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Wedding planners are the driving force behind wedding events because they are responsible for organizing and executing the entire affair. They practically bring the event to life by ensuring all vendors deliver on time and things run according to schedule. Whether the wedding is a small affair involving a few friends and family or a Christmas-like celebration, these professionals have to create an agreement that covers their services and payments. This is where a Wedding Planner Contract saves the day.

What Is a Wedding Planner Contract?

A wedding planner contract is an agreement between a client; usually the engaged couple, and a wedding planner that defines the services the latter will offer and the payments the former will make. It is usually prepared by the wedding planner and signed by the couple if they are satisfied with the details in the agreement. Generally, it covers all the details of the wedding and the planner’s duties.

What Is a Wedding Planner Contract Template?

A wedding planner contract template is a downloadable, fillable file that you can customize to show wedding planning details like the wedding timeline, planner responsibilities, and cancellation policy. You can download one from the internet and personalize it by adding your company logo, letterhead, and contact information. When a client contacts you, you can fill it in with their details.

Essential Elements of a Wedding Planner Contract

A signed wedding planner contract is a binding agreement that should cover everything from the services offered to the budget and timeline. It should include the following details:

  •  Names and addresses of the clients and wedding planner
  •  Date and location of the wedding ceremony and reception
  •  Agreement date
  •  Wedding planner duties, which could include booking venues, meeting with vendors, and ensuring the activities run on schedule.
  •  Cost analysis and budget
  •  Timelines for the preparation and wedding day itself.
  •  Payment terms, including wedding planner fees, date of payment, payment method, and non-refundable deposit amount.
  •  Cancellation policy, which usually includes a non-refundable deposit amount.
  •  Signatures of the clients and wedding planners.

How to Write

As a wedding planner, you should never start working for a couple until you have an executed wedding planner contract. Below is a guide you can use when customizing your template to make sure you are protected and can start planning that wedding:

Step 1: Obtain a Template

Most couples will expect to receive a template from you within 24 to 48 hours of deciding to hire you. If you delay, you might lose the lead, which is why you should always have a wedding planner template at hand. This way, you can customize it with the clients’ details and send it in no time. You can get a customizable wedding planner template online.

Step 2: Prepare a Cover Letter

Once you have your template, attach a cover letter with your company letterhead to thank the client for choosing to work with you. This is not part of the contract, but it is a show of courtesy.

Step 3: Include Essential Details

Input crucial details into your template, such as the names and addresses of the clients, your project scope, and payment terms. Be very specific about the services you will offer and how much they cost.

Step 4: Have the Contract Reviewed

With all the details included, have your attorney review the contract to ensure it abides by the laws in your state and protects your interests.

Step 5: Send the Contract

Email the contract to the client as a PDF to prevent the wording from being edited. Alternatively, print out the document and mail it to the client for signing.

When to Use a Wedding Planner Contract

A wedding pitch is a crucial sales tool that you will use in the beginning to capture the interest of potential clients. However, once they express interest in working with you, you need to provide them with a wedding planner contract as a show of your seriousness and professionalism. This document will let them know exactly what working with you will entail and could close the deal, turning a potential lead into an income-generating client.

Tips for Wedding Planner Contract Agreement

While completing a Wedding Planner Contract should be pretty straightforward by now, you can use the following tips to ensure you get the most out of the agreement:

  • Always organize your wedding contracts into ‘contracts’ and ‘pending contracts’. The latter are those that are yet to be signed but that represents a potential income source.
  • Use a spreadsheet to track your contracts so you know how much income you can look forward to (contracts) and how much you could potentially make (pending contracts).
  • Highlight all the services you will offer your client and have them understand and sign off on your terms. This will prevent scope creep.
  • If a client requests services outside your scope, politely refer them to the contract.
  • Always include cancellation clauses in your contracts that allows you to retain non-refundable deposit past a given cancellation period.


Is a wedding planner contract essential?

Yes. Disputes about wedding planning can easily turn into lawsuits, which can be expensive. Wedding planner contracts protect both you and your client from such extremes.

How can you get out of a wedding planner contract?

You can get out of a wedding planner contract if the work is completed, both parties elect to terminate, or one party breaches the terms. To do this, you must notify the other party with a written notice.

How much do wedding planners charge per wedding?

On average, wedding planners charge $1,800 for a variety of service packages with lower ranges of several hundred dollars (minimal assistance) and high-end costs of over $4,000.

What do I need to know before signing a wedding contract?

Before signing an agreement, remember that a wedding contract is a legally binding and enforceable agreement, and breaching it could have financial and legal consequences.

How do you ask a wedding venue for a contract?

Determine whether your date is available, how many people they can accommodate, etc. If you are pleased with their answers, send them a letter or email requesting a contract.

Can you negotiate a wedding venue contract?

It depends. Venues tend to be very rigid about their rates, but you might be able to negotiate if your wedding is not set for a busy time of the year.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Wedding Planner Contract protects you as the wedding planner from disputes that could have serious consequences on your business. As the writer of the contract, you can use language that is favorable for your company and still meets the needs of the client. Should there be any changes along the way, it is crucial to record them in the agreement – in line with the amendments clause – and have the client sign off on them. You should also advise your client that your contract does not cover the services offered by other vendors like photographers and florists.

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