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When you are planning a coordinated effort such as a community event there is a myriad of factors to consider such as lighting, music, insurance, venue, catering, advertising, and funding. Often it might be a committee or group splitting up to tackle these planning goals individually and without a coherent planning timeline, your project can quickly fall into chaos. Using a planning timeline template during this phase can save time, money and a lot of stress.

Once you get closer to the actual event a day of the event timeline is crucial when getting those immediate scheduling factors just right. Without a great template to work from your day of the event template may be a muddled mess, whereas a template can provide you with a clear layout to work from.

A timeline template is not only a great resource for anyone planning a professional event such as a conference, but a template is also valuable when you are planning one of those once in a lifetime events such as a wedding, graduating or large-scale birthday party. When there are a lot of elements to pull together into one cohesive organizational effort you simply can’t afford to be messing around with formatting and spreadsheets. A well designed and easily customizable timeline template is a wonderful springboard from which to launch your next event or move towards your next goal.