Trailer Bill of Sale Forms

Trailer Bill of Sale Forms

Selling a trailer is similar to selling other types of equipment, but there are some differences. That’s why it’s important to have a bill of sale when selling any type of trailer. The bill of sale lists all the important information about the buyer, the seller, and the trailer itself. A good bill of sale helps protect both parties in case of any disputes in the future.

A trailer bill of sale is similar to the bill of sale used to sell a vehicle but with a few key differences. This can depend on the type of trailer you’re selling and can even vary by state based on trailer use regulations. Be sure to understand the local laws when it comes to selling trailers, so you know exactly what to include in your bill of sale. You can also use an online template to help create your bill of sale.

What is a trailer bill of sale?

A trailer bill of sale is a legal document that outlines the terms of the sale. It’s simple to produce and can be handwritten or printed. Bills of the sale, in general, are designed to show what is being sold, the sale price, and the buyer and seller information. You can vary this by sale based on how much detail you want to include. A simple trailer bill of sale is all that’s needed to show that a sale is a binding contract. Because a trailer is a moving object that will be used on the road, it’s helpful to include some extra information to further clarify the sale and prevent issues in the future if there is a legal dispute.

Do you need a trailer bill of sale?

It’s always helpful to have a bill of sale, no matter what item you’re selling. But when it comes to large and pricey items like trailers, the bill of sale is necessary. It provides both buyer and seller with the specific terms of the contract. This helps ensure that everyone understands the terms of the sale and prevents future disputes.

Trailer bill of sale (Forms and Examples)

The process of selling a trailer

Selling a trailer is much like selling other large items. Unlike a vehicle, there is no test drive which makes the selling process easier. Be sure to list your price, terms of the sale, and other important information in your ad and go over those terms again with the buyer. Review the bill of sale with your buyer beforehand, and be sure to provide them with a copy.

How to write a trailer bill of sale

There are some basic things to include on and trailer bill of sale. Use the following tips to write your bill of sale to ensure that it will be legally binding and clear to the buyer and seller.

  • Type of trailer – This can vary greatly depending on what you’re selling. It’s always best to include as much information as possible about the trailer, including the make and type of trailer it is.
  • Name and signature of buyer – This can include just the name or can also include contact information and the buyer’s address.
  • Name and signature of the seller – Just like with the buyer, you can include the name and signature only, but it’s also beneficial to include contact information.
  • Terms of the sale – List the price of the trailer and include any information about payments if the total is not being paid in full. If the seller is paying the total on the purchase date, be sure to include the statement “paid in full.”
  • Date of the sale – The date is important. It’s helpful to have the buyer and seller both write the date beside their name or signature.
  • Disclaimer – Include the following in your bill of sale “As the seller, I have full power and authority to sell this trailer. It has no liens, and I assert that the information on the bill of sale is accurate to the best of my knowledge.”


Your bill of sale is your go-to document in case there are any questions or disputes in the future. It’s important to have both parties sign and date the document. You should be sure to have 2 copies so the buyer and seller both have an identical document. While you can handwrite a bill of sale when selling a trailer, it’s usually easier to print out a simple form to use. There are plenty of templates available online to help you create a bill of sale that fits your specific circumstances.

A bill of sale is important when you’re selling any large item. But it’s especially essential when selling an item that will be used on the road, like a trailer. Be sure to include the buyer and seller names, signatures, and contact information. It’s also important to include the specific terms of the sale. By ensuring that both parties have an identical bill of sale document, you can greatly decrease the chances of a problem if legal issues arise in the future.