Welcome Letter for a New Employee

A welcome letter for new employees serves to appreciate the employee as a new member of the company. Besides welcoming the employee, it also offers guidelines on how their first day at work will be, whom they will report to. It’s true that most newcomers are anxious on the first day in a new environment. A welcome letter will decrease anxiety and help them feel appreciated. The direct supervisor or the human resource manager can write the letter.

If you have never written a letter to welcome a new staff before, you might not know what to include in the letter. A sample or template will make your work easy by providing what you should include in the letter besides the format.

What to include in a new employee welcome letter

Unlike most letters’ individuals write to during the hiring process, the employee welcome letter is less formal but more personalized. It should include the following;

A welcome note

The new employee welcome letter should start by appreciating the new employee and welcoming them to the company.

Orientation details

A new employee isn’t aware of where to start. A brief highlight of the first day activities will minimize anxiety that faces employees in a new environment.

Contact person

When the employee reports to your offices, you need to inform them whom to meet. In most cases, the new employee will be expected to report to their immediate supervisor or the human resource manager.

Reason for hiring

In the welcome letter, indicate why you hired the employee. If possible, indicate the number of persons interviewed. Mention any skills or experience that made the candidate the best pick for the position. The information will reassure the candidate they are the best for the job.

Employer expectations

It is essential to inform the new employee what the company expects from them. Also, let them know how to dress for work.

Required documents

Several documents might accompany the welcome letter such as the company policies and contract documents. The welcome letter must highlight any document that will be required for registration of the staff including their identification cards, welfare documents, and other relevant documents.

New employee welcome letter format

Company letterhead




[Name of employee]


[State, zip]


Dear [employee’s name],

Congrats for emerging as the best candidate for [state the position]. Out of the [number of interviewees] applicants, you were the best. Welcome to the team of dedicated staff at [company name]. You were picked based on [state the specific skills and experience].

We expect you to report to our offices on [date]. Request to meet [name] who will be your immediate boss. Kindly come dressed in a business casual outfit.

As you come, bring with you the following items and documents [state documents].

Your manager will provide the agenda for the day including orientation, meeting your colleagues and submitting the relevant documents to the HR manager.

Once more welcome to [company name]. We will be excited to work with you.




Sample welcome letter / email for a new employee

Dear Dave,

Welcome aboard Nitwit Healthcare! We are glad to welcome you as our new systems administrator. You emerged the best candidate among the 14 applicants interviewed. Your skills and experience matched what we expect for this position.

As we had discussed earlier this position is central in our operations; thus we expect the best from you. We need you to report to our Lakeview offices on Monday 1st February 2019 at 9.00am. Upon arrival ask for Janet, who will serve as your manager. Remember to dress officially in a suit and a tie.

We are committed to seeing you rise to the best system administrator in the city. Be at peace to interact with fellow staff and learn from your seniors. If uncertain about any matter, always ask. Your success will rely on your dedication to following company policies, instruction from your supervisors, discipline, and respect.

Your manager will take you through the orientation program. Besides, remember to come with signed copies of our company policies and your identification documents.

Once again, welcome to Nitwit Healthcare. We anticipate a rewarding future with you. In case you need any clarification, contact me for details.



Human resource manager

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