Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit Form

The Washington state three (3) day notice to quit is a legal document utilized by a property owner/property manager/owner to legally request renters of a rented property to move out of the property within three (3) days due to actions conducted by the renter(s) that are considered not in compliance with their rental agreement. These are actions that could be considered dangerous to the safety and health of the property or other residents.

The property owner must complete the document and deliver it immediately to avoid additional safety hazards to persons and/or property. As well, Washington law requires immediate written contact to remain in compliance.

Washington 3-Day Notice | Illegal Activity (Template)

Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit (Illegal Activity)

3-Day Notice to Quit: Washington State 3-Day Notice to Quit for Nuisance, Waste or Unlawful utilization of the Property.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

Washington Law – RCW 59.12.030(5)

How to Write (Washington 3-Day Notice)

Step 1 – Notice to the renter(s) – property owner completes the following:

  • Include the name of the primary renter listed on the lease document
  • Include the full address of the property to be evacuated

Step 2 – Notification – renter(s)

  • The property owner must enter the date in paragraph two (2) of the document in mm/dd/yyyy format to provide clear timeframes regarding the time they have to evacuate the property

Step 3 – Contravention – renters(s):

  • The property owner enters a brief description of the contravention of the lease agreement, which has led to the immediate requirement for the renters to evacuate the rented property.

Step 4 – Document Date – The property owner must provide the effective date of the notice as follows:

  • Move Into into the City of the offices of the property owners
  • Deliver the date in dd/mm/yyyy format

Step 5 – Signatures –

  • The owner and/or agent who handles the property must sign the document
  • Enter the address of the property owner’s office

Provide a contact telephone number for the owner and/or agent

Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit (Illegal Activity) – Format

To: (Primary Renters name as per lease agreement)

And All Additional Renters at

(Full Address of the Property)

The primary renter and all others at the property are notified to quit the property and to give up control of the property within 3 days of serving this letter to you.

The primary renter and all others at the property are requested to give up the property and provide to the owner no later than midnight on (DATE).

The primary renter and all others at the property are requested to leave the property within 3 days from the date this letter is served, based on the grounds that you have violated a major requirement of your rental agreement, by engaging in activities that present an imminent danger to the safety, health and physical well being of all occupants by (DATE).

If possession is not surrendered as requested by this letter, within 3 days, legal action will commence in accordance with RCW 59.12 and 59 causing your eviction, judgement against you for any damages as well as reasonable legal fees.

This letter supersedes and replaces all previous eviction letters.

Dated at (address), this day of (DATE).

Property Owner (Signature) or (Agent)

(Full Address)

(Phone Number)

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