Transfer Letter (Format & Sample)

A job transfer request letter is one that you draft to ask your organization to shift you from one department or division to another one of your company. Several challenges have to be countered to draft a quality letter of this kind. That is why a sample and template to that effect is by all means useful.

What to Include in a Transfer Letter

Introduction about yourself

Start by introducing yourself. Explain how you have related to the company. The year when you started working for the organization, the capacity in which you have been working and the department thereof. This is to draw a connection with the firm and help with understanding your case.

Specify your preferred new department

You now have to specify your preferred new department. How productive will most likely be in your new position? How does the relocation to the new environment up the entire productivity of the firm altogether? Remember, you have to dispel any ambiguities that the reader might develop in the process.

Purpose of the Transfer

Why do you want to transfer from the department or division you are in, to another? This forms the core of the letter. Thus, you have to clearly showcase the reason to avoid any ambiguities. As you do so, be sure also that you act within the laid down procedures and legal mechanisms that govern such a transfer.

Dates when the transfer is to take effect

Lastly, it is always good to specify the exact dates when the transfer is to take effect. This is necessary to give the employer the psychological preparation he needs to make arrangements for your departure. You should choose a date that is no less than two weeks for the sake of adequate preparations.

Transfer Letter Format

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:


Re: Permission transfer my place of work

I write this letter to ask you to consider my relocation from ____________ (position) in _____________ (department) to a similar position in _______________ (new department or location).

Of late, I have experienced ____________________ (nature of reason for relocation) which I feel shall be best handled with a relocation.

Owing to the urgency of the matter, I ask that the transfer takes effect from ______________ (mm/dd/yyyy) roughly ________________ (duration of the ultimatum) from now.

Having worked for you for ______________ (number of years), I am confident that this change of address is unlikely to impact my productivity and that of the firm negatively. If anything, I will only be more fruitful in my new duty station.

Enclosed in the envelope is my updated resume for your perusal and consideration. Kindly let me know whether a one-on-one review might be necessary.

Many thanks also in advance for your consideration and prior assistance. In case you are needful of more information, please reach me on XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I will gladly furnish the same.


Signature (hard copy letter)

FirstName LastName

Transfer E-Mail Example

Subject: Your Name – Permission To transfer me to a new duty station

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

I currently work for your firm in the capacity of the Project Coordinator. I am however unable to continue working here indefinitely due to the fact that my husband relocated to Dallas, Texas.

Luckily, this company has a branch in that town. It is my humble request hence that you consider transferring me to that city in the same capacity.

My husband has already found a new school for our children. I subsequently persuade you to process my transfer faster enough to be able to allow me to relocate before the commencements of the second semester.

I know that my position is vital to your organization. To help cope with the transition, I have seen it wise to stay on for a month or so after the transfer has been effected.

I have attached a copy of my current updated resume for your own perusal just in case the same might be necessary for a transfer to be effected.



Your name

Maria Johnson

Types of Transfer Letters

a.) Transfer Letter to another Department

As the name implies, this one asks an employer to relocate you from one department to another department of the same organization. The change in the department may usually arise due to a shift in preferences or skill set. Below are some of the contents of this letter:

  • The identity of the present department
  • Your preferred new department
  • Reasons for relocating
  • Any deadlines for relocating
  • How the relocation is likely to impact on your productivity

b.) Job Transfer Request Letter for Personal Reasons

Some personal reasons may usually trigger a job transfer. Examples of these include a family brawl, the transfer of a spouse from one place to another, sicknesses, and childcare needs. If and when these issues arise, you have to draft a letter to that effect. While at it, you will include:

  • The exact reason why you have seen it necessary to relocate
  • Where exactly you would wish to relocate
  • How the relocation is likely to solve that particular problem
  • What you intend to do with the transition period
  • A promise that your relocation will not interfere with your productivity

c.) Internal Transfer Letter

This is a transfer that relocates a worker from one position to another within the same department. It stands apart from the ‘transfer letter to another department’ above in that the relocation is within one department. This letter contains the following pieces of information:

  • The current post and the new desired post
  • The department concerned
  • Reasons underlying the need for a transfer
  • Any deadlines if applicable
  • A demonstration that the transfer is unlikely to compromise your productivity

d.) School Transfer Letter

This is a special transfer letter. It is drafted by a student who wishes to relocate from one school to another school typically within the same school district. While drafting this letter, you have to include the following pieces of information:

  • Your current school
  • The new school you desire to relocate to
  • The circumstances underlying the need for the transfer
  • When the transfer is to take effect
  • How you plan to catch up with the students and curriculum in your new school