Sample Contract Cancellation Letter (with Template)

Contracts exist to protect both sides and ensure an agreement is met. They set out the expectations and terms to help everyone understand their role, and for the most part, they are very helpful. Sadly, not all contracts work out. Sometimes the other party isn’t upholding their obligations. Other times the problem is at your end. Either way, it is vital to take appropriate action if you need to back out of a contract. That is when you need a professional Contract Cancellation Letter. The templates provide here can help you compose an excellent, concise document even if you don’t have any experience canceling a contract. In this article, we will show you how.

What You Need to Know About Canceling Contracts

Most contracts require you to fulfill your obligation as outlined. This stipulation could mean that you cannot cancel the contract until it is time to renew it. There are reasons, however, that you can cancel before the contract period ends. Below we have listed some of these reasons.

  • Through no fault of your own, you are unable to fulfill your obligations. For example, if your business is devastated by an earthquake, you can cancel your contracts.
  • The other party has not yet fulfilled its obligations under the contract.
  • You can prove the other party knowingly committed fraud in the contract or its fulfillment.
  • There is a contractual error that caused both parties to misunderstand the contract.
  • The other party has committed a breach of contract.

Tip: Read your contract carefully for cancellation information. For example, you may need to cancel your contract 30 days before it is due to expire. Make sure you know the details before you write your letter.

    Contract Cancellation Letter Format

    {your name}

    {your address}


    {recipient name}

    {company name}

    {recipient address}

    Subject: Contract cancellation

    Dear {recipient name}

    I am hereby giving notice that I am canceling my contract number {number} dated {date} for {products or services. Be specific and list each product or service outlined in the contract.} This cancellation is effective as of {date}.

    {State the reason you are canceling the contact here.}

    I plan to fulfill my obligations under the contract until {date effective.} {If there are outstanding products or services as outlined by the contract, state that you will accept them.}

    If you have any questions, please contact me at (your phone number} or {your email address.}


    {your signature}

    {your name}

    Internet contract cancellation letter

    Joshua Miller

    3000 West Highland Street

    Orchard Hills, CA 45998

    May 15, 2038

    Customer Care

    Fastest Internet Provider

    4028 North Highway 75

    Madison, CA 45996

    Subject: Contract cancellation

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing to inform you that I am canceling my contract number 89446, dated June 30, 2037, for internet services.

    I will not be renewing my contract at the end of the contract term. My internet service often does not work, and when it does work, it is slow. Your technical support team has been unable to correct these issues. I am therefore canceling the contract effective June 30, 2038.

    I plan to fulfill my obligations under the contract until June 30, 2038.

    If you have any questions, please contact me at (924) 668-3442 or [email protected]


    Joshua Miller

    Joshua Miller

    Service contract cancellation letter

    Mallory Jones

    200 South Elm Place

    Henderson, NM 34336

    January 5, 2040

    Mr. Jacob Anderson

    Best Heating and Air

    3049 West Aster Avenue

    Henderson, NM 24226

    Subject: Contract cancellation

    Dear Mr. Anderson,

    This letter serves as notice that I am canceling my contract number 20086, dated May 16, 2039, for heating and air conditioning service, effective immediately.

    The contract I signed states that your technicians will always protect my home from damage during service. However, when your technicians were in my home on January 4, 2040, they caused expensive flooring damage. Their carelessness is a clear breach of contract.

    Please refund $129.00, the cost of the service contract, immediately. I have also enclosed a copy of a damage estimate for the amount of $589.39. I would like you to contact me about paying for the damages. You can reach me at (764) 998-3442 or [email protected].


    Mallory Jones

    Mallory Jones

    Business contract termination letter

    Madison Avery

    Best Car Rental

    4098 South Jamestown

    Elysium, NC 28659

    November 1, 2030

    Jacob Hardesty

    Hardesty Printing

    2000 East First

    Elysium, NC 28659

    Dear Mr. Hardesty,

    This letter serves to inform you that effective December 31, 2030, we are canceling our contract number 204987, dated January 1, 2029, for Best Car Rental letterhead and matching envelopes.

