Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord

Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord

As the landlord of a rental property, you may be called upon to provide youth tenants with a rent confirmation letter. This should document their rental history, amount of monthly rent, and whether they pay it on time. Along with helping to determine the tenant’s credibility when they are applying for a loan, it can also help them open a bank account or enroll in school.

Writing a rent confirmation letter from landlord requires exact details. Be prepared to back your claims with evidence and attach any necessary documents. Below, we review how to write an appropriate confirmation letter.

Tips for Writing a Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord

Are you a rental property landlord? Has one of your tenant’s requested a rent confirmation letter? Here are some guidelines to help you draft an appropriate confirmation letter:

  • Verify the request – Who sent in the request? If it was your tenant, you could draft the letter. However, if an outside agency wrote it, try to verify their identity and the validity of the request. Some identity thieves often pose as banks or other organizations to get access to personal information.
  • Include relevant information – When drafting the letter, include the tenant’s move-in date, the amount of rent they pay, and whether they pay it on time. You can also add how long the tenant has stayed at your property and when their lease expires.
  • Consult with the tenant – Allow your tenant to confirm and authorize the information included in your confirmation letter. This should help prevent future disputes.
  • Use letterhead – A confirmation letter from a real estate agency often hold more credibility. If you own a real estate company, write the letter on letterhead.
  • Address it appropriately – Address your letter to the proper person. You can get this information from your tenant.
  • If necessary, include a reference letter of the tenant’s character. You can express your confidence in their ability to conduct themselves appropriately.
  • Don’t give a generic letter – In the wrong hands, it could be used for purposes other than those for which it was intended.
  • If you don’t have a letterhead, include your contact information. This should come in handy when needed to answer further questions or provide proof for specific claims.
  • Use the first sentence to state who you are and why you are writing the letter. Then, mention the tenant’s name and the length of your professional relationship.
  • Include your job title in the sign-off. Are you a landlord or property manager?

Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord (Format)


{Recipient’s name}

{Name of institution/school/company/organization}

{Recipient’s address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

RE: Rent Confirmation Letter for {Tenant’s Name}

Dear {recipient’s last name}

This letter is formal confirmation that {tenant’s name} has lived in my rental property {house/apartment name} for {amount of time}. {He/She} moved in on {date} and has a lease that expires on {date}.

{Mr./Ms. Tenant’s last name} pays a rent of {amount} per month. {He/She} has always paid on time, and I will be happy to renew the lease when the time comes.

{Tenant’s name} is a good tenant, and I can vouch for their responsible and trustworthy nature. If you have further questions, you can reach me at {contact information}.


{Your name}

{Name of property}

Sample Rent Confirmation Letter

June 25, 2039

Adam Firestone

National Bank

322 Brenton St

35647 San Francisco

RE: Rent Confirmation Letter for Grace Anders

Dear Mr. Firestone,

This letter is to verify that Grace Anders is a tenant in my rental unit at 1 Pike Street, Sydney NSW. She has a lease that started on February 3, 2037, and ends on February 3, 2040.

Ms. Anders has a monthly rent of $2,570, which is always paid on time. She is an upstanding tenant and has continuously displayed responsibility, accountability, and honesty. I will be happy to renew her lease when the time comes.

If I can answer any further questions regarding Grace Ander’s residency at my property, please feel free to contact me on 02 8000 9000.


James Ferdinand

Firefly Apartments

Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord (Word Template)

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Wrapping Up

A Rent Confirmation Letter from Landlord can go a long way in helping a tenant prove their compliance. When applying to an institution or for a loan, it could be the difference between a positive response and a declination. Try to maintain a professional tone. Get straight to the point and only make statements that can be backed with evidence.