Warning Letter to Tenant for Property Damage

As a landlord or property owner, maintaining your property in the best condition is almost second nature. The same cannot be said about every tenant. Some tenants deliberately or negligently damage appliances, fixings, or furniture in their rented home. This can leave you with a pile or repair bills unless you warn the tenant and demand retribution.

A warning letter to tenant for property damage is an official correspondence. It is sent to tenants who damage property in a rented apartment by home. With the letter, you can inform the tenant of the repairs needed and penalties for noncompliance.

Are you a landlord looking for a way to warn a negligent tenant? Here is all you should know.

A warning letter can be difficult to draft, especially if you dread confrontation. However, it is your right as a landlord to require that your property be maintained in good condition. A well-written letter will help you protect this right without victimizing your tenant. If you don’t know where to start, a standard Warning Letter to Tenant for Property Damage should contain the following information:

  • The tenant’s name, apartment number, and address
  • How you discovered the damages – Your method should be legal and mentioned in the lease agreement. This could be a quarterly or annual inspection.
  • A list of the property damages – Mention the damaged fixtures or furniture by names such as electric bulb, door jamb, and kitchen sink.
  • The nature of the damages – Are the doors broken? Sinks blocked? Lights disconnected? Help the tenant understand what damages they have made to the property.
  • Corrective measures – Suggest what the tenant could do to repair the damages to your property. You can provide the contact information or a repairer.
  • Possible repercussions – Mention what might happen if the tenant doesn’t make the repairs by the deadline.
  • Your name and address – This will legitimize the letter. You can also include your company letterhead and signature.

Warning Letter to Tenant for Property Damage (Format)


{Tenant’s Name}

{Property Name}

{Property Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Damages in {Apartment/House Number}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Tenant’s Last Name},

Following the inspection on your {apartment/house} on {date}, I discovered some damages to the property. I am writing to bring these damages to your attention. They are as follows:

• {List damaged features, e.g., front door, kitchen sink, shower head}

• {Explain nature of the damage, e.g., broken door, blocked sink, clogged shower head}

As indicated in your lease agreement, signed on {date}, you are responsible for any damages made on the property during your tenancy. I, therefore, request that you address these concerns by {date}.

I am ready to assist in any way I can, including hiring a repairer. However, the expenses will be billed to your account. Noncompliance will have repercussions.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at {contact information}.

Thank you for your time and compliance.


{Landlord Name}

{Landlord Signature}

Sample Warning Letter to Tenant for Property Damage

10 October 2030

Annabel Crisfield

Glorious Apartments

123 Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 23567

Re: Damage to Your Apartment Doors

Dear Ms. Crisfield,

I recently conducted the quarterly property inspection on Glorious Apartments, where you are currently a tenant. I am writing to bring to your attention to the three broken doors in your apartment, Apartment 56GA. These damages need to be repaired right away.

According to your lease contract, which you signed on 2 January 2022, you are responsible for any damages made to the house during your tenancy. I recommend that you contact my repairman on charlesdrey.com to arrange an assessment.

I expect you will resolve this matter by 20 October 2030. While I don’t prefer to, I will be forced to take legal action if you don’t.

Kindly contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your compliance.


Beverly Hayle

Warning Letter to Tenant for Property Damage (Word Template)

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Final Thoughts

While your property is important to you, a physical confrontation with a tenant can go sideways. A letter is more professional, direct, and effective. It allows you to pass your warning in a non-aggressive manner. It also provides a negligent tenant with the opportunity to make amends.

When drafting your warning letter to the tenant for property damage, maintain a professional tone. List the damages to your property and recommend some solutions. You can also include a firm but polite warning of the result of noncompliance.