    We have decided to go with another supplier for our letterhead in the coming year. We look forward to continuing to work with Hardesty Printing. I will contact you as needed for bids on our other printing needs.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (256) 339-4467.


    Madison Avery

    Madison Avery

    Vendor (supplier) termination letter

    Matthew Jackson

    Jackson Aircraft

    400 West First

    Allentown, PA 28996

    May 15, 2032

    James Peterson

    Allied Manufacturing

    3048 North Peoria

    Allentown, PA 28994

    Dear Mr. Peterson,

    This letter serves as notification that as of July 1, 2032, we are canceling our contract number JA2589, dated June 15, 2031, for the manufacture of the following parts:

    • Wing front, part number 35778

    • Wing rear, part number 35779

    • Tail right, part number 45668

    • Tail left, part number 45669

    We are discontinuing the manufacture of the wing and tail structures.

    We will continue to fulfill our obligations under contract number JA2589 until June 30, 2032. After this date, we will no longer accept the parts listed above.

    We look forward to continuing to work with Allied Manufacturing. If you have questions, you can reach me at (368) 997-5446.


    Matthew Jackson

    Matthew Jackson

    Contract Cancellation Letter (Word Template)

    Contract Cancellation Letter (Word Template)

    Contract Cancellation Letter Samples and Samples

    Contract Cancellation Letter #01

    Contract Cancellation Letter #02

    Contract Cancellation Letter #03

    Contract Cancellation Letter #04


    Contract termination form

    Contract Termination Letter


    Final Technical Determination

    Letter of Termination of Employment Contract

    Notice Letter

    Notice of Termination




    Sample Contract Termination Language


    Sample Letter to Cancel a Contract


    Termination of timeshare contract

      What is a Contract Cancellation Letter?

      You write a contract cancellation letter to inform the other party in a contract that you intend to discontinue the agreement. This is a formal document written by one party to another to terminate or cancel an existing contract. It is an official notification of the intent to end the contractual agreement and outlines the necessary details, like contract information, reasons for cancellation, and any additional relevant information. You may also want to include a reference to the section in the contract terms and conditions or the violation of the agreement that allows you to cancel. The letter demonstrates the decision to terminate the contract and provides clarity and formal documentation of the cancellation process.

      Why is a Contract Cancellation Letter Important?

      It is always good business to keep the other party informed about what is happening. A contract cancellation letter is important because it helps with that communication. Here are all the reasons you need to use this professional document when canceling a contract:

      • Professionalism: Conducting yourself in a professional manner, even when canceling a contract, helps show respect for the people and companies you do business with and adds positively to your reputation.
      • Written Documentation: A contract cancellation letter is a written record of the intent to cancel the contract. Using this document ensures both parties have an official record outlining the decision and its details.
      • Legal Protection: A cancellation letter helps protect the interests of both parties by providing formal notice of the contract’s termination. This reduces the potential for misunderstandings or disputes.
      • Clear Communication: The letter ensures clear and unambiguous communication between the parties. When written properly, the termination leaves no room for misinterpretation or confusion.
      • Contractual Compliance: A contract cancellation letter helps both parties adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the original contract. This is most relevant regarding any requirements for cancellation or notice periods.
      • Proof of Notification: The cancellation is also evidence that the appropriate party has been notified of the intention to terminate the contract. Should any legal or administrative issues arise in the future, this form is a record that contact was made and n notification given.

