Salary Increment Recommendation Letter from Manager to Boss

As a manager, you most likely oversee important matters like performance evaluation and direct reports. You may also be in charge of writing pay rise recommendation letters for your staffers. How do you write a salary increment letter to the boss? What should you include or not include in your letter?

A manager writes a salary increment recommendation letter on behalf of an employee in their department. It serves to express support for the employee’s request for a salary increase. A good recommendation letter can be what your boss needs to approve a pay rise request.

When writing this professional letter to your boss, you should include precise descriptions and reasons why you believe the employee should get a raise. Create a well-phrased formal request and present meticulously organized thoughts

Below is a review of how to write an effective salary increment recommendation letter.

When Should You Recommend a Salary Increase?

Certain conditions increase the chances of a salary increase request being approved. If your team has just completed a large project, for instance, your boss may be inclined to reward you. On the flip side, it could be a bad idea to write a salary increase recommendation letter immediately after layoffs have been announced.

If you want your request to be positively received, make sure your timing is right. Stick to your company’s policies and traditions and leverage your successes. Try to time your request shortly after securing a new client or completing a task successfully.

Why Are You Writing the Recommendation Letter?

Your boss will need justification for a salary increment recommendation letter. Why are you expressing support for this particular employee? What do they add to your team? Did they ask for the raise? Or are you merely making an annual salary adjustment?

Try to detail your rationale for writing this letter. Provide necessary details that prove the employee is worthy of a raise and offer facts that can easily be validated.

What Is the Right Ask?

What amount of increment are you requesting? It is critical that you determine an exact figure to suggest before drafting your recommendation letter. You should consider the following:

  • The company’s average merit increase
  • What amount can be accommodated in the current company budget
  • Whether the employee is getting a change in duties or a new title

As a company manager, you are probably familiar with the way your company allocates money for salary raises. Make sure you base your suggestion on this knowledge.

Salary Increment Recommendation Letter from Manager to Boss (Format)


{Your boss’s name}


{Company Name}

RE: Recommendation for Salary Increase

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this recommendation letter in support of a salary increase for an employee in the {department name}. Mr./Miss/Mrs. {employee name} is a {employee’s position} currently earning {employee’s current salary}. I have evaluated his/her performance and deemed him/her worthy of a pay rise.

Mr./Miss/Mrs. {employee name} ‘s performance has consistently exceeded expectations. He/she continues to display commendable work ethics.

I, therefore, recommend a salary increase of {pay raise suggestion amount} for his/her continued dedication and excellent work.


{Your name}

Manager {department name}

Sample Salary Increment Recommendation Letter from Manager to Boss

June 19, 2029

Abigail White


Shelfrise Inc.

RE: Recommendation for Salary Increase

Dear Madam:

I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of a salary increase for an IT department employee. Mr. Jordan Miller is a database administrator currently earning $7,000. I have evaluated Mr. Miller’s performance and have deemed him worthy of a pay rise.

Mr. Miles has continued to prove his value to the IT department. He has been consistent, time-conscious, and a great team player, exceeding my expectations at every turn. Mr. Miles has not been late or absent from his work station for the entire year.

In light of this, I am recommending that Mr. Miles receive a salary increase of $3,000 for his continued good work and dedication to the department.


Christine Davis

IT Manager

Shelfrise Inc.

Final Thoughts

When writing a salary increment recommendation letter to your boss, timing is of the utmost importance. Time your request to when you have the highest chance of getting a positive response.

Also, take time to interact with the employee for whom you are making the request and learn their motivation. Make sure to express your findings in your letter.

Finally, be honest and present facts that can be backed up with proof.

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