Travel Permission Letter (Format & Sample Letters)

A travel permission letter may be written for a variety of different reasons relating to travel, tour, and leave from a school or a business. This is a formal letter that can be complicated to write if you have little to no experience with this type of writing. It must include specific information that conforms to established policies and procedures for schools and businesses. In most cases, travel permission letters are required as a part of the student or employee permanent file with the organization.

Travel permission letters for a minor are written by a parent or guardian who acknowledges that the minor child under their supervision would travel either alone or accompanied by an adult who is not the legal guardian of the child. The letter grants permission for the child to participate in the trip. This type of letter may also be written by an employee of a company, to his or her employer, requesting permission for leave from work.

  • Gather addresses and other information. The first step is to gather the addresses of the person you’re addressing in the permission letter. If you know the person or work together, you don’t need to include the addresses for the sender or receiver, but if you do not, it is advised. The name and title of the person you’re sending the permission letter is also needed.
  • Gather complete information about the destination, including the itinerary with allowed locations date of departure and date of return. Also include information about the adult(s) chaperoning the minor child for inclusion in the permission letter.
  • State the purpose of the letter. Keep this brief with just 3 to 7 words that are either bolded or underlined to attract attention.
  • Write the Salutation. State the purpose of the letter followed by relevant details about the circumstances that led you to take this step, the length of time you want to be excused, and a polite request for permission
  • Provide enough details to validate your request and keep the content clear, concise, and to the point with proper grammar and double-check your work to ensure accuracy in spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Travel Permission Letter (Format)

To {Recipient’s name}

{Recipient’s Title}

{Company name}


{City, State, and Zip Code}

From: {Sender name. Address is optional}


{Dear Sir/Madam},

RE: {Statement of the permission}

I am writing to request permission for {reason for the permission} on {dates for requested permission}. I plan to return to work on {date of return}. The reason for {the purpose of the permission request} is to {explain why this is important and the benefits}.

I will be gone for {number of days/duration of leave} and promise to return to work immediately following my arrival.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter,

Sincerely {Your name}

Signature {Your Signature}

{Contact information}

Sample Travel Permission Letter

To Mr. John Hall

Executive Director

Abel’s Foods

399 East A Street

Seattle, WA. 99999

From: Betty Scott

June 12, 2028

Dear Mr. Hall,

RE: Conference on Produce Handling Practices

I am writing to request permission to attend the Produce conference practices seminar offered in Bellingham, WA. The conference takes place from July 8, 2028, through July 10, 2028. I am required to log in training hours to maintain my certification per Abel’s Foods policies on fresh food handlers. The training is essential for professional development and offers the credit hours that I need to obtain. I will be away from my post for three days from July 8, 2028, through July 10, 2028, and will return to my normal schedule at work on July 11, 2028.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing about your decision.


Betty Scott

What to Include in a Travel Permission Letter for a Minor

  • The child’s information. This includes the name of the child, along with the date of birth, and any medical conditions if applicable.
  • Information about the destination. All allowed travel destinations are included, along with the reason for the trip.
  • Chaperone information. The name of the adult person(s) accompanying the minor who will assume responsibility for the safety and supervision of the child should also be included.
  • The dates. The date of departure and the date of return must be included in the travel permission letter.
  • Parent information. The first and last names of the parent(s) granting permission, along with contact information, and a signature acknowledging details of the leave as well as granting permission for the child to go on the trip, along with the date that the letter is signed.

Travel Permission Letter from Parents

From, Anna Jackson

822 Bentley Park Ave

Oregon City, Oregon 98765

email: ajackson@gmailcom

Phone: (300) 988-3838

06 June 2028

To Mr. Robert Packer


St. Joseph’s School

890 Allen Street

Oregon City, Oregon, 98765

Subject: Travel Permission

Dear Mr. Packer,

I, Anna Jackson, the mother of Seth Jackson, having legal guardianship over him, am writing this letter on his behalf. I give my consent to travel from Oregon City, Oregon to Washington State on August 29, 2028, as a part of the tour of the Microsoft Corporation with Ms. Johnson, her instructor overseeing Seth and his classmates.

The tour that Seth is participating in is to promote careers in technology. This is not his first school tour, and I can assure you that he will observe the established codes of conduct for students during the journey.

I have provided signed consent below, along with contact details, if you need to reach me. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I have also included emergency contact details for Seth’s grandmother if you cannot reach me, as an alternative.

He has no known medical conditions, but I have included the emergency contact information for his physician, and I grant permission to seek emergency medical help in the event of an accident or unforeseen health crisis.

Please accept this letter as my official approval for him to travel under the conditions specified.

Thank you for your consideration,


Anna Jackson

What to Include in a Travel Request Letter to Employer

  • Your full name, title and contact information
  • Details about the trip. State the reason for the trip and include any benefits for the job if it is for training or professional development. Include where you’re going and if it’s a conference or training, the name of the event.
  • Dates of leave
  • Be clear about the dates of the trip, including the day you leave and the day you will return to work.

