Yahtzee Score Sheets & Cards

Rainy evenings can lead to some very boring times at home. With nothing on the television to watch and no new music to listen to, time passes slowly. It is not a fun time at home with nothing to do.

However, to get rid of that boredom, a good game of Yahtzee can make the evening fly by. Just gather your siblings together and have a tournament. of course, you will need a Yahtzee scorecard so keep reading to learn all about the Yahtzee scoring sheet

What Is a Yahtzee Score Sheet?

This is a simple sheet of paper that guides your game and tells you what combinations you have achieved and how many are left before you win the game. You need these sheets to make sure there are no arguments or confusion.

Also, they record your and your opponents’ scores so everyone knows what they need to do to win the game. There are two sections you need to fill out in order to get the points you need to be the winner.

Scoring and Rules on Yahtzee

  • The objective of the game is to get the highest score of all the players in order to win.
  • There are 13 dice combinations you need to fill out, and you do that by rolling the included 5 dies
  • Once you made your first roll, you can stick with those results or try 2 more times to get a better score. A maximum of three rolls per turn per player
  • Once you have filled in a category, you cannot change it later on when your dice come up with a better result.
  • Scoring is the result of adding the dice together and getting the total. However, when it comes to the upper section, you can only count those dies that have the number you are shooting for. For example, if you are going for 3’s, you can only count those die that comes up showing a three
  • you get a 35 point bonus if your score in the upper section is above 63

Printable Yahtzee Score Sheets & Cards

Where to Get Yahtzee Score Cards

There is a limited supply of scorecards included in the game. Once they begin to run out, you can save one and photocopy more. Or you can download and print them from here. Above, we have a variety of designs that may spice up your game a bit.

Another option is to go to the store where games are sold and buy some more. These stores usually have individual packs of scorecards for different games for sale. Finally, you can make your own with some lined paper, a pen, and a ruler.

Tips for Making Yahtzee Score Sheets

  • When making your own, try to make the size small enough so you can get more than one game on a single sheet of paper. Just don’t go too small where no one can read the printing.
  • Make sure you know how to play the game before creating your own score sheets
  • Use a good online template to make creating your own a lot easier, or just print those out for faster results
  • Put a spot on the score sheet for other players and yourself to put your names

How do you keep score in Yahtzee?

Keeping score is rather simple as it depends on the category you are shooting to fill. For example, if you are going for 6’s, you count the number of dies that have the numeral 6 facing up, then multiply the 2 numbers — 6 x 3 = 18, and 18 would be your score.

For the lower section, you have to match the category and only 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind and chance do you have to add the dice together. All the other categories have set point totals when you achieve them.

Once you have filled in all your categories you add the points together and if they are high enough, add in the bonuses for each section. If the totals are not high enough, then you cannot add in those bonuses.

The player with the highest total wins.

What is the highest possible score in Yahtzee?

145 is the most you can get for the upper section. However, that depends on you rolling 6 5 of a kind or Yahtzees every time. Then you would get the 35 points total because your score was over 63 points.

The bottom section has the chance category, and that will influence your score considerably. It is possible to get 335 points if you are extremely lucky in your rolls. Generally, most people are not that lucky and if they were, plan your next vacation to include Las Vegas.

What is the lowest score in Yahtzee?

Remember, you only get 3 chances to score for each section. If you fail to reach a vacant category, you will lose out on those points. The only constants may be the upper section, but even then, you can score 0 in each of them.

Your lowest score would be whatever the chance section got if all the upper section categories were filled with 0s. In other words, if you get less than 10 points, cancel the Las Vegas vacation.

Is Yahtzee a skill or luck?

This is a matter of opinion as some people do develop a certain amount of dice-throwing skills. Their techniques, as long as they are not cheating, help them get a higher score and fill out their categories with the best totals possible.

Then there are those people who think that getting good scores in Yahtzee is all luck. Their scores only depend on the luck of the roll and nothing else. You will have to decide for yourself if it is skill or luck that helped you win.

Final Thoughts

When you play the game right, Yahtzee is a lot of fun. It gets rid of those boring evenings very quickly and allows you to enjoy some friendly competition over pizza, popcorn, and sodas. The key is not to get discouraged, as everyone will have a bad game or two. Just play to have fun and enjoy the company.

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