Wedding Invitation Wording

You’ve chosen the date, the venue, and finished up the guest list. Let’s see, what’s left? Well, that could be sitting down with your guest list to compose the wedding invitations. While it may sound a complex duty, especially for those who dread writing, it really isn’t. To prove it to you, we’ve composed a brief guide on how to write wedding invitations, to help you get started. When composing your wedding invitations, keep in mind that they are meant to be informative as well as attractive.

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Invitation

The style of your wedding invitations are clearly up to you. Depending on the theme, stationary choice, and atmosphere of your ceremony, each invitation will differ. For instance, if you’ve chosen to have an unconventionally themed wedding, such as a Game of Thrones wedding, Star Trek, or western wedding, both the stationary choice and wording will reflect it. Please note that on a formal wedding invitation, the British spelling of “honour” is used in lieu of “honor”, if the ceremony is to be held in a house of worship. However, no matter what style of wedding you have, all wedding invitations share the same, essential elements. These elements are listed below, and must remain in the following order on the invitation. They include:

Names of those hosting the wedding

As per tradition, it is generally the brides parents who host the wedding. Their names are placed at the top of the invitation. You may also elect to list the names of the grooms parents as well.

If one or both parents are deceased, you may list them here if you wish:

  • Darcy Dent, daughter of the late Constance Green, and the late Jackson Green request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter, Randi

In the case of divorced parents

While it may sound confusing, if there are parental divorces, it’s actually simple. As long as you keep each parent on a separate line, it will be fine:

  • James and Mary Peterson
  • and Colin Jones and Linda Jones

Guest request line

Here, you’re making a formal request for people to come to your wedding. Some examples include:

  • Invite you to celebrate the marriage of
  • Invite you to join them
  • Honour of your presence
  • Would love for you to join them

Relationship line

The relationship line is simply a single line that tells you how the hosts are related to the couple, such as:

  • The marriage of their children
  • For the marriage of their daughter
  • If this is a small wedding, hosted by the couple, you may use, “At the celebration of their nuptials”

Names of the bride and groom

Next, it’s time to place the names of the lucky couple, always starting with the bride first. There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Marianne Elise Quimby and Gordon Lee Childs
  • Jackie and Paul
  • Francis Anne and Matthew Smith

Date and time of the ceremony

When it comes to this section, know that for a formal wedding, you write the time out using words, never numbers. If the wedding is informal, then the use of numbers is acceptable.

  • Saturday, June 10 2014 at three thirty in the afternoon
  • Sunday, the 5th of November, 2016 at half past 6 in the evening
  • Saturday the 10th of June, two thousand and seventeen, 6 o’clock in the evening

Reception location

If the wedding is formal, then it’s customary to include the reception information on a card. You may also elect to place it on the wedding invitation if there’s enough space.

For weddings where the reception and ceremony are in the same building

  • Reception immediately following
  • Afterward at the reception

For Reception locations away from the ceremony site

Here, you’ll place the location on it’s own line. If the reception does not immediately follow the wedding, be sure to include the time.

Dress code, if any

Not all wedding invitations have a dress code, but if yours does then it’s customary to place the information in the lower right corner of the invitation.

Include RSVP cards with self-addressed, stamped envelopes

The RSVP card is separate from the invitation, and allows invited guests to answer whether or not they will attend. The return address on the stamped envelopes belongs to the hosts of the wedding, not the bride and groom.

Unique Wedding Invitation Samples

The Brides Parents are Hosts

It’s with great pleasure

Dorothy Blackthorn


George Ravenswood

Invite you to join them

at the celebration of their marriage

Sunday, June 16, 2016

at 3:30 in the afternoon

Macey’s Chapel – Green Room

New York, New York

Reception at The Golden Leaf

The Bride and Groom are Hosts

Please join us for the wedding of

Lisa Durning and Kyle Frankllin


The 6th of January, 2018

at half past 8 in the evening

The Golden Chalice

San Francisco, California

Reception to follow

Parents of Both the Bride and Groom are Hosts

Floyd and Mrs Conklin

Mr. and Mrs. Broderick Johnson

Wish to cordially invite you

To the marriage of their Children

Francis Anne and Bernard Humphrey

Sunday, the Thirty First of October

Two thousand and seventeen

at seven o’clock in the evening

Macey’s Chapel

300 West Kensington

New York, New York

Reception to follow

Black tie formal

Venue Location Mentioned

Mr. and Mrs. David Sanderson

Cordially invite you to join them

At the marriage of their daughter

Alice Bean


Geoffrey David Standish

Sunday, the twenty-fifth of November

Two thousand and fourteen

at five o’clock

Vineyard Chapel

New York, New York

Dinner and Dancing to follow

Casual Wedding Invitation Sample

Howdy partners!

Grace and George Cumberland here

To request your presence

At the joining of our two kids,

Kate and Alex

The houtinanny starts

3 p.m. at Barstool Corral

San Marcos, CA

Has a large neon sign,

can’t miss it!

Dancing and drinking to follow!

BYOB and a dish to share with folks

Come as you are, Western attire preferred

Wedding Invitation Templates

Our wedding invitation templates are designed with you in mind. No need to learn Photoshop or any other graphic design software. No need to pay a professional printer to do them for you. With our wedding invitation templates you’re in control. You select the design that most fits your ceremony, and you’re set to begin.

How to Customize the Wedding Invitation?

These wedding invitation templates are fully customizable in MS Word and some in PDF, and quite simple to edit. First, select the design of your choice and download it to your computer. Next, open the template up in MS Word. Now, here’s where the fun begins. Using MS Word, you are now able to add your personal information. But that’s only the begriming. You can opt to add a photo of the couple to the template, or even add some wedding themed clipart! The text is totally customizable, you can alter the size, color and font style, and even add a romantic verse or song lyric if you like! Once the template is to your choosing, save and print! Don’t forget the fancy stationary when you print them out. By using our wedding invitation templates, you’ll be able to save both time and money on your wedding invitations!