What to do when your recruiter missed the interview

What to do when your recruiter missed the interview

For every job seeker in the job market, getting a call for an interview is highly satisfying as it offers a shot at a job opportunity. However, attending the interview and missing the recruiter can be morale-damaging. Nevertheless, there might be a lot of valid and reasonable explanations that may make her miss the interview. The employing company may be having an emergency meeting, she might be sick or attending to a family emergency, or there might be a miscommunication and mix-up on the time and date of the interview.

What to do when your recruiter missed the interview

Calm Down – Missing the scheduled interview does not mean the recruiter is not intent on interviewing you. Neither does it mean that it reflects badly on you as a candidate for the job. It may be due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Contact Them – In order to show a great level of professionalism and seriousness about the job, it is highly recommended to contact them and leave them a message to show that you arrived in time for the interview. Since the recruiter may be dealing with a lot of prospective employees, you should leave your name, contact information, the scheduled interview, and the time that you are available for another rescheduled interview.

Follow Up – Job opportunities may be rare and few between. Following up on an interviewing opportunity shows interest and pro-activeness and it is an attractive trait for recruiters. It also demonstrates organizational and time management skills.

Emailing your recruiter after she misses an interview can help in rescheduling for another interview at a more conducive and convenient time.

The best advisable method to contact them is through email or quick text message. A simple email like this is recommended.

Follow Up Email

Dear Ms. [ name ],

I hope all is well. I am emailing you regarding a scheduled interview we were to have today, [dd/mm/yyyy], at [time]. I waited for a phone call from you, but I didn’t receive it. I tried calling twice but I couldn’t get in touch with you. I am available for the next 1 hour and looking forward to hearing from you. If it is not possible, then I am very happy to reschedule. I’m still very interested in the opportunity and [Company Name].

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the interview.


[Full Name – Signature]