Vintage Marriage Certificate Template

A vintage marriage certificate is a simple way to acquire an additional marriage certificate. You can share the marriage certificate with friends and relatives, or you can display it in your office business or any room in your house.

Most couples prefer this marriage certificate templates since they are more appealing than the valid marriage certificates. By using a marriage certificate template, your work becomes easier since you’ll customize it to your desired look.

Besides, the templates come in a range of designs from which you can choose. If you want an attractive marriage certificate that will serve your wish, then you have an option by using marriage certificate templates.

Fillable Vintage Marriage Certificate

44 Marriage Certificate Template 1894 Blue Fillable Design


Printable Marriage Certificate #1895


Editable Vintage Marriage Certificate


Vintage Marriage Certificate #1893

43 Marriage Certificate Template 1893 White (Printable Certificate)



Vintage Marriage Certificate Templates

Banana Gold Colored Marriage Certificate Template (Word)

Bronze Certificate of Marriage (Printable Word Template)

Choco Branches Themed Marriage Certificate (Word Template)

Classic Bluish Marriage Certificate Template (Light Blue Design)

Creamy Gray Marriage Certificate Template (Word & PDF)

Marriage Certificate (Elegant Blank Design)

Marriage Certificate License (MS Word) – Black

Marriage Certificate Template With Flowers Border (MS Word Template)

Marriage License Template Photo Frame Size (in Word)

Traditional Frame Marriage Certificate Template (Printable and Editable Design)

    Can you edit the vintage designs?

    The vintage marriage certificate templates are absolutely customizable. You can change various aspects such as the color, font, text, and pictures to what you and your spouse will prefer.

    After editing and customizing the templates, you can then input all the necessary details just like the original marriage certificate. This “fake” marriage certificate will include your names and signatures (spouses) and the names and signatures of the witnesses besides the date of the wedding.

    You can’t alter any details in your original marriage certificate, but you can make appropriate changes to a vintage certificate. To get amazing results, you should use superior quality papers for printing, besides making sure the printer settings are appropriate.

    Can vintage designed marriage certificate be used as a legal document?

    You must recognize that it’s only the government that has the responsibility of issuing valid marriage certificates. In this regard, you can’t use a vintage marriage certificate for legal or business purposes.

    You can hag the certificate in your home, office, or share with others but it can’t be used for any official purposes. You can use this certificate for wedding anniversaries or as the cover page of your wedding photo album.

    Other ways you can use your vintage marriage certificate include:

    • Use it fora bridal shower or engagement party
    • Laminate and use them as placements for your wedding dinner
    • Place it on a photo frame and issue it as a wedding gift certificate to the couple on their wedding day or wedding anniversary