Thank You Notes and Email Messages

Thank You Notes and Email Messages

Thank you notes represent a time-honored way of showing our gratitude to a person or organization which has done us a good turn. These letters allow the recipient to express themselves in both a formal and informal manner. However, expressing gratitude is not always an easy thing for some individuals. They may feel so touched at the gift received, or service done, that they are at a loss for words, either that or they are afraid they’ll say it all wrong. In order to remedy this, we’ve compiled a list of samples thank you letters, which you may modify in any way you see fit, to suit your situation.

Sample letters are of great help when you’re trying to convey your emotions in a genuine way.

How to Write a Perfect Thank You Note

In this section, we’re going to furnish you with an easy to follow guide regarding the structure of the thank you note. Use this, along with the samples that follow, as a guide to assist you in crafting the note that best describes your feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Tone and Phraseology

Not everyone enjoys writing, and in such cases, starting any writing project can be a nightmare. So,to help you get a running start on your thank you note, we’re sharing a few sample phrases used in many of these letters: Remember, with a thank you letter, you are looking to express your appreciation either on a personal or professional level. Keep the tone friendly and conversational, especially for informal letters. As far as wording goes, as long as it references feelings of gratitude you syould be good. Sample phrases found in thank you letters include:

  • In sincere gratitude and appreciation
  • Please accept my sincerest thanks
  • Thank you for your guidance and attentiveness
  • I cannot even begin to thank you enough
  • I value your sacrifice
  • You’ve inspired and encouraged me

Basic Thank You Letter Structure

Note Taking

This is important, especially if it’s your first thank you note. Here, you’ll be jotting down the main points of your letter: The reason you’re writing the letter, gratitude for what you’ve received, and how you intend to use it, if applicable. Take your time here, as the items you include in your notes are what will make your thank you letter perfect.


Once you’ve completed taking your notes, it’s time to begin the letter. The first part is the greeting, or salutation. The type of salutation will depend on whether you are composing an informal or formal thank you letter. For an informal thank you letter, you have quite a bit of freedom. You can be funny, happy, use exclamation points, and so on.

  • Dear…
  • Dearest…
  • Hi, How Are You?
  • To my favorite
  • Hello, and good day!

Express Gratitude

In the first section, just come right out and state why you’re grateful, what is that they’ve done for you.

  • “Thank you so much for the lovely bridal shower gift!”
  • “I truly appreciate the amount of effort you put into decorating our kitchen.”
  • “Thank you ever so much for taking care of my dog, Breeze, during my vacation.”
  • “You most certainly went above and beyond, when it came to the gardening…It’s gorgeous!”

Why Their Gift is Important

In this section, you are free to elaborate on why the gift is important. Here, you can include anything from childhood memories, life events, the good times you spent with them. This is totally up to you, and the possibilities are endless, as they depend on your situation.

  • “It was so awesome for you to take the time out of your busy schedule, to come out and visit us at this time. It was an unexpected pleasure, and mom is still talking about it!”
  • “I personally didn’t think that you’d even remember that day, so many long years ago, when we spoke of our future, and what we’d be doing. When I received the gift in the mail, saw your note, I was moved to tears. Thank you.”
  • “There’s nothing, nothing that I ever thought would bring me to tears…until you arrived at my bridal shower. I truly did not expect you to be there, I never thought that you’d be able to make it, as you live so far away. The time we spent together afterwards, will be etched in my memory forever.”

Ask How They are Doing

Take this moment to share, offer some personal information, as well as inquire as to how they are doing. While it’s true that not all thank you letters will need this section, depending on your situation, it adds a personal touch to your letter. Keep the tone conversational, show interest in their life.

  • It was so good to see you again! Tell me, how is Stephen doing? I couldn’t help but notice his recent, little league trophy, and how much he has grown since I last saw him in person.
  • When you entered the front door, I could not believe my eyes, as I did not think you’d be able to make it due to the distance, coupled with the advancing snow storm. I hope that Evelyn, you sister is doing well after having her baby. The photos you sent via text were just so adorable!
  • I was so glad to hear about your promotion. In fact, I’ve taken the liberty to planning a special celebratory dinner in honor of your new position at ACME Plastics.

Reinforce Your Gratitude

This is your final paragraph. It’s short, simple and to the point, which is to reinforce your feeling of gratitude, leaving the recipient with a feeling of warmth, and respect.

  • Again, thank you so much for your attendance at my wedding, and lovely gift.
  • Before I go, I’d like to say again, just how much your visit meant to me.
  • I sincerely hope that we’ll meet again, very soon. Thank you again, for your kind gift and visit.


The closing should suit the tone of your letter, and the relationship to the recipient. A closing for a beloved partner will be much different, than one for a co-worker.

  • Sincerely
  • Warmest wishes
  • With warmth and love
  • Forever Yours

Informal Thank You Notes

Thank you, letters can be, both formal or informal, and are used to express the gratitude of an individual or organization. Whereas the formal thank you letter is used in business applications, the informal thank you letter is used when you wish to thank someone in a relaxed, and even fun manner. In an informal thank you letter, you’re reaching out to the recipient in a personal manner rather than professional.

Formal Thank You Notes

As you might have already guessed, formal thank you letters, or notes are a bit different from the informal thank you note samples we’ve already posted. Formal thank you letters are generally used in professional situations, where your letter must be formatted correctly, in block-style, organized properly, and the tone kept business-like. As such, if this is your first formal thank you letter, then taking a look at our samples will be of great help.

Time Frame

Professional thank you letter should be composed and sent as soon as possible, with as little time lapse as you can afford, usually within 24 hours. Remember, you want to make a good impression, as this individual could prove a useful professional contact in the future.


Since it’s a thank you letter, it is permissible for it to be hand-written. If you are typing it out, however, stick with the business-block style, which means all sections are single-spaced, line up at the left margin, with double-spacing in between sections. If it’s a large corporation you are thanking while having no knowledge of any one person, then going with a typed, business formatted letter or email is usually the way to go. Handwritten letters work well in situations where you are familiar with the recipient, and wish to leave an impression of warmth and congeniality

Sample Formal Thank You Notes

Below you’ll find a variety of formal thank you letters suited to different situations. Note that the salutation, body and closing are all formal, and the tone business-like. This is in stark contrast to the informal thank you letters above where a salutation can be as simple as saying “Hi!” to a friend. Finally, don’t go overboard, you’re not writing a book. Unlike informal thank you letters where you can spend several paragraphs discussing your childhood with your best friend, in a formal thank you letter, it’s wise to keep it concise, brief, and on topic.