Write a Thank You Note to Teacher

Despite the few bad apples that try to ruin the teaching profession, schools are filled with some wonderful teachers. They go above and beyond to make sure their students have what they need to get a good education as well as learn how to interact with others.

Those students who are lucky enough to have such teachers can show their gratitude by writing a simple thank you note. A few words of thanks go a long way with teachers and helps them stay motivated to do a good job.

What is a Thank You Note to Teacher?

These are simple notes or letters of gratitude to a teacher who is doing an upstanding job in their classrooms. One good thing about these notes is that they do not have to be long, elaborate, or complicated.

Plus, they can be written by either a parent, both parents, or the student. It doesn’t matter who writes it as long as it is honest, truthful, and displays the right attitude of gratitude.

Of course, they should be handwritten a well. Any other format tends to be seen as cold, aloof, and the sentiment does not come across as sincere.

Why it’s Important?

In today’s modern era, it is very difficult to be a teacher. The view of teachers by administration, governments, parents, and students is not always respectful nor even motivating.

Even in a country like South Korea, where teachers are highly respected, the different ministers of education do not make a teacher’s life great and without issues. To make sure your teacher continues to be good and goes above and beyond the call of duty, a nice thank-you note is warranted.

These little notes can pick up the spirits of the teacher, inspiring them to continue to do what they do without faltering. They are little letters of encouragement as the myriad of negative input teachers receive can ruin their attitude and their teaching style.

Plus, they let the teacher know that they are succeeding at their job. These little notes help the teacher see that they are making a difference and not wasting their time. In other words, thank you notes are important because it helps good teachers continue to be good and motivate worse teachers to improve on their teaching quality.

How to write a thank you note to a teacher

It is not hard to write a nice thank-you note to your teacher or to your child’s teacher. They can be simple and only a few lines long and as long as you mean it, will help your or your child’s teacher continue to excel in the classroom.

1. Be honest – do not lie as once the deception is found out, you could ruin the teacher and make them worse in the classroom. Being honest builds the teacher’s spirits and lets them know how well they are doing.

2. Star with the right pronoun – address the note with Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss depending on which one your teacher likes, the use their last name. The title and the name should be on the envelope and the card

3. Tell the teacher what you like – it could be the jokes, the friendly smile, his or her effort to make sure you have great educational materials and so on that made them a great teacher to you. Let them know what it is you liked and how it affected you.

For parents, you can tell the teacher that you like how they treat your child and the rest of the students.

4. Say ‘thank you’ – you can’t have a thank you note without using those two words. Double-check to make sure those two words are in their appropriate spots

5. Use the right closing- the closing can be ‘sincerely’, ‘best wishes’, ‘thank you, again’, and so on but make sure it fits the content of your letter and relationship with the teacher

Sample Thank You Notes to Teacher from Student

1. “Dear Mr. Jones, thank you for spending some extra time with me until I understood the math puzzle. I appreciate the help you gave me,” Sincerely, ______

2. “Dear Mrs. Grayson, I really enjoyed having you as my 7th-grade teacher. You taught me so much and set a great example of how I should be. Thank you for doing that,” Best wishes ________

3. “Hello Ms. Smith, When I was in 8th grade you took some extra time you did not have and helped me get through some difficult times. I cannot express how much that meant to me and all I can say is thank you,” your former student ______

4. “To my favorite teacher Mr. Smith, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the way you taught our social studies class. I learned a lot from you and I am forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to be a good teacher,” Best wishes ______________

5. “To Ms. Appletree, Just a short note to say thank you for being a good teacher. I will never forget you,” all the best, your student _______________

Sample Thank You Notes to Teacher from Parent(s)

1. “Dear Mr. Best, thank you for helping our young daughter out when she had some difficulty understanding what you were teaching her. We appreciate the effort you put into your classes,” Sincerely Mr. & Mrs. _______

2. “To Ms. Rockford, we are very grateful that you go above the call of duty and make sure the content of your classroom is top-notch. Our son speaks very highly of you and we are appreciative of the treatment you give him and your other students. Thank you, again,” Mrs., __________

3. “Mrs. Peters, Thank you for being such a good teacher. We like what you are doing and hope you continue in the same manner throughout this year,” best wishes Mr. & Mrs., Potter

4. “To Mr. Andrews, we just want to let you know that you are doing a good job and hope you will continue to do the same quality work as the years continue,” Sincerely Ms. ____________

5. “Mr. Tee, we cannot express how impressed we are with your classroom content, management, and teaching style. Our child tells us that she enjoys being in your class. Thank you for taking the time to be a good teacher,” Mr. & Mrs. ___________

Thank You Note to Teacher (Templates & Examples)

Final Words

A good thank-you note is short, simple, and sweet. It is not an essay or a detailed critique of the teacher. Keep it simple and you should do fine.

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