to shift the outcome of immigration proceedings in favor of the subject. Its primary purpose is to show the reviewing agent or immigration judge that the applicant is of good character.

This letter can be written by many people, including a family member, spouse, friend, teacher, or employer. Here, we review how to draft a convincing letter of support for immigration.

What Is a Letter of Support for Immigration?

A support letter for immigration is a formal recommendation written on behalf of an individual who wishes to live in your country. It supports their immigration application by highlighting that they are of good moral standing and would be an asset to the country. Essentially, the letter is addressed and sent to the immigration office to convince them to accept the application.

There are several types of immigration support letters, often categorized depending on who is writing them. Common examples include confirmation of employment and proof of marriage letters, which are written by the applicant’s employer and spouse, respectfully.

Who Should You Consider for Writing This Letter?

When it comes to choosing someone to write your letter of support for immigration, a good rule of thumb is quality before quantity. You are better off with 3 support letters from credible sources than 30 letters from unconvincing referees.

Firstly, you should only approach someone who is already a citizen of the country to which you are sending your application. You also want a referee who will speak highly of you. Finally, the writer should be someone who knows you personally and can attest to your personality and character.

The following are some good possible options:

  • Family members and friends who live in the country
  • Prominent community leaders, e.g., the mayor
  • Religious leaders such as your Priest or Imam
  • The leader of an organization with which you volunteer
  • Your employer or supervisor
  • Your coworkers

Tip: It is advisable to err on the side of caution when requesting people to write you a letter of support. Only approach people you trust and with whom you are comfortable sharing your plans and immigration status.

Essential Elements

The main purpose of writing this letter is to convince the immigration judge that the applicant is an excellent addition to the country. For effectiveness, a formal support letter should include the following details:

  • The nature of the personal or professional relationship with the applicant
  • The applicant’s positive qualities
  • The applicants present and future contributions to society

How to Write a Letter of Support for Immigration

Although a support letter for immigration is written on behalf of a friend, spouse, acquaintance, family member, or employee, it is usually presented to the US Consulate. The following step by step guide will help you draft an effective letter:

Step 1: Choose a Formal Letter Format

As already mentioned, your letter will be read in a professional setting and should therefore be presented in a formal format. Use clean, standard paper, and write in a professional font. Your letter should contain your address, the recipient’s address, the date, and a proper salutation.

If you know the recipient’s name, you can write your salutation as ‘Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name.’ If not, use the more general ‘dear sir or madam’ or ‘to whom it may concern.’

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

Use the first paragraph to introduce yourself and state your reason for writing. This is where you should mention your credentials, if you have any because they can add credibility to the letter. Also, this part should explain how you know the applicant.

Step 3: Talk About the Applicant

Next, introduce the reader to the immigration applicant by writing about them. Avoid sounding too rigid and rehearsed, as this may deter the reader from believing you. Using a natural, relaxed, and friendly tone, talk about the applicant’s;

  • Educational background and academic achievements
  • Professional ethics and experience
  • Personal character and personality
  • Contributions to society
  • Future plans in the country

Be very honest in your account and avoid any exaggerations that could draw away from the letter’s purpose.

Step 4: Close Your Letter

Finish your letter by recapping your support and asserting that the applicant will be a great addition to the country. You can also provide your contact information and offer to answer any questions the reader may have.

Step 5: Proofread Your Letter

Read through your letter and make sure it has no errors and is convincing.

Format – Support Letter for Immigration


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear Sir/Madam,

Accept this letter as my support for {applicant’s name’s} application for permanent residency in {country name}. My name is {your name}, and I am a {job title} at {company name} and a {country} citizen.

I have known {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Applicant’s last name} for {amount of time}. {He/she} is my {nature of relationship} and we met when {specify how you met}.

In this time, I have found {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Applicant’s last name} to be {state three positive qualities}. He/she is an excellent addition to the community. {Give a brief anecdote to support this}.

If {his/her} application for permanent residency is approved, I believe that {he/she} will continue to give back to the local community and nation at large.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


{Your Name}

Sample Letter of Support for Immigration

22 July 2049

The Immigration Officer

Texas Immigration Office

123 Main St.

3456 OH, Texas

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter in support of the immigration application of Alex Hale. My name is Elena Barris, and I am the CEO of Hands of Hope Initiative and a citizen of the United States. I have known Mr. Hale for four years since he started working for my organization in March 2016.

At this time, I have found him hardworking, honest, and kind. Mr. Hale is a stand-up employee and has continuously put the needs of others before himself.

If Mr. Hale’s application for permanent citizenship is approved, I believe he will continue giving back to the community.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.


Elena Barris

Letter of Support for Immigration Examples & Templates

You may be caked upon to write this letter on several occasions for your friends, family members, or employees. Here are templates and samples that you can customize to meet your specific needs.

Letter of Support for Immigration Template

This is a pre-designed and editable document that contains all the essential elements of a letter of support for immigration. You can customize it to fit your current situation.

Immigration Letter of Support for a Family Member

This letter is drafted by a family member who is a citizen of the country of application. It should state how the writer and applicant are related. When written by a family member, a support letter can hold more sway with an immigration judge.

Immigration Letter of Support for a Friend

This is a character reference letter drafted by a friend of an immigration applicant. The friend must be a citizen of the county the applicant wishes to live in and have a close relationship with the subject.

Character Reference Letter for Immigration Purposes

This is a recommendation written on behalf of an immigration applicant or someone going through other associated proceedings. It should highlight the applicant’s positive characteristics.

Tips for Writing the Letter

The following guidelines should help you write an effective letter of support for immigration. When drafting your letter:

  • Explain how you know the applicant.
  • Give details about your job.
  • Provide your contact information, in case you are needed to answer further questions.
  • Use a courteous and professional tone.
  • Proofread your letter for any errors.
  • Address the letter appropriately.


A letter of support for immigration is a crucial part of any immigration applicant’s application. It summarizes the applicant’s character, accomplishments, and future plans in a bid to convince the immigration officer that the applicant should be allowed to live in the country.

The best person to write a letter of support for immigration is someone with a close relationship to the subject. They should be able to provide a personal reference of the applicant’s character and a specific narrative to support their claim. That said, it is advisable to consider getting a reference from a person of authority such as an employer, local leader, or religious authority.

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