Things to Avoid When Writing an Apology Letter

Apology letter is all about being sincere. You are writing to express the feeling of regret that you sincerely feel. It is this feeling that leads to writing the letter. Doing it as an obligation can be somehow hard and you can even end up making more harm than the one that was already there. Many times, especially at work, apology letter is written as an obligation.

If you are writing as an obligation it is important to follow the right procedure and avoid saying unnecessary things.

Things to Avoid

Avoid Excuses

An apology letter will not sound apologetic when it has some excuses. It is always good to avoid including any form of excuse in the letter. Some of the words that you should avoid is the word “but’”. This word automatically displays an excuse.

Do not put blame on others

Do not write an apology letter that points blame on another person. It is you who is apologizing, and the letter should only mention you.

There are words that will make you look like you are shifting blames though you may not know it. Avoid words such as “if”, “May”, “might”. These words automatically shift blame on someone or something.

Apologize by owning up the mistake.

Beating around the bush

Do not generalize things. For example, don’t say that the issues that happened make me feel sorry. Instead, make sure that you are specific about the mistake that happened. This will also help the recipient in knowing that you are truly sorry, and you know exactly what you did wrong. If possible, mention the exact event that led to the mistake without beating around the bush.

Talking so much about the recipient

This is mostly done by using words like “that you”. do not keep mentioning about the way the recipient feels about the mistake. For example, avoid saying things like” I know that my actions really made you mad”. This contributes to a letter having so many stories. The best thing is to keep your letter brief, straight to the point about what you did and expressing the regret.