Sorority Recommendation Letter Template (with Sample)

Some women’s best memories in life come from being a member of a college sorority. The antics and bonding that takes place in these organizations do last a lifetime and help make great friends. However, getting into a sorority is not always easy, and you need to have someone write a letter of recommendation for you.

But it can’t be just anyone who writes this letter. To learn about writing a sorority recommendation letter and who should do the writing, just keep reading our article. It has the information you need to know about to do the best job possible.

What is a sorority recommendation letter?

The sorority recommendation letter is your introduction to the organization and tells the leaders of your character and your qualifications for membership.

Not every sorority requires that you have someone write this letter for you. Some may have a simple form on their websites that need to be filled out. When a letter is required, most sororities want someone who is an alumnus of the specific sorority you want to join to write that letter for you.

The contents should describe you in a positive manner as well as list as many accomplishments you have achieved as possible.

Who to Select?

The easiest option you have is if you have had a family member or a friend who was a member of the same sorority to write the letter. Since they will know you well, they can provide a lot of details about you that help shows the leaders of the organization you are a good fit.

If none of your family members or friends were a part of the sorority, you can ask someone you do not know to write it for you. There are alumni lists you can search to get the names of those previous members and ask them if they will write the letter for you.

If this is your only option, make sure to give them a list of your extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, awards, scholarships, and other achievements so the person can write an informed recommendation.

What to Include

The main information should be written in about 4 to 5 paragraphs. The content should include the person’s personal history with you and other details that explains your relationship with the letter writer.

The writer should state why she thinks you would be a good member as well as mention that they are a member of the sorority as well.

The following paragraphs should contain your achievements, your activities and memberships, etc. Also, it should mention if you did any traveling for a charity that did work in other countries or other regions of the country.

Plus, your personal qualities should be mentioned highlighting all the positive ones you have. As well as listing reasons why the letter writer thinks you would be a good fit to their sorority.

How to Write

Writing the letter is not hard as long as the writer has enough information about you to put in the contents of the letter. The letter should be written in a formal style or even a business format making sure it is typed and without mistakes.

Block styling will be best with no indentation, and make sure to use the right formal words like’ to whom it may concern’ as well as the ending “sincerely”. Keep the letter concise, to the point, and do not ramble on.

Make sure all the pertinent details are included and clearly explained so that there is no confusion on the part of the reader. In the end, the letter writer can add a personal note about her experiences and that you should be able to have the same opportunity.

Formatting the Sorority recommendation letter

The format is straightforward and begins with an introduction. This paragraph should introduce the writer, her connection to the sorority, and her connection to you. The letter writer should also state how long they have known you.

The body of the letter should be about 3 to 4 paragraphs long. The content of these paragraphs should state who you are, your achievements, and what your personality is like. Also, there should be a paragraph on how you would be a terrific fit for the sorority

Then the letter should end with a short conclusion about 2 to 4 sentences long. This is where the letter writer can make some personal comments where she can state why you should be accepted as a member.

Sample sorority recommendation letter

To whom it may concern

As a member of the delta phi sorority at Washington state university, I take great pleasure in writing a letter of recommendation for anna may. I am very confident that she will be an excellent member and make great contributions to the sorority. Over the many years I have known her, she has grown from a happy child into a mature adult who is outgoing, funny, and compassionate.

During her school years, anna may has been able to maintain a 4.9 GPA while participating in different club activities offered by her schools. Those activities include horseback riding, being a member of the chess club, and yearbook staff member.

Her outgoing personality has helped her gain confidence in everything she does and has helped her win awards for her work in the yearbook as well as become a championship rider. Plus, she is very friendly and has great leadership skills. The people who know her speak highly of her and enjoy working with her on different projects.

In conclusion, I feel that Anna would be an ideal candidate for membership as she meets all the requirements of membership in our sorority. Her talents and gifts will enhance the reputation of the sorority immensely.


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Sorority Recommendation Letter (Word Template)

Sorority Recommendation Letter (Word Template)

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