Thanksgiving Gift Tag Templates

Thanksgiving Gift Tag Templates

Thanksgiving is a time of year which provides us with the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to those special people, groups and organizations in our lives. There’s nothing quite like showing your appreciation for someone by gifting them with a lovely gift basket, bag of freshly baked cookies, or some other gift. We then take the chosen gift, wrap it, and add a personalized gift tag to top it all off. In fact, you might just say that gift tags are an integral part of the gift giving ritual, as they add beauty and uniqueness to your wrapped gift. So, instead of running up a bill at Vistaprint to have your custom gift tags printed for you, why not do it yourself, with our professionally designed, festive and easy to use Thanksgiving gift tag templates?

Thanksgiving Gift Tag Templates

Thanksgiving gift tag templates are a creative and fabulous addition to any well-organized, Thanksgiving holiday celebration. First of all, these customizable Thanksgiving gift tag templates allow you to have some holiday gift giving fun. For instance, do you have a gift basket brimming with delectable chocolates, fruits and gifts for aunt Sophie? Well, add that extra personal touch with a gift tag, crafted from one of our festive templates! Remember, by using our Thanksgiving gift tag templates, the days of buying gift tag die cuts or stencils at the local craft store are over, and as you know, the prices of those stencils and die cuts can run up over time.

1 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Cherrys Printable and Editable

2 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Autumn Printable in Word

3 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Floral Fillable Template

4 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Green Blank Design

5 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Sunflower Customize in Word

6 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Pink Editable Certificate

7 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Multi Blank Template

8 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Parrot Fillable Certificate

9 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Brown Printable and Editable

10 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template White Printable in Word

11 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Blue Fillable Template

12 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Yellow Blank Design

13 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Pumpkin Customize in Word

14 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Turkey Editable Certificate

15 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Leaves Blank Template

16 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Orange Fillable Certificate

17 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Silver Printable and Editable

18 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Peach Printable in Word

19 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Vegetables Fillable Template

21 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Navy Blue Blank Design

20 Thanksgiving Gift Tag Template Flowers Customize in Word

    Why Thanksgiving Gift Tags are Important

    Gift giving is one of the more pleasurable rituals we engage in during the holiday season. Psychologically, it’s found that giving gifts elevate not only our mood, but that of the recipient. Since you put so much thought into finding the perfect gift, along with the perfect gift wrap and ribbons, it only makes sense for you to top it all off with a stunning gift tag. Gift tags enhance the overall well-being of the recipient, while helping to make the entire gift giving transaction, a memorable one.

    What to Write on a Thanksgiving Gift Tag

    When it comes to formatting your Thanksgiving gift tags, there are no specific rules to follow. For instance, you can do the standard, “To:” and “From:”, or you can place a lovely, personalized text message such as, “A Gift For You”, or “Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Sophie! Please Enjoy the Cookies!”. The rule of thumb here, is that both the design of the gift tag as well as the text, reflect the meaning and feel of the actual gift.

    How to Customize the Thanksgiving Gift Tag

    Customizing your Thanksgiving gift tag is where all of the fun comes in. All you need to do, is select one or more of our professionally designed Thanksgiving gift tag templates, download them, and open them up in your favorite word program, such as MS Word. Once you have them opened, you can add any text you’d like, as well as some festive holiday clip art. You can even add photos! Remember that gift basket for aunt Sophie? Well, if you have a favorite photo of aunt Sophie, just copy and paste it onto the tag! You can also experiment with text font size and style, as well as colors. Keep in mind that you have the freedom to make the gift tag reflect the gift.

    Crafting Your Gift Tag

    Once you’ve printed out your gift tag, you can either leave it “as is” or go the whole nine yards and spruce it up with all manner of decorations! First, think of the printer paper. You’ll want high quality, specialty printer paper for this. A well thought out gift tag just doesn’t have the same pizzazz as one printed on colored cardstock, canvas paper, parchment, or a host of other specialty papers, such as decorative scrapbook paper. That’s right, you’re free to take a sheet of holiday themed scrapbook paper and print your tags out on that! To create your gift tag, you’ll also need a hole punch, where you thread the string or ribbon through.

    To embellish your gift tag, consider using glitter glue, Scribbles fabric paint, sequins, beads, stickers, and so on. Do you want to make a folded gift tag? Well, then know that it’s a simple affair. All you have to do is alter the size of the gift tag template when you’re customizing it. You want to make it just a bit larger. When you have it printed and cut out, simply fold the gift tag in half, punch a hole through both layers, and begin to embellish!