18 Free Volunteer Thank You Letters

Volunteer coordinators always have an important task in an organization when it comes to appreciating the organization’s volunteers. Thanking volunteers is an important gesture that shows how much you appreciate their work. Many volunteer coordinators would look for plagues, gifts, or recognition dinners to thank their volunteers.

What if there was a better way of appreciating volunteers than the gifts, plagues, and dinners? The value that volunteers bring to an organization is worth more than just a simple gift. A well-crafted volunteer thank you letter is the perfect appreciation gift.

What is a Volunteer Thank You Letter?

This is a special thank you letter written by an organization to a volunteer, thanking him/her for exceptional services rendered to the organization as a volunteer. It is an acknowledgment that the organization recognizes the work done by the volunteer. Of course, it isn’t a replacement for the traditional dinner and awards of gifts, but an additional appreciation that creates a personal connection with the volunteer.

Volunteer Thank You Letter (Examples and Templates)

Why Thanking is More Important than Your Busy Schedule

As a volunteer coordinator in your company, it is expected that you are busy most of the time. However, despite your busy schedule, you should take some time to write a volunteer thank you letter. It is important because of the following reasons:

  • It will make the volunteers feel extremely valuable because they know how busy you are, and how hard it is to set some time aside to pen a letter.
  • It is rare to get an actual card in the mail sent by an actual person.
  • Volunteers working for non-profit organizations will appreciate your efficient use of resources in the organization.
  • A simple card will make the day of a volunteer happy.
  • It is a way of retaining volunteers because they feel appreciated.

Characteristics of a Perfect Volunteer Thank You Letter

Make it personal indicating their personal contribution

When you are writing a thank you letter to a volunteer, you need to be specific to them. They must know that it is them that you are addressing in the letter. In the letter, you must recognize their sacrifices and performances during their stint at your organization. This will make the letter feel personal rather than just a normal thank you letter.

Be specific

You must be specific about what the volunteers did in your organization. The best way is to identify something that the volunteer has gone over and beyond. For example, you could appreciate them for always staying late to clear pending work.

Connect your letter to the mission

Most volunteers that you have in your organization are there simply because they believe in your organization’s mission. There is a reason why they chose your organization. You should also recognize that reason in the thank you letter you write to them. Show them how they were important in advancing the mission.

Make your letter timely

Whenever you see something in a volunteer that you would like to recognize, you should do it immediately. This keeps the experience fresh in the volunteer’s mind and you start to enjoy the benefits of a happy volunteer sooner than later.

Be vulnerable

You should use this letter to show your volunteers how they have impacted the organization. Let them know that their actions in the organization have made you feel happy, and you are proud to be their leader.

Sign your name

You shouldn’t forget to sign your name at the end of the letter. Even if you are sending via email, you can include a personal closing that will give the letter a personal touch.

How to Write a Volunteer Thank You Letter

You should make the process of writing volunteer thank you letters so easy that you won’t even think about skipping them. Here are some of the top considerations that can make your work of writing these letters easy:

  • Use a datebook or any other formal way of recording the accomplishments of volunteers
  • Have the basic tools that can help you write a volunteer thank you letter at any time. Here are some useful tools that you should have:
  • Envelopes and cards
  • Postage stamps
  • Return address labels
  • Contact information of your volunteers.

If you have these tools ready, you can write a volunteer letter at any time.

Volunteer Thank You Letter Format

[Organization’s Logo]

[Organization’s address]
[Phone Number]


Salutation [the name of the volunteer],

Thank you so much [mention what they have done great]! [Insert personal and emotional details] [Indicate their contribution to the mission]
[Express personal gratitude] Thank you!

[Your name]

Sample Volunteer Thank You Letter

Here is a sample volunteer thank you letter:

Save A Child Organization

321 Monrovia Street Nashville,
Tennessee 12345
save-a-child . org

December 5, 2020

Hi Kelly,

Thank you so much for packing all sanitary towels boxes. You were truly dedicated to the task and helped the team achieve their quarterly objective. Thanks for writing the newsletter too!

All the sanitary towels have already been shipped to Africa and we are expecting them to be disbursed within two weeks. Thanks for the time you spent getting everything ready to accomplish this mission. All the smiles on the orphans’ faces will be on you; you were great!

I’m so delighted that you are part of the team! Thanks a lot!




It’s the little things that always matter. The little things such as volunteer thank you letter have a bigger impact than you can imagine. You just need to get it right by following the simple steps shared to keep the faces of your volunteers happy.

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