Vacation Request Letter for Engagement

Vacation request letter can be defined as a formal letter, which an employee gives to an institution or organization to inform or take permission when he or she plans holidays or vacation. An employee would need some time off from work to enjoy time with family, visit a new place, or there could be plenty of other reasons or attending a wedding ceremony or getting married.

Using a sample or template can be of great assistance to someone who is writing a formal letter attending an engagement ceremony or his/her own engagement.

Letter Format for Engagement

Given below is a format, which can guide a person to write fluently:

Insert Name of Employee HereInsert Address of Employee Here

City, State, Zip Code




Insert Supervisor’s Name here

Insert Title

Insert Name of Company here

Insert Address of Company here

City, State, Zip Code


Subject: Insert Subject here

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, it is to state that my brother is getting married on _____ and therefore, I would need a leave from _____ to _____.

I have already submitted the team project and my team members are aware of the ceremony. My brother will be sending you a formal invitation letter; it would be an honor to have your presence in the ceremony.

Thank You,


Signature of Employee

Name of Employee in Print

Letter for my Engagement

Dear Sir/Madam,With due respect, it is to inform that my engagement ceremony is held on Sept 21, 2018. Being the eldest member of the family and have to do preparations for the ceremony. It is important for me to take a one-week vacation from ____ to ______.

During my absence, anyone from the office can reach me at 999-999-999. I will try constantly be in touch with the team members at [email protected] The team members are already aware of the important details of the upcoming project and you are there to guide them in my absence. I have also requested Ms. LMN for assistance.

Thank You,



For brother’s/ sister’s engagement

Dear Sir/Madam,With due respect, it is to say that the engagement ceremony of my younger brother/sister is held on _______. Being the elder sister/brother, I have to do the necessary preparations, as my parents are alone. For this reason, I need a one-week Leave from ____ to ______.

Kindly grant me Leave For a week. During my absence, Mr. ABC will take care of the accounts and I have already told him the details of the next meeting. You can reach me at [email protected] in case of an emergency, as I would not be using my phone. My father’s phone number is 999-999-999 and I will be using this number during the Vacation back home.

Thank You,



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