29 Free Doctor’s Note Templates for School & Work (Word | PDF)

Doctors Notes

A doctor’s note, which can also be referred as medical certificate, is a document that is written by the doctor to a patient as evidence of patient’s appointment with the physician or doctor. It is an important document to the human resource documentation in cases when employees take sick leaves.

It can sometimes get hard to structure and outline this note in the best way. To avoid confusion when writing this note, it is important to use a sample note. This will make things easier and simpler for you. It is also important for a patient to be keen on the information that is presented in the document. A sample document will give the patient idea on what should be included.

What is a Doctor’s Note?

A doctor’s note is a medical excuse letter that exempts you from work or school because of medical reasons. The note explains the illness or medical reason, such as an ultrasound scan and the duration of expected absence. A medical excuse letter is necessary when HR takes action as to why you missed work. However, your employer can request a doctor’s note to verify the validity of a disability and be accommodative.

A doctor’s note can be legally binding and, as such, requires expert guidance to create one. There are essential aspects to include in a reliable note. However, if that’s too taxing for you, we have a solution.

What is a Doctor’s Note Template?

A doctor’s note template is a designed note or a format that you download, fill and print. Templates are fully customizable, and you fill them with information that best describes your case. However, you need the signature of a doctor to prove its validity. You can request your health care provider after a diagnosis and treatment plan that indicates missing work or school.

Doctor’s Note for Missing Work / School

This is a formal notification from a doctor to a patient detailing the health condition of a patient. The note is written to prove to the employer that the employee is not in a good health condition to work or to indicate that the employee had an appointment with the doctor.

North view Medical Clinic

Your Address State/City/Zip code

Name: ________________ Gender:______________________

Age: __________________ Date: ____________________________


Kindly allow _________________________ (patient’s name) from work/school for _______________ (day/days). She/ he has been diagnosed

with______________________ (Condition).

I have therefore prescribed total bed rest and very strong medication that cannot allow the patient to be at work/school. The patient has also been put on a special diet to help improve the condition.


(Signature of the doctor)

Dr. Loren Epsom

Dentist Note for Work

This is a formal document/note written by the dentist to a patient stating that the patient is not fit to be at work due to dental problem.

Smiley Dental Clinic

555 Central Ave. NY 444555


To Whom It May Concern

This is to clarify that Sarah Abraham (has/had) an appointment with us at 10 o’clock. Please excuse her absence at work due to the medicine that I have prescribed. They have side effects that cannot allow her to handle any duty.

I have put her on bed rest for 3 days and she may return to work on 00/00/00.


(Doctor’s signature)

Doctor Ray

Doctors Note Templates & Examples

Doctors Note Template #01

Doctors Note Template #02

Doctors Note Template #03

Doctors Note Template #04

Doctors Note Template #05

Doctors Note Template #06

A Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

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    Who Can Provide the Doctor’s Note?

    Contrary to popular belief, it is not only a doctor that provides a doctor’s note. Any healthcare provider who indicates their profession and offers correct diagnosis can exempt you from work or school via a medical note.

    A surgeon, chiropractor, podiatrist, midwife, and all health care providers are eligible to provide you with a doctor’s note. You may take a doctor’s note even for cosmetology purposes that require medical intervention. However, check your company’s policy regarding medical absence to comprehend the threshold of a doctor’s note.

    It is crucial you understand when you need a doctor’s note. You do not want to miss an exam or receive a wage cut due to a few days of medical absence.

    Printable Doctors Note Template for Work

    Sometimes you can fall ill and you will require a genuine note from a doctor to specify what kind of duty you are obliged to perform. This note therefore takes effect to give a patient time to recover as he/she goes to work. It is important as it is a proof of the health record of the individual in possession of the note.

    Printable Doctors Note Template for Work

    Blank Doctors Note Format

    A hand-written note is always advocated for mostly to suggest the personalized attendance. A free fill doctors note takes the accountability and therefore no likelihood of forging to stand for the absentee, or any other means the doctor may grant you. It helps to be specific and hold the doctor responsible.

    Free Fill in The Blank Doctors Note

    Doctor Appointment Note for School

    This is a note that is provided by the doctor to stand for time one may be required to be out of school. At times, the schedule to attend for the appointment may find you in school and thus as the doctor may be aware will provide the note to seek the permission out of school. This is also the best way to keep contact with the patient who may have s tight schedule and work plan at school.

    Doctor Appointment Note for School 1

    Doctor Appointment Note for work

    An appointment note is for remembrance to the person who may be well fixed and tightly occupied in the workplace. He/she may require this note to get relieved in order to be attended by the doctor.

    Doctor Appointment Note for work

    Doctor’s Note for Employer

    This is a note addressed to the employer to stand for the person whom the doctor may be addressing. It shows the genuinely and draws the attention to elaborate more concerning the person in subject.

    Doctor Appointment Note for work

    Doctors Excuse Note

    An excuse note for the doctor implies that one is supposed to see a doctor. This helps in allocating appropriate time and scheduling the person to attend the duty after or transfer it to another person.

    Doctors Excuse Note

    Doctor Note for College

    In case a student may require to be absent from class to attend an appointment with the doctor, this note is important to have. It grants a request to be allowed time to be attended to even when college has commenced.

