Vacation Leave Request Letter for Nurses

A vacation request letter is a formal letter that an employee writes to their employer to ask for time off work. This type of letter is written once in a while to go on a holiday after a long time of being at work-basically a leave. As a nurse, you need to show professionalism even in writing. That is why it is important to read a few samples of vacation request letters.

Doing this professionally increases your chances of your vacation request being approved.

Letter Format

(Your Names)(Your Address)

(Your City)

The Chief Executive Officer

Xyz Company


(Skip a line)


(Skip a line)

Dear Sir,


This letter is to (reason) beginning from (DATES). I will (Explain how the vacation days will be spent briefly while stating the dates write when you will return to work).

(Skip a line before this paragraph) (The next paragraph should state if you have someone to fill your place at the workstation for the days you are away and who will replace you). (In case of any emergencies, state that you will communicate to the relevant office and communicate on upon arrival if you will have taken more days)

(Skip a line)

I hope that my request will be granted.

Yours Faithfully,

(Your Sign)

(Your Name)

Sample Vacation Leave request letter for Nurses

Mary Thompson3rd Street Highway Lane

Washington DC


The Senior Clinical Officer

Mother & Child Care Hospital

41 Kendall Road

Washington DC


10th September 2022


Dear Sir,

This is a formal request for 6 days leave to proceed with my marriage which has been scheduled for (DATES) to be held in Hawaii USA. It will take four days for the cultural marriage and the white wedding. The cultural marriage is scheduled on (DATE) at my home at Leilani Estate in Puna District in Hawaii and the white wedding on (DATE) at Puna Cathedral in Puna District Hawaii. The two days are to give me enough time to travel abroad and make the final preparations.

As you are aware, I have been engaged for a long time and it will be rightful to put formalize my union with my partner like the law advises. I have done all the duties I am supposed to do this week and worked a few more days. To avoid my work station from being unoccupied, I have requested Nurse Joyleen Benards to work on my behalf on the days I will be away.

I will use the two days after the white wedding (DATES) to travel back to the city and resume work on (DATE) at 6:30 am in the morning. In case of any delays, I will communicate to you but hopefully there will be no issues that will lead to this.

Thank you and I hope my request will be granted.

Yours Sincerely,


Mary Thompson

Junior Nurse

(Outpatient Department)

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