      Essential Elements of a Contract Cancellation Letter

      The essential elements of a contract cancellation letter are designed to ensure clarity and completeness. They provide a professional, structured approach to this specific type of notice so you can be certain the correct information ends up where it needs to be. Here is what you can expect to find on the template:

      • Form Title: Use a clear title at the top of the letter, such as “Contract Cancellation Letter” or “Termination Notice.”
      • Contact Information and Date: Include your contact information and the date at the beginning as you would for any formal letter.
      • Recipient Contact Information: Include the recipient’s contact information below yours to ensure the letter reaches the correct party.
      • Subject Line: State the letter’s subject concisely, indicating that it is a contract cancellation or termination notice. This is most often used in email variations than physical letters but can apply to either style.
      • Formal Greeting: Begin the letter with a formal greeting, addressing the recipient appropriately.
      • Notification Paragraph: Clearly and concisely explain that you are writing to cancel or terminate the contract. Provide the necessary details and relevant dates.
      • Contract Details Table: Fill in this table to show the key details of the contract being canceled. This should include the contract number, start and end dates, product or service description, and the reason for cancellation.
      • Additional Informational Paragraphs: Include any additional relevant information, like the expected next steps, any outstanding matters, or any specific instructions or requirements related to the cancellation process. These can vary slightly depending on the nature of your agreements and the terms of your contract.
      • Gratitude Statement: Express gratitude for the opportunity to enter into the contract and acknowledge any positive aspects or experiences gained from the agreement. Thank the recipient for their time and prompt attention to this matter.
      • Contact Statement: If applicable, offer your contact information or availability for further discussions or clarifications. In some extreme cases, this may be replaced with your attorney’s contact information.
      • Formal Closing and Signature: Use a formal closing, such as “Sincerely,” followed by your full name and signature. It may also be appropriate to list the business name if this contract is for your company.
      • Enclosures and CCs: If applicable, mention any enclosed documents or attachments. You should also include a “CC” section if the letter is being copied to other relevant parties.


      Why do you write a cancellation letter?

      A contract cancellation letter is a formality. This is the appropriate, professional, and sometimes legally or contractually required method of communicating that your contract is ending before it is complete.

      What are the types of contract cancellations?

      While there are numerous types of contract cancellations, the five listed here are the most common:
      Mutual Cancellation: Both/all parties agree to terminate the contract by mutual consent, often due to a change in circumstances or a renegotiation of terms
      Breach of Contract: One party cancels the contract due to the other party’s failure to fulfill its obligations or because of a breach of the contract’s terms
      Termination for Convenience: One party has and exercises the right to cancel the contract without specifying a particular reason, often outlined in the contract itself
      Termination by Notice: The contract includes a notice period, and either party can cancel by providing the required notice within the specified timeframe
      Force Majeure: A contract cancellation occurs due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of either party, like natural disasters, pandemics, or other extraordinary events

      What are the major consequences of the cancellation of a contract?

      Contract cancellation can have extensive impacts, but these are the major and most common consequences:
      Financial Implications: Cancellation may involve financial penalties, like cancellation fees or the forfeiture of deposits or advance payments
      Legal Ramifications: If one party believes the cancellation to be unjust or in violation of the contract’s terms, it can lead to legal consequences, such as potential lawsuits or disputes
      Reputational Impact: Cancellation may impact the reputation of the parties involved, particularly if the cancellation is perceived negatively or reflects poorly on the appearance, reliability, or trustworthiness
      Operational Disruptions: Canceling can result in operational disruptions, requiring adjustments in resource allocation, finding alternative solutions, or reorganizing business processes
      Relationship Strain: Finally, it can strain relationships between the parties involved, potentially impacting future business arrangements


      A contract cancellation letter is a document you compose to terminate a contractual agreement formally. Details such as contract terms and information and reasons for cancellation are added to show the intention. It is a clear, documented, legal communication between the parties involved. This letter helps protect the interests of both parties, provides legal compliance, and serves as proof of notification. Creating a thorough, professional contract cancellation letter using our template and guidelines can help facilitate a smooth and transparent cancellation process, minimizing potential disputes and maintaining professionalism throughout the termination.

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