Vacation Leave Request Letter: Format & Samples

A vacation leave request letter is a formal letter written by an employee to his or her employer to request for some time off from work. When writing this letter, it important that you use a sample of a vacation leave request letter, this will enable you to avoid problems like failing to include an address or indicating departure date.

Here is letter format and some sample letters to help you.

Things to keep in mind when writing a vacation leave request letter

  • This letter should be written several weeks prior to your planned vacation.
  • The letter should be short and precise and should also contain all the important information.
  • Remember to research the vacation policies of the company you work for.
  • Ensure to fill all the forms and file them according to your company’s guidelines.
  • The letter should also be written in a very formal manner.
  • The reason for this request should be very clear and accurate.

Vacation Request Letter Format

Vacation Request Letter for two weeks:

Your Name


State, Zip Code




Supervisor’s Name




State, Zip Code


Re: Request for two weeks vacation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am formally requesting for two weeks of vacation leave from (state your departure date and the date that your vacation is supposed to end). I will be back to work on (state the date that you expect to be back to work). State the reason for your vacation request.

Explain whether you have finished all the projects that were assigned to you, if not then also explain how you have delegated those projects to your colleagues and how they will be done.

Thank him or her for his time and consideration; provide him your telephone number for easier communication.


Your Signature

Your Name in Print

Annual Leave Request Letter

This is a letter written by an employee requesting his employer to grant him or her permission to take annual leave; it can also be written by a company to request its employee to take annual leave as part of the contract. Annual leave can boost your staff’s morale; it can also make the employees more productive and less stressed.

Annual Leave Request Letter

Simple Vacation Request Letter

A simple letter written by an employee to his or her employer to give him a chance to take some time off from for a specific period. It is important for an employee seeking vacation to write this letter, this is because telling it verbally to your employer may not seem professional and it can also be easily forgotten.

Sample Vacation Request Letter

Formal Vacation Request Letter

Formal Vacation Request Letter

Yearly Vacation Request Letter

Yearly Vacation Request Letter

Emergency Leave Request Letter

This is a letter written by an employee to his or her supervisor to request for leave from work because of unforeseen circumstances like death, illness or accident. This will enable you to have good communication with your supervisor and hence given leave to attend to that urgent matter.

Emergency Leave Request Letter

Annual Vacation Request Letter

Annual Vacation Request Letter

How to write a request letter for vacation leave

First paragraph

Explain the reason for writing this letter and include the period for your vacation, remember, the reason should be very clear,

Indicate the date you would want to leave and the date you are to report back to work.

Second paragraph

Name the employees that will take over your responsibilities when you are away, explain how you have delegated your unfinished tasks.

Third paragraph

Show your gratitude to the supervisor or human resource and provide your telephone number.

Remember: If your immediate supervisor has approved your request then remember to enclose his letter of approval and state their authorization.

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