Vacation Leave Request Letter for Traveling Abroad

Vacation Leave Request Letter for Traveling Abroad

A vacation request letter is an official letter written by an employee to his or her employer to ask for time off work. When traveling abroad and you need to get a few days from work, writing this formal letter in a professional manner is what you should start with. It is important to read a few samples of vacation request letters to get the right format and language that you should use while writing your own.

This is a way of showing your professionalism unlike requesting for vacation days to travel verbally.

Letter Format

Here is a format of how a vacation request letter is supposed is supposed to be written:

{Your Names}

{Your Address}

{Your City}

{Skip a line}

The Chief Executive Officer

Xyz Company


(Skip a line)


(Skip a line)

Dear Madam,


I am writing this letter {reason} as from {DATES}. I will be spending… {Explain how the vacation days will be spent in brief while stating the dates}.{Skip a line before the next paragraph}

{The next paragraph should state if you have a replacement at your workstation for the few days and who}. {In case of any delays, state that you will communicate to the relevant office}

{Skip a line}

I am looking forward to getting a positive reply from you. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

{Your Sign}

{Your Name}

Sample Leave Request Letter for Traveling Abroad

Gideon SmithChristian Drive

Phoenix, Arizona

The Managing Director

Tastie Foods Restaurant

211 Bridgeway

Phoenix, Arizona


11th September 2022


Dear Sir,

I am writing this later to request 8 days to travel abroad for my graduation that is to be held on {DATE} as from 10 am to 4pm at the University of Good cape in Charlotte, Raleigh North California. As you have been all aware, I have been taking a master’s degree in Food and Beverage Production and Service since {DATES} and completed my session early this year.

I humbly request to be allowed the 8 days off work beginning from {DATE} to {DATE}. I will be using the five days from {DATE} to {DATE} to finalize on the clearance procedures, attend the rehearsals and the mock graduation ceremony in preparation for the big day. The day after the graduation {DATE} will be spend at the University Main Hall to return the graduation gown, pick my clearance certificates and confirm my clearance with the University departments. I will travel on the 8th day, {DATE} and upon arrival I will let your office know.

I know all will go well and I will not have any inconveniences or emergencies that may cause delays. If any, I will communicate as soon as possible for any change of plans to your office. Kindly organize for someone to take my space for these few days and when I return, I will do due diligence.

Thank you and I am looking forward to being granted this request.

Yours Faithfully,


Gideon Smith

(Sous Chef)