Washington 14-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment)

The 14-Day Notice to Quit is a letter used by property owners when a renter living in one of their property units does not pay rent on the agreed due date. It is a requirement in Washington state to provide renters the opportunity to pay their rent in fourteen (14) days of receiving the notice or vacate the property, returning possession to the property owner. If the renter fails to pay what is owed or leave the unit, the property owner may then file an eviction lawsuit at the supreme court.

Once completed, the notice to quit should be delivered personally to the renter. If the renter is unavailable, leave the notice with another person living at the property is allowed but the property owner must also send a copy to the unit by certified mail. If the renter and no other person can be found at the property, the property owner can leave the letter to quit attached to the unit in an obvious and conspicuous place while also sending a copy of the letter by certified mail to the address of the property.

Washington 14-Day Notice to Quit (Template)

Washington 14-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) (Word Template)

14-Day Notice to Quit: Washington State 14 Day Letter to Pay Outstanding Rent or Leave the Property.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

Laws – 59.12.030(3)

How to Write (14-Day Notice to Quit)

Step 1 – Download The Document Required to Prepare A 14-Day Notice To Pay Rent

Step 2 – Enter the name of the individual renter(s) this notice is being sent to. This is the renter who has not paid the overdue rent and expenses they agreed to pay in the rental agreement. Enter the complete name of the renter(s). line.

Step 3 – Add the physical address of the premises you expect the renter to vacate.

Step 4 – List the overdue rent. notice. List overdue amounts that must be paid for utilities. List other Recurring or Periodic Charges. purpose. List the “Total Amount Due.”

Step 5 – Execute The document with – Landlord Signature and Instructions

Sign and date the document (letter form), print your name under the signature.

Washington 14-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Payment) – Format

To: (primary renter named on the lease agreement

And all other renters at the property, located at

(full address of the property)

You have received this letter because the property owner alleges you have not complied with the terms of the rental agreement, having failed to pay rent and/or utilities or periodic charges that are now past due.

Overdue Monthly rent

List Month(s) Dollar Amount($)

And / Or

Utilities Rent Due

List Month(s) Dollar Amount($)

Recurring charges as per the rental agreement

List Month(s) Dollar Amount($)

Total Amount now due: $—————

Payment as per above must be rendered by Certified funds, money order, cashier’s check or cash as per this agreement.

The total amount due must be paid to the property owner within 14 days from the delivery of this letter to leave the property. Any payments made will be applied to the amounts due on this letter. Failure to comply to this letter within 14 days from the delivery of this letter may result in legal proceedings potentially leading to eviction from the property.

More information can be obtained from the Washington State Office of the Attorney General on its web site. There is information on this web site on how to find a low cost advocate or lawyer or you can call 211 to learn additional information about these services.

Washington State law also provides the right to receive and use interpretive services at court.

Property Owner: (signature) Date (Add Date)

Total Amount Due: ($)

Property Owner’s Name: ______

Full address: _____

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