Travel Permission Request Letter to Employer

From: Mr. Andrew Smith, Head of Operations

Accounting Department, Weston Laboratories

938 Alpine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 98765



To: Mr. Eric Dural

Accounting Department Director

Weston Laboratories

373 Sycamore Drive

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 98765

July 27, 2028

Dear Mr. Dural,

Greetings! I am writing to your office to request permission to travel to a business conference that is being held abroad. It is an international event that is sponsored by the International Finance Corporation for accounting practices in international teams. The International Conference for Business and Relations in Science is being held in Stockholm, Sweden this year. It provides insights on how companies can better work together when dealing with diverse financial institutions and markets.

I would represent our company as a member of the group, and a 3-year member in good standing, providing input on the processes that we have put in place, to share our views on the best practices with other members of the group. Plans to complete the agreement on best practices are a part of the agenda for the conference, and representation is important to have our voice heard. I have served as chair of the planning committee at past conferences and have received an invitation to attend the upcoming event.

I am requesting permission from you, my immediate supervisor, to submit my acceptance and register for the conference within the next two weeks to meet the deadline, and allow me to attend. I would leave on September 20, 2028, traveling from Newark International Airport to Stockholm, Sweden, and returning on September 25, 2028, from Stockholm to Newark. I would return to work on September 25, 2028, after a 4-day absence from my post. I appreciate your understanding and consideration for this leave that would benefit our company’s international cooperative agreements with our foreign partners.

I look forward to hearing about your decision.


John Smith, Employee

Travel Permission Approval Letter (from Employer)

A travel permission letter from the employer is an approval letter to an employee who has submitted an official request for business or personal travel or tour.

John Smith

Head of Operations

Accounting Department

Weston Laboratories

July 28, 2028

Dear John,

I’ve considered your request for permission to attend the International Conference for Business and Relations in Science in Stockholm, Sweden. Your leave to attend this conference is approved for the period of September 20, 2028, through September 25, 2028.

Please plan on presenting a briefing upon your return, along with a written summary of the information you gain that is relevant to our international business dealings with partner members of the group.

Your willingness to represent our company at this important conference is appreciated, and we look forward to learning more about the proceedings upon your return.

With regards,

Eric Dural

Accounting Department Director

Leave Application Letter for Travelling (for Work)

June 12, 2028

Albert Howard

Managing Director

Ambient Investments

399 Plum Avenue

Jackson, Mississippi 05678

Subject: Leave Application for Traveling

Dear Mr. Howard,

As you are aware, our company has granted a sales promotion project to the Pendleton, Oregon branch of Ambient Investments. I received a call from our project manager, who is in charge of the project is having problems with the staff of that branch. He is asking for the assistance of our senior project staff. The staff at the Pendleton branch needs training and teambuilding. I am requesting that you allow our senior delegation to travel to the Pendleton branch to provide training in the coming week. We anticipate a 3-day training session from June 17, 2028, to June 20, 2028.

Thank you for your consideration,

With regards,

Jack Dunn

Senior Project Manager

(508) 876-2947

Leave Application Letter for Travelling (for School)

March 8, 2029

Stewart James

Managing Director

St. Martin’s Institute

299 Clay Road

Jubilee, MN 29505

Subject: Leave Application for Traveling

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing this letter to request leave from school. My family participates in an annual tour that lasts a month in duration. They cannot leave me alone, and it is a family trip, so there will be no other family members for me to stay with. The family insists I must accompany them. It would be a great help to me if you would approve my leave from school.

I have made arrangements to stay current on my studies by speaking with instructors and securing advanced assignments. They have agreed to accept the work online. The trip is scheduled to begin on April 1, 2029, through May 1, 2029. One week of my absence is during spring break, so it would be a total of 3 weeks that require excusal. I will rejoin my class on May 2, 2029, the day after our return.

I look forward to hearing your decision, and thank you for any assistance you can grant me in advance.


Jessie Amundsen


(409) 294-3785


Leave Application for Traveling Abroad

April 16, 2029

Harold Swan

Managing Director

Huxley & Turner Management Team

975 Riverdale Ave

Pensacola, Florida 93456

Subject: Leave Application for Visiting Abroad

Dear Mr. Swan,

Greetings! I hope you are doing well. I am writing to request a period of leave to go abroad. As we discussed last month, I am required to fulfill my contractual obligation with Huxley & Turner Management Team by spending three weeks in training at our London branch. I have applied for a visa to visit England. I received a call confirming approval of my visa for the period starting July 1, 2028, through July 22, 2028.

This is an official request for leave for this period of time. I will be gone from July 1, 2028, through July 22, 2028 and will return to work on July 23. I respectfully request your permission to fulfill my duties at our branch in London, England, and I look forward to learning more about our international agreements so I can be a more productive member of our team.

I look forward to hearing about your decision at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration.


Jeb Cartier

Senior analyst

(304) 728-6756