Volunteer Application Template – 20+ Forms

Potential volunteers write down the volunteer application template to show how they can be of a great assistance to the organization. It is a simple and a basic paper work that mentions the contact details, information, availability, interests, skills, experiences as a previous volunteer and qualifications. From the perspective of the recruiter, it is necessary to appoint appropriate people that promises sufficient time, energy and perseverance.

The organization will be held responsible for any wrong or illegal act of volunteers. So, it is essential that suitable volunteers are recruited for the work based on adequate paperwork and documents. The organization must run a thorough face to face interview for a thorough screening of both negative and positive characteristics of the volunteer.

Some of basic components of the volunteer application form are mentioned below.

Basic Components of the Volunteer Application

  •  Contact Details including address, phone number and email address
  •  Date of birth
  •  Emergency contact
  •  Previous experiences and other volunteer experiences if any that may be pertinent to the volunteer position desired.
  •  Statement and description of any criminal offence committed by the applicant
  •  Highest education level achieved
  •  Physical features and limitations
  •  Languages known
  •  Details on current employment and current organization
  •  Valid Identity Proofs
  •  Personal and professional names with their names and contact numbers
  •  Skills and Qualities
  •  Preferred volunteer job type and reason for volunteering
  •  How did the candidate hear about the organization?
  •  Hours and days available for work.
  •  Signature of the applicant and the date of signature.

Volunteer Application Templates and Forms

Nonprofit Success Volunteer Application Template

Non Profit Success Volunteer Application Template

Volunteer Registration Application Form Template

Volunteer Registration Application Form Template

A Volunteer Application Form is required for two major reasons. Firstly, it helps in screening and checking process and interview and secondly it gives an insight into the character of the volunteer. It questions the volunteers all the necessary information required for the organization. This form is the most important tool for the recruitment of the volunteers. Without this, the interview cannot be conducted. The volunteer would have to fill in all the information in the Volunteer Application Form.

Volunteer Application Template Fillable

Volunteer Application Form Template Fillable

Volunteer Application Form in PDF

Volunteer Application Form in PDF

Volunteer Personal Application Form

Volunteer Personal Application Form Template


Volunteer Application (Group) in Word

Volunteer Application Template in Word

Volunteer Application Template Sample (PDF)

Volunteer Application Template Sample

Sample Volunteer Application (For Word)

Volunteer Application Sample

Volunteer Application (Table Format)

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Sample Form

Sample Volunteer Application Form

Anyone interested to contribute services for a common goal like education can stand as a school volunteer. Generally, they are non-paid workers. A volunteer provides supportive assistance based on his experience and skills. One has to fill in all the details required in the School Volunteer Form Template. It also helps to keep a track the quality services provided by volunteers in schools.

School Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application Form Template

To maintain an organized team of volunteers, it is important to update a time sheet for volunteers based on their duty types and the number of working hours given to complete a particular task. Volunteer Hours Form Templates saves time, energy, money and brings out quality results of the performance. It also shows the total amount of work assigned to them by the organization and the number of duties or tasks performed. It keeps a track and maintains a record of the daily or monthly performances which not only helps the volunteers themselves but also the organization they are working for.

Blank Volunteer Application in Word

Word Volunteer Application Template

Volunteer Application Form for Word

Volunteer Application Form for Word

Community Association Volunteer Application

Community Association Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Application DOC Format

Volunteer Application Template(DOC)

Sample for Volunteer Application

Sample for Volunteer Application Template

Printable Volunteer Application

Printable Volunteer Application Template

Volunteer Group Application Form

Volunteer Group Application Form

Fillable Volunteer Application

Fillable Volunteer Application Template

Volunteer Application Form for PDF

Volunteer Application PDF Template

These are the basic types of volunteer templates which one can use to apply in any organization. Just keep in mind the components and the format and you are good to apply.