    Doctor Note for College

    When to Use a Doctor’s Note

    Doctor’s notes have various use cases contingent on the institution accepting them. In the corporate world, a doctor’s note is a requirement to explain why you missed work for several days or notify the employer when and for how long you’ll be absent from work. HR managers have the right to request a doctor’s note after an employee misses three consecutive workdays. However, companies’ policies vary significantly, and thus the number of days’ requirements differ too. Federal regulations and employment contracts also influence whether you will need a doctor’s note for work absence.

    Use a doctor’s note to prove your absence was due to medical reasons for compensation for the working days you missed. Additionally, a medical excuse letter prevents wrongful termination and withholding of an intended promotion. However, always check with your human resource manager whether your organization accepts medical excuse letters.

    When you contract illness at school or have to go for a medical check-up, a doctor’s note will exempt you from class and still permit you to sit for exams.

    Essential Elements of a Doctor’s Note

    Doctor’s note types range from a simple scribed letter to a well-documented note. Both types of notes explain your absence due to medical reasons. Despite the varied nature, there are essential elements a valid doctor’s note must contain. The key elements include:

    · Title of the note indicating if it is a statement for medical absence or authorization for sick leave.

    • The date you saw the doctor.
    • The medical reason you will miss work: A doctor should include a clear description of the diagnosis and prescription.
    • Limitations for certain tasks at the workplace
    • Doctor information that includes contact information and the name of the healthcare facility.
    • Patient information gives full names, age, gender, date of birth, address, and contact number.
    • Description of the ailment.
    • A doctor’s signature accompanied with title to make the note irreproachable.
    • Recommended rest days

    How to Obtain a Doctor’s Note

    If you need a medical excuse letter, contact your health care provider or any other doctor that diagnoses and treats you for the ailment you have. After your request, a doctor will perform a check-up and write the findings that are reasons why you should miss work or school.

    It is good practice to check beforehand if your organization or school accepts doctor’s notes as evidence for work absenteeism. Some companies do not require a doctor’s note but rather a formal absence of work letter.

    You can still get a template online and fill it out yourself. However, be careful since your employer or teacher has the right to call the contact doctor on your note to verify your letter.

    When You Can Write Your Own Excuse Letter

    There are times when a company/institution can excuse you from work without a doctor’s note. All you need to do is to write an excuse letter that explains the reason why you are absent. Note that this has to be a genuine reason and one that makes sense.

    • When you need to attend to an important personal matter. This is especially when you are attending to family matters that only you can attend to them. For example, you can write an excuse letter to attend to a family member who is sick, attend your child’s school meeting and any other sensible matter.
    • When you want to travel. There are times that you may need to be absent from work so that you can travel to attend to an important matter. You can write an excuse letter to explain your reason for travel. The reason must be genuine.
    • Unavoidable circumstances. You can write an excuse letter when you have to miss work due to unavoidable circumstances like prolonged traffic, minor injury, minor sickness like stomach upset among other circumstances that are unavoidable.

    Is it Illegal to Fake a Doctor’s Note?

    Using a fake doctor’s note is termed as illegal and the consequences that come with this can lead you to jail, if not in jail, it can make you lose your job if your employer happens to find out that you faked this document. However, this is not unusual because there are some people in companies and institutions who have been using fake doctors note to be excused from work or school.

    If you are planning to use a fake doctor’s note, you first of all need to do is a research about the best way to do it to avoid being caught as well find out what the consequences of faking this document are in your organization or school. With the information you get, you will be able to choose the best way to take.


    Why doctor’s note is important?

    A doctor’s note offers a reasonable explanation for why you were absent from work and averts run-ins with the HR department.

    Can employers verify doctor’s notes?

    Employers have the right to call the doctor to verify the authenticity of the note. However, depending on federal and company regulations, they may not have the right to ask you for one.

    How do you tell if a doctor’s note is real?

    A real doctor’s note contains the stamp and signature of the doctor who wrote you the note. Employers and school teachers usually call the doctor to confirm if they provided the doctor. When creating a fake doctor’s note, ensure the contact number is a doctor you know.

    Can you get disciplinary for being off sick with a doctor’s note?

    It all trickles down to your company’s policy, employment laws, and employment contracts. You may get disciplinary action if a clause in your contract recognizes off sick days as regular absenteeism.

    Does a doctor’s note need to be stamped?

    Yes. If you are taking it to your employer, a stamp will prove its authenticity.

    Can a doctor refuse to give you a sick note for anxiety?

    A doctor is obligated to give you a sick note for any condition that interferes with your work productivity. However, a definitive examination is paramount before a doctor writes you the note.

    Can you fire someone for taking too many sick days?

    If your company policy limits sick days, you can let go of your employee on such grounds. However, be careful since an employee can pursue legal action if you terminate them wrongly.

    Can you get fired for a fake doctor’s note?

    Absolutely yes. Do not submit fraudulent notes of any kind to your employer.

    Final Thoughts

    If you plan to request sick days or report back to work after a bout of illness, you will need a doctor’s note to guarantee compensation and continued employment. Always check your company’s policy regarding medical absence before requesting your doctor for a medical excuse letter.