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Thank You Note: Samples & Format

It represents appreciation to a person who deserves gratitude. Everyone likes getting an appreciation for a good deed. Through a note, it is possible to express gratitude in a decent way. Providing Thank you note means appreciating efforts of someone.

Using the note as guide can make things simple, clearer and easier as it would provide information on the relevant content.

Thank You Note Format

Dear Mom,

I would like to appreciate from the core of my heart for raising me so well. I loved the gift for my wedding and it is very hard to express how much I appreciate it. I would be going to honeymoon with the gift money. My husband really appreciates your input to the honeymoon fund and I am speechless. You have always been there for me and I love you so much.



Thank you Note (Word)

A you (in Word) would be in the Microsoft Word and it would be quite easy for a reader to read it and use it for their purpose. When making a you note, a is of great help as it gives information on the relevant content.

Thankyou Note Word

Interview Thank you Note

A you after interview would be a good idea to be in the good books of the hiring person and, it shows appreciation on part of the candidate who is applying for a certain position.

Interview Thankyou Note

Thank you Note to Mentor

Thankyou Note to Mentor

Personal Thank you Note

A personal thank you note would express gratitude from the core of heart and it would express gratitude and appreciation from a person’s behalf.

Personal Thankyou Note

Thank You Note For Scholarship

Thank you for the scholarship is a great follow up act by a person who has won a certain scholarship. Winning scholarship is a big deal, which shows that this person is capable and has the required qualities. However, a this would be great to appreciate the acquired scholarship.

Thank You Note For Scholarship

Graduation Thank You Note

Graduation Thank You Note

Career Center Thank you Note

Career Center Thankyou Note

Thank you Note for Job Searching

Thankyou Note for Job Searching

Tips for writing a thank you note

In order to write the note, it would be wise to consider the following points:
  • Do not forget to express gratitude in the note.
  • Mention the thing or gift, you are thankful for but if it is a gift do not mention the amount.
  • Mention how the gift or action is going to help you.
  • Mention that you will like to visit the person again and you are thankful sincerely.
  • Write thank you from the heart, as it would really show that you care.